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The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie: Part 19

January 12th, 2017 @ Amber

Phew! So, 2017 is here. I have a multitude of feels about this, as I’m sure you do too. With the passing of Carrie Fisher, our Princess Leia, I’ve taken it as a message that we all need to become one with the force right now. We all need to stick together, fight the forces of darkness, and use every chance we can to do good for this nation and for each other as a world and people. Let’s make Leia proud. So Princess Leia is the design for the 19th installment of my The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie series. I hope you’ll enjoy it and find some items that help to empower and strengthen your worried heart or mind. Geek out to your sweet lil nerdy heart’s content.

Need to catch up on Parts 1-18? Check out the link under Categories in the right sidebar, where you’ll be able to browse the entire series from beginning to current.

Stranger Things indeed, but also really pretty things, with this Eleven Dress from Malicious Designs, one of my favorite indie fashion brands. Don’t forget your Eggos!

Check out this Princess Leia enamel pin from Edge of Print, the pin is limited edition and proceeds benefit a organization for folks living with Bipolar, the mental illness that Carrie Fisher herself lived with.

Let’s get anatomical! Did you know that the clitoris is actually much larger than meets the eye? That baby is serious business, and extends into the body and vagina. Show your clit print with these Clitoris Panties from Penelopi Jones.

Who ya gonna call? Nerds With Vaginas for making this awesome rhinestone embellished Ghostbusters hair clip that you can order in their Etsy shop!

I ship Phryne and Jack so hard. There is so much pretty lingerie featured in Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, but now you can wear your lingerie and color it too, with this Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Coloring Book. Please tell me that you’ll lounge around in something decadent when you color in this book. Phryne would insist upon it.

Go kick some ghost busting ass with this awesome made to order Ghostbusters Overbust Corset from Castle Corsetry. Holtzmann approved!

For all of you Marvel mamas out there, check out this Black Milk Clothing Black Widow Pencil Dress. So fierce!

Owl post! Hedwig has a message from you, from Sirius, or Dumbledore, or maybe Ron or Hermione! Snuggle up in these Harry Potter Hedwig Lace Cami and Shorts sleep set from Thinkgeek.

Get your lightsaber ready, because this Star Wars Jedi Robe will allow you to get ready to sleep or brush up on your Jedi skills.

Playing Pokemon GO in your jammies? Check out this Pikachu PJ Set from Web Undies, so you can catch em’ all!

Wear or wear not, there is no try. Find these awesome Yoda Slippers at Hot Topic. Cozy and super geeky!

Pair these Wonder Woman Knee Socks with a WW bodysuit or bra set. Don’t forget your lasso!

Don’t be a joker, buy these Harley Quinn Tights to complete your villainous badass look, great for pairing with lingerie or outerwear.

Hhhhnnnnnnnnnnnaahhnn. That is my Chewy impersonation in text form. Chewy and Han 4ever. The Disney Store has you covered (in fur) with this Chewbacca PJ Set.

This replica Princess Leia Metal Bikini Set is so fierce! Perfect for cosplay or just for fun! Made to order from Glitter Geek Co, fits up to a 40F. Big boobed ladies, you can get on this! Could you imagine lounging around in this in your bedroom just being a dork and acting out scenes from Return of the Jedi?

The coolest cosplay/lingerie/nightwear can be found at Sugarpuss Clothing, just check out this fierce Star Wars The Force Awakens Rey Set. Made to order! Need thissssssss.

How cool is this Princess Leia Bra from The Siren Queen? Made to order in 30-40 bands and AAA-DDD cup (US sizing). Similar to the Princess’ infamous metal look from Return of the Jedi. Jabba the Hutt not included, thankfully!

Get your Mad Max on with this awesome faux leather Furiosa Crop Top and Harness from Cadmium Rose. Also available in a brown colorway or khaki. Made to order in S, M, L.



The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie: Part 18

September 30th, 2016 @ Amber

With Halloween next month, I thought now would be a great time to do a brand new installment of The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie. Can you believe this is part 18?! I didn’t think this was going to turn into such a long running series, but it’s still one of my most popular features on the blog! Check out the awesomely nerdy goodies below. Be sure to stock up on some fandom stuff for Halloween, puddin’!

For all you boogey babies and Crybaby girls! Check out this Wanda Woodward pin available from Pin Up Girl Clothing.

Whovians can wear the TARDIS to sleep with this Doctor Who Tardis Slouchy Tee, perfect for sleeping in!

Make your room smell like Honeydukes with this Honeydukes Candle from Magic Carrot. The brand is run by a trio of 16 year old girls! Girl power! Hermione Granger would be proud.

Double Double toil and…bubble! Check out this handmade cauldron inspired Bath Soak from Three Sisters Apothecary. Ideal for a good Halloween bath!

The Macbath makes awesome handmade soaps, and this LOTR The One Ring soap is so much fun, great sudsy for the Shire.

It’s all just a bunch of Hocus Pocus! get your Sanderson sisters on with this cute Hocus Pocus candle trio. Stay away from black flame candles!

Your underwear game will be strong with these Wonderwoman High Waist Bottoms from Sugarpuss.

Get your inner Paleontologist on with this Dino Bones Bralette from Bad Bunny.

You’ll shiver with antici…pation with this Hanky Panky Rocky Horror Thong.

Lingerie and outerwear in one with the Leatherette Grace Teddy from Playful Promises…plus it could double as a Witch or Vampy Halloween costume, or cosplay costume!

For all my girls out there who love Halloween and do it hard, these Sweet and Spooky Knickers from Sugar Lace are so cute.

Get your WW on with this Wonder Tank from Castle Corsetry. Ideal for working out, lounging around, or for light support for the bust.

I am…your sports bra. Check out this geeky Darth Vader Sports Bra from ThinkGeek.

Avenger time. Grab up this 3-pack of Black Widow Panties from Think Geek.

Let me take a Pikachu. Pokemon Go lovers add thess Pikachu Pajamas to your Pokedex.

Cowabunga! This TMNT Cami and Bottoms are super fun and 80s. Eat pizza in these jimjams. Turtle Power!

These JEM Pajamas are truly truly truly outrageous! All of my 80s girls out there, get your Holograms on in this cute set.

These The Little Mermaid Pajamas are so much fun and cute for any Ariel or Disney fan! Prince Eric not included.

These Harley Quinn Sequin Hot Shorts are so fun for cosplay or for Hallowee, and they double as lingerie.

Get your intergalactic baddie on with this Kylo Ren Latex Lingerie Set. Add a light saber for a cool costume!

Expecto PANTStronum! How cute are these fandom Harry Potter Patronus Panties?

To all of my fellow bookworms out there, this Book Nerd tank and sleep tee is just the thing for lounging around with your fav book.

I choose you! This Pokemon Harness is awesome for layering, so cute and fun!

These Harley Quinn boy briefs look cute and comfy!


The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie: Part 17

July 18th, 2016 @ Amber

Lots of cool geekery happening right now, with Pokemon Go and the reboot of Ghostbusters which just premiered today! Check out these ultra geeky goodies below for the 17th installment of The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie.


Tell those creeps to beat it! For all of you Crybaby fans out there, check out the official collaboration between Ms. Lords and Pin Up Girl Clothing. The Wanda Beat it Creep Tee! Dig it babe, you need a new look.

Wear your favorite character from Suicide Squad, this Harley Quinn tank dress from Black Milk Clothing is super crazy cool. I’m not even joking. (pun intended)

This Star Trek TNG Romper from ThinkGeek is out of this world. Literally.

Wear the bat signal to bed. This Batman Pajama Set from Think Geek is ideal for any fan of the Batman himself. These are the pajamas that you deserve, AND the ones that you need.

For all of you queens who need a cute bag or pouch, ideal for binge watching Broad City and toking. Check out the Kayci Wheatly Broad City Purse. Great place to storage your lingerie…or whateves. Yas.

Who ya gonna call? Sugarpuss Clothing! Their Ghostbusters Bodysuit is so cool, great for hunting ghosts. Grab your proton pack and slide into the ECTO-1!

If you wanna catch em’ all, try these Pokeball Rhinestone Nipple Pasties from Sugar Kitty Corsets. Geeky and bling-y!

Thou can wear the Bard on your britches! Check out this cool Shakespeare Brooch from Silla Dilla Grape. Hand drawn on shrink plastic, can be worn on a scarf, clothing, or a cute lingerie set. Get lit!

Lingerie addict on the streets and a geek in the sheets! Check out these nerdy candles for the boudoir from Bubble and Geek. How fun is this Buffy the Vampire Slayer Sunnydale Library Candle? Grab your stakes scooby squad and lets meet up to take down the Master!

Magical unicorn undies! Check out these Unicorn High Waist Knickers from Knickerocker.

Before you go out catching Pokemon on Pokemon Go, soak in a bath with one of these awesome Pokeball bathbombs from Nerdie Nifites!

Mermaid tail blanket, anyone? Made to order from Fennel Frost on Etsy.

Jazz up your outfit, pajamas or laundry bag with these fun made to order Ghostbusters pins featuring the ladies who kick ghosts ass and take names.

Need super smooth skin before slipping into your favorite lingerie set? The Fizzy Filly has you covered, literally, with this fun bath and body care set. How fun is this Ghostbusters themed body icing and sugar scrub?

Protect your panties during your period, with these eco-friendly reusable cloth pads from Rump Box. These Star Wars Fabric Pads are so cool, may the force be with you, even when you’re battling PMS. Do they have a light saber for that?!

Check out this handmade Margaery Tyrell Inspired Chemise from Fabric Puddles on Etsy. Lounge around in this pretty yet geeky while you re-watch the last season of GoT.

On gosh, these Pokemon pasties are adorable. I choose these Pikachu Nipple Pasties from Volac Designs.

Pounce around your bedroom in your best period piece designs and pretend you’re in Hamilton, with one of these Schuyler Sisters candles from The Enthusiastic Candle to set the mood! Angelica, Eliza…and Peggy!

Where my Potterheads at? These handmade Harry Potter Garters from Ooh La La Boudoir are so pretty. Show your Hogwarts house pride on your leg, any time, any where!

Fire up the TARDIS if you like these Doctor Who Tardis Leggings from Shop Hot Dame on Etsy. Pair with a tee, mini dress, cute bodysuit, or a longline bra.


The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie: Part 16

April 26th, 2016 @ Amber

Nerdy girl alert! You’ll find lots of super dorky and fun lingerie for your fandom in the newest installment of The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie. Part 16! This series has lasted a lot longer than I expected, but it’s still one of my most popular parts of the blog, so it’s here to stay. Don’t worry my fellow nerds, I got your back! Need to catch up on parts 1-15? Check the link in the sidebar under Categories! Lots of fandom lingerie and goodies to catch up on.

Gamer girls! Check out this fun modern Zelda inspired pj set, which includes Zelda printed sleep shorts and a matching embossed sleep tank from Think Geek.

Black Milk Clothing, obvs. Who else could make these awesome Game of Thrones Leggings? Get your order on. Their stuff is great quality and the coolest fandom prints.

Who wouldn’t want this awesome crop top from Black Milk? Get it? Who? Doctor Who Crop Top available in sizes XXS-XL, also doubles as a super cute bralette due to the material of the fabric.

For all of my fellow 80’s girl who grew up on this cartoon, and for those who discovered it later. You’ll feel truly outrageous in this JEM and the Holograms Sleep Shirt from Target.

Where my mermaids at? How super adorable are these comfy looking The Little Mermaid PJs from Web Undies? All Ariel, All the time.

WW! I think it’s a right of passage that *all* women need at least one pair of Wonder Woman underwear. This super cute Wonder Woman Cami Set from Web Undies is all of the awesome. Yas.

How cute is this cosplay inspired geeky lingerie from Snapdragon Lingerie on Etsy? Made to order. I really like this cute Cinderella Inspired Babydoll.

How cool is this gold metallic C3PO cosplay set from SugarPuss Clothing? Made to order. Turn on Star Wars and lounge around in this cute lycra stretchy set that can be worn as clothing, lingerie or swimwear!

Sly like a fox! How super cute is this handmade to order Fox Sleep Mask from Szududu on Etsy? Fun for cosplay or just nerdy animal loving cuteness. Fox lady!

Do you wanna build a garter collection? Come on lets go and shop! These Disney Frozen inspired garters from Scarborough Rose on Etsy are such a pretty fandom accessory. Available as Elsa or Olaf!

Castle Corsetry, queen of all things geeky has created this super awesome Retro Gamer Waist Cincher. Boned and sturdy and such great quality, with a retro style gamer girl pattern.

These Prince Leggings from from designer and artist Kayci are so awesome and great homage to Prince himself. Pair with a cute bralette to complete the look and throw on some Prince tunes.

My Little Pony Corset. That is all. Did you hear me? My. Little. Pony. Corset. You’re welcome.

I love this Harry Potter garter, with the Gryffindor colors and the Hogwarts house crest. Super geeky. Pair with a cute basque or corset.

Look at this awesome embellished bra that looks just like Nancy from Sin City. Sin City Rave Bra in A-DD cups, and 32-44 band. Perfect for any Sin City noir fans.

I can’t. These are too awesome and funny. Yoda panties made to order. Yoda Only One For Me.

Awesome sparkly Supergirl pasties. They also have Captain America and other superhero pasties!

Everyone’s favorite mouse. get your Mickey on, with this awesome Minnie Mouse bra from Buttress and Snatch.






The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie: Part 15

January 9th, 2016 @ Amber

Welcome to the first new The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie for 2016! With the release of Star Wars the Force Awakens, so you’ll find plenty of nerdy Star Wars goodies and other fandoms that are fun to wear. If you need to catch up on the first 14 installments, check out the link to the series in the sidebar. Enjoy!

For all of my 80’s babes out there, check out these far out Bel Air Leggings from Black Milk Clothing. So many fun 80’s prints and pics like the VHS tape and boomboxes.

Geeky lingerie brand Snapdragon Lingerie has some out with a bunch of cute handmade lingerie pieces inspired by some of your favorite fandoms. Check out this cute Sailor Moon lingerie set.

Disarm anyone in this super fun Posion Ivy bodysuit from Sugarpuss Clothing! Made to order.

This cute cozy Koala Sleepmask is great for any animal lover. Made to order, and oh so adorable!

Batman lovers, check out this Harley Quinn and the Joker garter! Made to order and super colorful and fun.

This 3 pack of Wonder Woman Panties are so badass. Available at ThinkGeek. Feel like a superhero under your clothes!

Celebrate The Force Awakens with these Star Wars Briefs! Available in a 3 pack from Hot Topic.

Check out these Silver Hologram Leggings, which would be so fun for cosplay or outwear. Release your inner space rock star!

Spiderman Bralette and Workout Pants, anyone? Made to order from Castle Corsetry.

Thank you for being a friend! Check out these handmade Golden Girls panties. These Blanche ones are crotchless!

Glow in the dark, ya’ll! Star Wars panties that glow in the dark! Check these out immediately.

Comic lovers rejoice! Wear some onomatopoeia on your bra. Comic Book Bralette made to order.

I choose you! Actually, you can choose the character of your choice on these Pokemon Briefs.

Star Trek Pasties, made to order, and sparkly! Beam up your beams!


The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie: Part 14

October 2nd, 2015 @ Amber

Okay guys, so this installment is going to be a little bittersweet for me, since the very last eveeeeer(deen) Hunger Games trilogy film comes out next month! No more movies after that. Also, this is the 14th installment in The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie, and it’s still one of my most popular features on the site. So thank you all for continuing to get geeky with me and checking it out. I hope you’ll find something to add to your lingerie, cosplay, or even Halloween wardrobe in this collection. I think the odds are ever in your favor. Three finger salute. *sob*

Get your inner mermaid on with this clam and pearl top from Amber L Snow. Handmade to order!

Loving this super fun metallic made to order Wonder Woman bodysuit from Sugarpuss Clothing.

Now you can wear Gandalf the White and Gandalf the Grey on your boobies! LOTR lovers, get your pasties on with this made to order nipple embellishments from Rainbow Blush Boutique.

Don’t give me those sad puppy dog eyes! Okay, do! With this made to order Pug Sleepmask from Szududu.


When you need a Ghostbusters garter, who ya gonna call? Scarborough Rose! Made to order.

Handmade to order Pumpkin Panties from Sugar Lace Lingerie! How cute are these?

These Skull and Crossbones embellished tights from La Lilouche are so spooky cute and totally would be great for cosplay or Halloween!

Look into my panties, what do you see? BATS! Bats and Stars High Waisted Panties from Bones Lingerie. Made to order!

Release your inner space goddess in this made to order Space Bride Bodysuit from Lena Quist. Super fun for cosplay!

The Deathly Hallows bra and panties! Yesssss, Harry potter underwear. I’m so excited! Lydia from Licorice and Cream is making my geeky lingerie dreams come true with this new set. Now you can wear the hallows, together they make one…super hot and geeky!

Who wouldn’t want a Ariel inspired Mermaid Playsuit? get your geeky mermaid vibes on with this handmade design from Booty and the Geek.

Check out this truly outrageous Jem and the Holograms tee from Wildfox Couture available at Shopbop. For all of my fellow 80s girls out there!

Check out this super cute and totally dorky Princess Leia robe available from ThinkGeek! Looks super cozy, love the Leia buns, and this would be awesome for lounging or dress up for cold Halloween nights. Instant costume!

Be a badass Avenger with this Black Widow zip up jacket available from Think Geek. Marvel ladies, this ones for you!

Rawr! This Bad Kitty Catsuit is so hot, available from Black Milk Clothing. Fun for cosplay or Halloween!

These awesome Mockingjay on Fire Leggings from the official The Hunger Games Exhibit are awesome for lounging, layering, or wearing as outerwear.

Batgirl! Check out this super cute handmade Batgirl comic bra and matching High Waisted Brief from Licorice and Cream.

Catch em’ all in this super cute Pokemon Cami and Short set from Hot Topic, awesome for lounging or sleeping in!

Show your support for the Revolution and the Mockingjay, with these Mockingjay Lounge Shorts from the Hunger Games Exhibition. *Rue’s four note whistle*


These dorky but ultra cute Lumpy Space Princess Boyshorts from Web Undies is a must-have for any Adventure Time fan!

Where are all my Whovians at? Check out this super cute and dorky Doctor Who Onesie Pajamas available from Pin Up Girl Clothing. These look so comfy, and perfect for binge watching Doctor Who from the couch, or the TARDIS!


Check out these handmade Iron Man Inspired Panties from SciFeye Candy on Etsy. Avengers unite!

Because you’re a bookworm *and* a rebel! These Banned Book Socks from Out of Print Clothing are perfect for lounging about while reading.

Agent Carter, anyone? Wear this smart and feminist Agent Carter screen-printed tank from Jordandene. You’re priceless!

Check out this super cool The Walking Dead Corset, featuring Michonne from the comic book! Made to order from 1138 Clothing. So bad ass, for the total comic and Walking Dead fan.

These handmade Marvel Comic PomPom Shorts from Unplugged Studio are super cute! A must have for any Avengers fan. The pompoms really add a cute addition to these lounge or sleep shorts.

For all of you smartphone and Apple fans out there, check these Power Button pasties from SugarKitty Corsets. Nerdy! Fun!

Amber Sweet is addicted to the knife…addicted to the knife? For any of you Repo! The Genetic Opera fans, check out this made to order Amber Sweet Robe from Castle Corsetry. Perfect for cosplay for lounging.

Disney princess fans…check out this super cute Snow White inspired bralette and short set from Snapdragon Lingerie. Made to order.

This Marvel inspired Black Widow Garter set is cute, geeky, and made to order from Shaes Bridal on Etsy.

This Katniss Mockingjay Costume available from Ebay is awesome for Halloween or cosplay, and different pieces of the suit can be mixed and matched to create your ultimate Mockingjay revolution suit.

How fun are these Super Mario Bros Mushroom garters from Kandi Garters? Geeky to the max! Handmade to order. A must for any gamers out there.

This Sci-Fi Corset from Divamp is insanely cool! Fulfill all of your futuristic Queen fantasies in this metal-esque mirrored baby. Made to order.

If you’re into building with LEGOS, check out these cute but totally nerdy Lego Briefs from Textile Champion. Love the playful lace panel on the back!

The 80s kid in me is so psyched! She-ra garter set from Shaes Bridal on Etsy. Made to order, so cool and fun and loving the love of the vintage cartoon badass that was the princess of power!








The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie: Part 13

June 28th, 2015 @ Amber

For the 13th installment of The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie, which is just in time for the upcoming San Diego Comic-con, features a dorky array of fun lingerie fandoms and more! Need to catch up with the first 12 parts of the series? Check it out here.

With the new Suicide Squad film coming out soon, check out this Harley Quinn two-piece set that merges cosplay and fashion! Made to order from Sugarpuss Clothing.

I know you are, but what am I?? Kick it old school with this Pee Wee inspired dress, that could be worn as outerwear or for a fun geeky piece of loungewear from Bows by Samantha.

See you at Platform 9 3/4! Check out this Harry Potter Hogwarts 3 pack of panties from Hot Topic. Wear your HP pride underneath your muggle clothes for a boost of fandom fun.

We’re all mad here! Check out this fun Alice in Wonderland One Piece Suit from Black Milk Clothing. Wear it as a swimsuit or even as a bodysuit, or layer it for outerwear. Cute and fun to take on a trip down the rabbit’s hole.

Hello Kitty panties! How adorable. Handmade to order from Cute Pink and Sweet.

How awesome are these handmade Magical Unicorn Nipple Pasties? All of the sequins! Adorn your boobies with a magical mythical creature in style with these pasties from Bad Bunny.

The cloak, the wand, and the stone. Together they make one…really awesome pasties. Embrace your inner Harry Potter geek with these awesome Deathly Hallows Nipple Pasties from Rainbow Blush Boutique. Accio pasties!

Under the sea! If you love The Little Mermaid, check out this sweet and frilly Ariel garter from Scarborough Rose. Made to order.

This handmade garter set from Bos Blossoms is super cute. The Wonder Woman Garter set is pretty, and super nerdy. Show your Wonder Woman pride pairing this with your favorite lingerie, or wear it under a dress while you’re out on the town.

Me want cookies! And lingerie. How fun and geeky cute is this handmade Cookie Monster bikini from Alicia Zanobia? It also doubles as a high waist bottom and bandeau bra.

I love this sleep shirt. I know. Show your geeky Star Wars love for Leia and Han in this I Love You I Know Sleep Shirt available from Think Geek.

Loving this Poison Ivy Robe available from Web Undies. Available in size S/M and L/XL. Get your comic on in this comfy lounge robe.

This Glow in the Dark Darth Vader Bra from Licorice and Cream is all sorts of geeky and fun. Handmade to order in a fun Darth Vader print that glows in the dark!

Trashy Lingerie often merges lingerie design and costume design, and this Cinderella Corset is pretty awesome. Skirted, with rhinestones and a pretty blue satin. Get your Disney Princess on!

Avengers Corset, anyone? Fit for a fan of superheros. Made to order from ParasitEve Designs.

Supergirl Bodysuit available from Shhh Couture Latex. Made of latex and made to order can be worn for cosplay, as a bodysuit, or as outerwear.

Black Widow! Wear this over-sized Black Widow tank of your favorite Avenger as a sleep shirt or as outerwear. Available from Think Geek.

TARDIS time! How cute is this handmade Dr Who Garter set? Made to order in blue and white, with lace, ribbon, and a cute TARDIS applique from Geeky Garters.


Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? These Oscar the Grouch Cami and Panty set is so fun, suitable for the grouchiest of grumps!

Adventure Time! Look cute and nerdy and badass in this Lumpy Space Princess Nightgown. Omg the cuteness!

Where are my 80’s girls at? This super sweet Care Bears Corset is awesome, colorful, and made to order from Pleated Rose. Care Bare Stare!

The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie: Part 12

March 29th, 2015 @ Amber

Welcome to the 12th installment of my The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie. I never expected this series to be so popular, but this guide has become a favorite among readers and seems to generate a lot of traffic. If you need to catch up on the series, you can find Part 1-11 in my sidebar of the website. So I hope you’ll love this newest edition, part 12, featuring the Agent Carter logo, and chock full of nerdy and geeky goodies for you to enjoy.

Winter’s Coming. Actually, it’s over now, and Spring is here, but you can get your fill of GoT geekery with these hand printed Game of Thrones Thongs. Available in sizes S-XL, made in NYC.

Get your WW on with this Wonder Woman Suit by Black Milk Clothing. Fun for cosplay, lounging around, or wearing as outerwear. Made in Australia. Did I mention that it comes with a detachable cape? Yasssss!

A Thor Waist Cincher, anyone? I want to get this and see if it somehow brings Loki my way. Prrr. Made to order in your measurements from Castle Corsetry!

My Little Pony Inspired Swimsuit by Margarita Swimwear! Okay, so it’s not lingerie, but you could totally wear it as such, and as cosplay. So great for the warmer months!

Loving this Wonder Woman Comic Inspired Longline Bra from Licorice and Cream! A longline bra, made to order, handmade in AU, made of a super cute WW print and embellished with a bow and trimmed in lace. Get the matching hipsters to complete the set!

I love this Frida Kahlo Large Clutch Bag, that could also make a really great lingerie bag! Throw your panties and bralettes in here for easy travel. Original prints made by Kayci Wheatley.

These Batman Booty Shorts are so awesome! Handmade in NYC, and available in XS-3XL sizing, and made to order. Love the holographic batman logo on the butt! So geeky yet sexy.

Just in time for Easter coming up, how about this cute Bunny Crop Top from Knickerocker? Nichola’s original animal designs are so much fun, and this crop top can be worn as a bra or as outerwear paired with jeans or shorts! Some bunny loves this!

For all of you smartphone/app/technology geeks, you know you love using emoji’s, and now you can wear them on your boobs! These Emoji Face Nipple Pasties are sure to bring a smile to your face and your rack.

Where my Trekkies at? This Uhura Robe is amazing! Made of satin and available in two sizes, this robe is awesome for lounging around in and watching your favorite Star Trek episodes on Netflix!

You could wear them here or there, you could wear these anywhere! These Dr. Seuss Printed Panties from Bunny Jump are totally cute, seussical, and made to order in the UK.

Sanrio lovers, this is the lingerie piece for you! This Kero Kero Keroppi Garter Belt is all sorts of fun, made to order, and with adjustable suspender straps. Love the bright colors and the bow in the front!

Disney fans, this Tangled Bra is super cute, and is available at Hot Topic. Available in A-D cups. This padded bra features Rapunzel with the latterns on the other cup. The cuteness!

This Poison Ivy Deluxe Corset from Trashy is so pretty, and bright, and sexy. Perfect for cosplay, Halloween, or just dressing up as the mean green bad ass comic book character. Available in sizes S-XL.

If we burn, you burn with us! These Mockingjay Yoga Pants make awesome pj bottoms, with the Mockingjay logo on the butt. Available in sizes XS-XXL. Team Katniss!

Latex and video games? What geeky lingerie dreams are made of! Check out this Super Mario Bros Two Piece Set, handmade to order, and awesome for dress up, cosplay, or just cause it’s freaking awesome!

My Spidey senses are tingling over this super cute and comfy Spiderman Bodysuit from Web Undies. Made of a poly/spandex blend. Available in sizes S-XL.

This 3 pack of Guards of the Galaxy Socks are out of this world. Comfy knee high socks that are perfectly dorky and snuggle worthy.


Okay, so I need this Harry potter garter! Do you see the little golden snitch charm? I swoon. This Harry Potter Satin and Lace Garter is made to order from Scarborough Rose on Etsy.

How gorgeous is this Iron Man Corset? Handmade to order from ParasitEve on Etsy. Made of cotton, ribbon, and steel boning. Geek chic!

TARDIS time! This fun handmade Doctor Who Garter is so dorky and fun. With ribbon, a jewel embellishment and a charm of the Tardis. Made to order from Sugarplum Garters on Etsy.

Storm troopers…on your boobs! These handmade Star Wars Nipple Pasties are kind of freaking awesome, and are made with sequins and feature a picture of the stormtrooper masks! Handmade by Daisy Cutter Burlesque on Etsy.

The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie: Part 11

January 18th, 2015 @ Amber

For the newest edition of The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie Part 11, we feature the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D logo, and promise that this first collection for 2015 is jam packed full of geeky underwear goodness! Enjoy!

We’re all a little mad here! Twas briling…. Take dive into Alice’s Wonderland adventure with this super fun Cheshire Cat Dress from Black Milk Clothing. Ideal for sleepwear, a slip, or even as outwear. Versatile and whimsical.

These Back to the Future High Waist Panties from Licorice and Cream are so cool! Get in your delorian and watch out for lightning! Available in made to measure, or XS-XL sizing.

Don’t feed them after midnight! But you can totally snack all you want. This super cute handmade Mogwai Sleeping Mask from Frenchy Pink is inspired by the cute little furr balls in Gremlins. You know, before they get wet and multiply…Nothing is geekier or cuter than a Gizmo eye mask.

Don’t be such a Joker! This Harley Quinn Playsuit from Booty and the Geek is all sorts of fun and ideal for comic geeks alike.

If you’re into the new My Little Pony, this My Little Pony garter belt by Voluscious is all sorts of colorful and fun! Made to order.

These Wonderwoman skivvies are so cool! The Wonderwoman 3 Pack Panties available at Think Geek are awesome-sauce. They look comfy and feature three different WW designs. Available in sizes up to XL.

Calling all Avengers fans! These Black Widow Comic Panties by Bunny Jump are so cool. Love the ruffles and the bow, and the comic print style. So much fun. Available in sizes UK 8-14.


You can make this waist cincher part of your world. This Little Mermaid Waist Cincher by Castle Corsetry is so cute, fun, and will make you feel like you’re under the sea in this versatile cincher. Add a Dinglehopper to finish the look!

When you get your hands on this bra, you’re not going to want to let it go! This adorable Frozen inspired Elsa bra available at Hot Topic is available in sizes 34C-38D.

Need a little something for your sweet tooth? This fun and totally whimsical Donut Bralette from Knickerocker is made to order and will make any foodie super happy!


For all of you cowgirl sweethearts! Put on your old school Taylor Swift albums on iTunes and wear this Creme Chantilly Chemise from Trashy. Lots of denim. Just what geeky cowgirl dreams are made of. Yeehaw!

The Mockingjay Lives! Show your support for Katniss and the revolution with these The Mockingjay Lives Pajamas from Cafe Press. Available in sizes S-XXL.

Any HP fan will swoon over these Quidditch Panties from The Geek Garden. Who wouldn’t want Harry Potter reaching for a snitch on your bottom? Available in size XS-XL.

These Star Trek Nipple Pasties from FanaticFatale are so cool! Sparkly and fun! Trekkies unite!

These Thor Panties from Licorice and Cream are so awesome! Handmade to order in AU, and features a Thor comic fabric panel, lace, and a bow embellishment.

Winter is Coming…just kidding! Spring is on the way though, and these Game of Thrones inspired Khaleesi Pajamas available at Something Geeky are totally geeky chic.

These Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Panties available at Web Undies are totally cool. Which Power Ranger are you? I always loved the Pink Ranger! Though the Red Ranger was kinda hunky, you know, for the early 90’s.

You’ll be ready for Gotham City with this nerdy and so totally awesome Batman Bodysuit and Caplet from SugarPuss Clothing.

Look like a kickass Watchmen in this Silk Spectre II inspired latex bodysuit. Available in sizes UK 4-22, custom made to measure orders are available too!

Need more Orange is the New Black in your life? You can now wear a tank to sleep or around town with everyone’s favorite little felon, with this Piper tank.

The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie: Part 10

October 27th, 2014 @ Amber

With Halloween coming up and the debut the The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 movie next month, I thought it would be a great time to do the last installment of The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie for the year! There will be more in the new year, but this installment will be the last one for 2014. So enjoy these geeky goodies and check back in 2015 for the next installment of the series. If you need to check up on the series, check out Part 1-9 here.

These are on my wishlist for Christmas this year! Hogwarts House PJ Pants! All of the Hogwarts houses are available, so show your Harry pride and grab up a pair to lounge around in. Extra points to Gryffindor if you buy these as a gift for a friend or a house elf!

A little something for your sweet tooth! These super cute Donut Knickers from Knickerocker are all sorts of fun. Do-nut pass these up! 😉

This handmade to order Classic Movie Monster bralette from Bones Lingerie is cute, and features a vintage style fabric including all of the classic horror favs such as Dracula and The Werewolf! Matching panties are also available for purchase to make it a super scary set!

I’ll get you my pretty, and your little crop top too! This Wicked Witch of the West Crop Top Bra is super cute and fun, featuring the black and white silhouette of the Witch ol’ Witch herself!

Are you a material girl? Then check out this Madonna Skirt from Kayci Wheatley. Pair with a bullet bra for a fun photoshoot, or pair with a tee and chunky boots for a outerwear look.

Green High Waisted Star Wars Panties. That is all. What more can I say? These are so cute! Make it a set with the matching bralette. The force is strong with this one from Licorice and Cream! Handmade in AU.

Where my fellow beauty addicts at?? These Perfume Knickers from Love Baby Grand are super sweet. So fun, featuring a vintage perfume bottle pattern.

Turtles in a half shell, turtle power! These TMNT Socks are sort of awesome, with turtle shells and the entire ninja turtle crew over these socks from Think Geek.

You don’t have to be a walker to walk around in these The Walking Dead socks, totally fangirl it out while watching re-runs all year. Zombie protection not guaranteed.

These The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Panties from Bunny Jump are all sorts of cool and geeky. Snuggle up and get your read on. Made to order!

How cute is this zip front Batman Bandeau Bra? Available in sizes S-XL with the Batman logo on the front and the Batman name on the back.

X-Men! This Rogue Bodysuit from Shhh Couture on Etsy is made of Latex and is made to order! Totally fun for a cosplay or costume for Halloween too!

How super cute is this Wonder Woman Bustier and High Waist Bottoms? Geeky lingerie set or your Halloween costume? You decide!


Sisters doing it for themselves! Love this Superhero Suspender Belt featuring Wonder Woman, Superwoman and Batgirl. Girl power!


Get ready for the the upcoming Mockingjay movie in these super geeky yet adorkable The Hunger Games Footie Pajamas. If pink isn’t your color, they also have a very nice cream color that would work well while you plan the rebellion in District 13.