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Illuminati Waxworks Morgana Soy Candle

March 24th, 2017 @ Amber

My favorite candle brand Illuminati Waxworks just released one of their new scents for Spring, and it’s a beautiful and sensual floral scent with notes of rose, vetiver and musk. I’m always on the lookout for a floral fragrance that it’s too overpowering or too artificial, and as usual this brand has done it. The fragrance is enchanting, fragrant and seductive with a floral note that lingers gently without being boring or overdone. I paired this candle with some tea lights, some faux flowers and The Lingerie Design book that features a history of lingerie and design. A lovely pair for a Spring night with the window open and the room illuminated by candlelight. Check out the new candle and all of the other soy candles at Illuminati Waxworks.

Worrier Pincess Enamel Pins

March 21st, 2017 @ Amber

I love a fun and catchy name, and the enamel pin brand Worrier Pincess totally works for me. It’s cheeky and playful. I’m also a big fan of their enamel pins. All made of quality enamel, with designs inspired by music and pop culture. Great attention to detail on all of the pins too. The brand is new and has a few designs right now and I love them all! From the Fleetwood Mac inspired crystal ball Dreams pin, Cherry Bomb pin inspired by the rocker girl band The Runaways and for some old 90’s nostalgia the Buffy the Vampire Slayer pin. All really great designs, very unique and original, unlike a lot of other pins you’ll find on the market right now. These are so cool! Please go support this woman run business and buy up these fantastic pins and adorn them to your denim or leather jacket stat!

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Symbols from the Source Natural Gemstones and Crystals

March 21st, 2017 @ Amber

Symbols from the Source is an Etsy shop that carries the most pretty and also very affordable natural crystals and gemstones. They have a large selection of some of the nicest natural gemstones including blue goldstone, amethyst, rose quartz and more. They’re great for healing, and also look lovely as decor to create a nice calming area in your home. I’m continually impressed with their customer service, excellent prices, the size and quality of their stones as well as their fast shipping!

Check out some of the new stones and crystals I received from the shop. So pretty! I like that they have such a versatile selection, and many of their stones vary in size and color depending on what you’re looking for. I added some dried flowers and tealight candles to create a look with some of my new stones including baltic amber, rose quartz egg, amethyst quartz egg, and bismuth. So lovely! Check out the shop for all of your crystal and gemstone needs.




Illuminati Waxworks Lady Macbeth Literary Inspired Candle

March 19th, 2017 @ Amber

If you’ve read my blog before, you probably already know that Illuminati Waxworks is one of my favorite candle brands ever. Artisan made handpoured soy wax candles made in the bay area, with a gorgeous dark aesthetic that is both luxurious and beautiful in a black and gold combination. Available in gold brushed metal tins or black glass tumblers. The candles burns cleanly, and are made with lead free wicks and high quality 100% soy wax. The packaging is eco-friendly and can be cleaned out and re-used when the candle completely burns down. There are so many reasons that I love this brand, but those are just a few.  They have some of the most unique and original candle fragrances in the indie candle market. You won’t find one note fragrances here, or overdone combinations. Instead you’ll find enticing scents with notes of bay leaf, cardamom, frankincense, moss and more. A lot of their scents are inspired, such as their lovely Library scent that is one of the best book scents on the market (in my opinion) which is inspired by old libraries and the fragrance of the pages of your favorite book. They have scents based on nature like Big Sur, and even literary candles based on authors such as Anais Nin. I was so excited by their brand new fragrance that just came out this month. lady Macbeth, based on the Shakepeare play Macbeth. I was so thrilled to be able to try this candle because I’m a huge fan of Shakepeare, Lady Macbeth in general, and the fragrance notes sounded so unique. The candle is scented with dragons blood, blood orange, and a hint of frankincense.

If you know anything about the scottish play itself and the character of Lady Macbeth, you won’t be surprised to find that this is a darker more sensual and dangerous scent. It’s mysterious and brilliant. The notes blend so well together creating one of the most unique candle scents I’ve ever have the pleasure of smelling. The scent is nearly addictive, with the notes of citrus that plays well with the earthy notes of dragonsblood and frankincense. Not only does this candle look like a luxury candle, it smells like one too. This is the quality I’ve come to expect from Illuminati Waxworks.

I decided to have some fun with these photos, and try to create the dark vibe of the play and then the bloodied hands of Lady Macbeth herself. This candle is so luscious, it’s sultry and intense, in the best of ways. This is a great scent for any season, but I’m looking forward to burning this candle on the warmer Spring/Summer nights. Matt, the owner and creator of the brand, is one of my favorite scent artisans. He really has a create intuitive response to mixing fragrances to create not only pleasant fragrances, but scents that are both versatile and comforting, familiar yet mysterious. You can find this new fragrance and other soy wax candles in both tumbler form or in a gold tin at Illuminati Waxworks or their Etsy shop.

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The Bygone Candle Co

March 19th, 2017 @ Amber

How pretty are these vintage apothecary stylized candles? They’re a modern take on a classic aesthetic, merging design and scent to create a truly artisan candle experience. The Bygone Candle Co create scents for the seasons, so that no matter what the weather is like outside, you can experience the classic and comforting scents of the season indoors. All of their candles are made with soy wax, no added colorants or chemicals. They’re available in a chic amber glass tumbler with a vintage apothecary style label, and a label on the back showcasing the name of the candle and the fragrance notes. The packaging is so beautiful! The candles themselves smell fantastic. I got the Spring trio, which is one of four seasonal sets they offer. Spring features a green tea and zest candle, a heather and honey candle, and apricot and thyme. They smell fresh and lovely, without any synthetic notes or overpowering scents. Candles can also be purchased separately in the above scents, as well as seasonal scents for Summer like sandalwood and musk, cotton and sunlight, and dirt and fig. They also have their more warmer and rustic Fall and Winter scents available too. I adore the Spring trio. Heather and Honey is warming and relaxing, it’s floral and airy with a hint of sweetness. Green tea and zest is relaxing and soothing, with a soft green tea scent and hint of citrus. It’s hard to choose a favorite but I think apricot and thyme may be my favorite of the set, as it’s both sweet with a hint of fresh herb which really creates a truly delicious combination. You can find all of the soy wax candles at Bygone Candle Co.


It’s My Birthday!

March 18th, 2017 @ Amber

It’s my birthday today! I’ve always thought these Stella McCartney Birthday Panties from a few seasons ago were so cute, but I missed out on buying them. I still have the stock photos though. So darn cute! I’ll be spending m day in my favorite lingerie, glass of champagne in hand, candle-lit boudoir for ambiance after a nice birthday dinner with friends and family.

Thanks for following along with the blog and celebrating my blog birthday last month, and my real birthday this month!

Calming Park Candles

March 15th, 2017 @ Amber

Have you heard of the Swiss candle brand Calming Park? They are a luxury candle brand making really beautiful candles in a variety of unique and original scents that merge nature and style. Their candles come in a pretty cardboard cylinder box with a lift top. The candles come in glass tumblers with the Calming Park logo on the front. I recently tried the Cactus scent as well as the limited edition Oud scent and both are fantastic and luxurious. I like the stylistic packaging paired with the on trend scents that can really add ambiance to a room. Cactus is light and beautiful with notes of water flower and sage with just a hint of wood. It’s almost like a trek through the desert as you road trip and take photos along the way. Light and airy. Oud is bold and vivacious, from their limited edition Black Edition, which is a collaboration with the brand Homework. Oud is calming and spicy with notes of oud, amber and woody notes. It smells sensual and rich. Check out the entire collection of luxury artisan candles at Calming Park.


Garden 22 Candles

March 15th, 2017 @ Amber

I recently found this brand new indie candle company called Garden 22 Candle Co on Etsy. They make beautiful natural candles that smell like a fragrant walk through the garden. With unique scents like Wild Tomato Vine and Bergamot and Wild Mint, the scents are very natural and the blends are both unique and pretty. These are so ideal for Spring/Summer weather! The candles are available in glass jars with black metal lids, and they also make wax melts available in plastic clamshell cases. The label is sweet and simple and has a natural vibe about it that is as refreshing and relaxing as the scents themselves. The wax burns clean, and the wax melts can be used in your favorite wax warmer. No added colorants or additives, just natural soy wax that melts smoothly and releases a pretty scent that is fragrant without being overpowering. Check out the entire collection on Etsy!


Witch in the Woods Botanicals

March 15th, 2017 @ Amber

Have you heard of Witch in the Wood Botanicals? This natural brand uses the best ingredients without chemical additives to make great smelling candles and skincare products like lip balm. I really like the one with nature vibe that this brand has, in everything from the brand name, to the fragrance notes to the lovely packaging. Rustic and magical. Modern botanicals for the modern witchy woman. They make natural body oil, deodorant and more. Using essential oils and quality ingredients without added colors or synthetics. I recently tried their lip balm, which smells natural and light, it glides on and helps to keep the lips protected and hydrated throughout the day. The Honey Rose is sweet and slightly floral and smells really nice, while the Lavender Mint is soothing and fragrant. I was most interested in their fabulous candles, packaged in an amber glass jar with black plastic lid. The Citron and Mandarin scent is citrus perfection, with a combination of lemon, orange and grapefruit it smells nearly good enough to eat. The scent has a really nice throw and fills the room with a clean and fruity scent that is invigorating and natural. Check out the entire line of candles and skincare products at Witch in the Woods!

Inkling Scents Natural Fragrances and Perfumes Review

March 11th, 2017 @ Amber

I am so smitten with the natural perfume brand Inkling Scents. All of their fragrances are alcohol free and are perfume oils, with a silk smooth feel and beautiful accord with different fragrance notes. They offer scents for women, scents for men and unisex scents. Inkling Scents line of luxury artisan perfumes merge the beautiful sensuality of nature and the elegance of combining natural scents to create a truly unique and original fragrance that is ideal for anyone, of any gender, for an occasion. Scents are available as a small roll on, larger roll on, flash bottle, and their gorgeous ink well bottle with feather quill applicator. Everything feels so luxe, from the unique packaging to each fragrance note. Scent notes include musk, vanilla, florals and citrus, rose and more. The roller ball perfumes come in a clear glass bottle with brushed silver cap. The flask is matte silver with a unique wire wrapping design. The ink well has a classic ink well shape as is made of clear glass with a brushed metal cap. There is a two toned wire design are the neck of the bottle. The quill applicator comes in a variety of feathers including ostrich, peacock and pheasant. The feathers come in a variety of colors, with a metal base at the end of each quill holding a acrylic applicator to the end. So unique and playful! Really adds a beautiful timeless and vintage appeal to the entire aesthetic.

These perfume oils smell wonderful, you can really sniff out each of the unique notes. The scent has a great dry down, and melds wonderfully against the warm skin of your neck, decolletage, wrists and pulse points. It’s not a greasy formula, it’s moisturizing and non-drying. The scents smell fresh, not a hint of artificial of juvenile notes.  The fragrances really embolden a mood for each one, so no matter how you’re feeling, you can pair your look with a scent that fits your day or night. With scent names like Betwixt, Pulse, Gossamer and Tigress. They also have a limited edition roller ball fragrance called Hint of Lavender, which is a collaboration with the blogger of the same name. I got to test the scent, which is lovely, and anything but a classic lavender scent. Instead of a one note lavender like a lot of other brands, this fragrance also has cirtus notes, a hint of mint, soft jasmine and amber, and a floral green tea and lavender. It’s so relaxing, and it’s the type of scent I might want to wear at night or when relaxing before bedtime, though it would also make a great light daytime scent. Sultry is creamy and sensual and also has a lovely amber and sandalwood note that creates a clean scent without any hint of soap or cotton. It’s very sexy and makes me feel like I’m wearing nothing – in a good way. It smells like your naked skin as you lounge in bed during a beautifully breezy Spring night with the window open. It would pair very well with lingerie!

Possibly one of my favorite perfume packaging designs ever, the inkwell bottle perfume is stunning. It’s so sumptuous and has a lovely timeless feel to the design, combined with the modern vibe of the logo and wire wrapped bottle neck. The quill applicator is special for sure and really makes the whole design even better! This design in particular appeals to me as both a lover of all things vintage and as a writer. Each scent has a color quill and color wrapped wire, but if you want another color or type of feather quill or would prefer a different wire color, you can request another color from the brand when you ordering, allowing for a customized look. These would make cute gifts for writers, those who love vintage inspired pieces, and would make pretty anniversary or wedding gifts, or even bridesmaid gifts! I got a bright red pheasant quill and the black, silver and red wire wrapped design. There is a small Inkling logo sticker at the base of the front of the bottle. I got the Betwixt scent which is seductive and sinfully rich and feminine, with notes of orchid, jasmine, freesia and rose with a musky spicy depth of patchouli lightly balancing against the floral notes. It’s a powerful fragrance that I can’t help but keep smelling, casually sniffing my wrists throughout the day. It exudes grace and inner strength, paired with the soft mystery of seduction and enchantment. I am completely smitten.

I’m so impressed not only with the luxurious and sweet packaging but with the beauty and long-lasting fragrances that boost natural scents that both entice and enthrall. I may have went overboard with the photos of the inkwell bottle and quill, but it’s just so beautiful I couldn’t help but snap more photos. I highly recommend this brand and their truly decadent perfume oils. Check out the entire fragrance collection at Inkling Scents.

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