Playful Promises Fuller Bust Collection SS18 + Size Expansion!

January 22nd, 2018 @ Amber

This is how you do a fucking lingerie lookbook. This right here. As usual, indie UK brand Playful Promises is on top of the game. The brand brand began in 2004 and offered core sizes, but over the last few years, the brand listened to their customers (yes, actually listened to their customers, imagine that?) and slow began expanding their size range to include fuller bust sizes, up to a 34F. Within the next year the brand was offering a G cup in some styles, and now for 2018, the brand has continue expanding sizes and offers some styles up to a 38H cup. This is immense. This is awesome. I can’t think of many other (if any) core lingerie brands that have expanded, continuously to include full bust sizing. Let alone, their new within the past few years, Curve collection, with offers plus sizing too! Playful Promises is one of my favorite lingerie brands ever. Their designs are beautiful and sexy and unique, very on trend, offering styles like quarter cup bras in full bust sizing, and strappy bras in plus sizes. No other brand is doing what Playful Promises is doing. They took a brand that was already great, and made it even better by making it more inclusive not only through new sizes, but with actually showing their plus size designed on a plus model, and full bust designs on fuller bust models. They feature models of color, do not put men in their lookbooks as a side dish to the woman, and instead keep the product and interest on the woman, using the woman’s gaze. They’ve feature a drag queen as a model, and they’ve had a fellow blogger as a model (Cora from The Lingerie Addict) along with other great models including one of my besties, powerhouse supermodel Tiah Eckhardt. Their lookbooks are always so beautiful, aren’t overly hetero-normative, and don’t include a man grabbing a woman’s hips while while she models a new push up bra.

The brand recently added their new size expansion, and have created a few new designs specifically for DD-H cups. The designs are gorgeous, theyr’e fresh and fun, and they’re risky. Yes, risky. These aren’t designs that are “safe bets”, these are designs more other full bust brands or even core brands are taking for full busts, but PP is doing it. They’re offering cups with cut out details, suspender belts with corset detailing and ruffles, and barely there cups with strap detailing. These designs are anything but the usual safe designs, they’re risky and thats exciting! They’re risky because styles like this aren’t currently on the full bust market, and PP is making that happen, they are introducing styles like this and showing that they can indeed work for full busts. I’m so excited! Without further ado, here are the new sets from PP that are available up to a 38H cup. If you like what the brand is doing, please go buy from them, and vote with your money! When products sell, especially at full price, it shows a brand that the demand for these products is there and that there is every reason to continue to keep making them. Support brands that support you!

Shop the new collection at Playful Promises

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