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December 2nd, 2017 @ Amber

I’m a parfum connoisseur, I love fragrance from the notes, the way it smells on my skin, the way it can invoke a memory. I’m a big fan of natural artisan perfumes and niche brand perfumeries, but I don’t have the largest budget, so it can make sampling scents a bit difficult. I like to try before I buy to see how scents work with my body chemistry. I love to grab up scent samples in-store of during online shopping checkout, but they often leaves me having to choose from corporate brands and big business or celebrity fragrances, which I am not a big fan of. I was browsing online and found this shop called Surrender to Chance, which specializes in fragrance samples only. No full bottles, just samples, and has a wide variety of brands and a huge database of perfumes to choose from. Depending on the price and whether you want a glass vial sample or spray atomizer sample, prices vary. These aren’t usually manufacturer samples, so each sample is hand poured from the shop from bottles they have in stock. This is a great and affordable way to try fragrances without having to commit to a full sized bottle.

I was able to try 11 samples for just under $50, and shipping was only a little over $3. My perfume samples were shipping to me in two orders, the first order shipped the day of my purchase! I appreciate the fast service. The shop offers 10% off your first order is you sign up to the newsletter. I was able to choose from many brands, and ended up picking some Maison Margiela fragrances I’ve yet to try, as well as a few Le Labo scents, and a few others including Zoologist and more. I chose the vial samples, as they were a little cheaper than the spray samples, but in the future I would be interested in trying the atomizer samples. I often will spray onto my wrist, and check for sillage, plus scent the top notes, and then continue to sniff throughout the day to see how the dryout works on me. These little samples make it easy to do that, and offer me enough to try each scent a few times to make sure I like how it smells on me. There are other shops that offer samples, but I really like Surrender to Chance perfume sample service because they are a small business and they like to ensure that they offer fragrances from larger brands as well as niche brands. A must try for any perfume lover, or a fragrance novice who doesn’t know much about fragrance and wants to train their nose and learn more about perfumery. They even have a range of rare vintage perfumes, as well as current and discontinued or limited edition scents.


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