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March 2nd, 2018 @ Amber

I think enamel pins are such a fun way to merge fashion and feminism. There are so many kick ass feminist designs in the enamel pin community, and I’ve been really liking the pins from Stuff Your Face Studio. Lotte, the creator and designer, makes really pretty pins that are both in your face and fierce but also really fun to add to your lapel or bag. She is a one woman show, and does it all from the designing to selling the pins online. She has this great pin that is breast-positive, and mentions how ‘no boob is equal and yet all are’ which shows the diversity of breasts, how often no two breasts (even your own) are the same, but that despite difference all breasts are awesome! She also has a sarcastic Basic Bitch pin, showcasing how gendered and stereotypical that word is. Another pin features a vulva-tastic looking peach and has a lyric from the Peaches song “fuck the pain away”. One of my favorites of her designs is a super cute panty pin with ‘all you can eat” text written on the front. Sex and body positive, which makes for some of the best pins!

I asked Lotte, the creator of the brand a few questions.
Where do you draw inspiration from to create your enamel pins?

My first pin was ‘your own personal jesus’. I just HAD to do something with this concept from the Depeche Mode song. I thought and still think it’s hilarious, but turns out not a lot of people want to walk around with Jesus on their sweaters ;)! It took me a couple of pins to decide where I wanted to go really. As I think pins are real conversation starters, I want it to be a valuable conversation on something that matters. Sexuality, body positivity and mental health are my pointers now. It helps to keep those subjects in minds when I design new stuff cause I’d be all over the place otherwise. to me, a pin can no longer be just visually attractive. I want to be an activist too.

Do you have any advice for women who are hoping to start their own business?

My best advice would be to not wait until you think everything is perfect. You will have shit going on in your life, your website will not be 100% functional and your business cards may not be the quality of paper you envisioned, it really doesn’t matter if you put yourself out there. Let your audience be the judge, because really, you are most likely way too hard on yourself! 😀


You can shop the pins on Etsy at Stuff Your Face Studio, and follow Lotte on Instagram to check out photos of her pins, new pin additions and pics from her own personal pin collection!


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