Toru and Naoko’s New Re-Brand + Swimwear and Lingerie Collection!

April 11th, 2018 @ Amber

I will always have a special place in my heart for handmade brand Toru and Naoko. I first discovered the brand on Etsy a few years ago and was immediately smitten. I made a purchase of the now long out of stock limited edition designs and was the first blogger to feature the brand. It’s been amazing seeing the brand grow over the years and gain in popularity within the lingerie industry’s indie market. Camille, the owner and designer, has become a great friend to me and I am so excited to share some new updates about the brand. Cami had expanded the brand once it gained more exposure, and the brand ended up not only creating fun and trendy lingerie, but also limited edition collections of swimwear, loungewear, and clothing. However, Cami decided to go back to T&N’s roots and reclaim the brand as a one woman shop again. She will be making all of the pieces herself, back like she did when the brand first had it’s debut. Which means, each piece of made to order by Camille herself, and this also means more limited designs, fabrics, and collections. Quality over quantity, and as the new motto says, “Unspoken Self Love”. I’m so excited for Toru and Naoko’s new rebrand and can’t see what else Cami comes up with in the future! Vote with your money and support woman run businesses. Since all of the designs are essentially limited edition, if you fall in love with a piece be sure to buy it right away while it’s still available! sales are great and all, but the best way to support a brand, especially a small indie brand, is to buy at full-price and support the work and artistry that goes into making your clothes. Follow along on social media to find out about new products and sale announcements!

You can check out the new collections entitled Lovecats, and Freebird on the newly re-designed Toru and Naoko website, and check out some of the current collections and fan favorites like Lunar Mission, Queen of Hearts, and the best-selling Tempest collection! You’ll find a unique and fun array of swimwear, lingerie, and clothing! Check out some of the new designs below, and shop the entire collection at Toru and Naoko.

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