Review: Sonata Rapalyte Lingerie Luxury Diva Lace Bodysuit

December 18th, 2017 @ Amber

I began lingerie blogging in early 2013 but had been loving and collecting lingerie long before then. Sonata was one of the first luxury indie brands that I featured on my blog. I was smitten with the gorgeous made to order bodysuits, bralettes (before bralettes had a surge as a trend), panties, kimonos robes and more. So it’s not surprising that one of my first pieces of luxury lingerie was a Sonata bodysuit. It was all black, so beautiful and it’s still available as a classic design on the Sonata website, which is now Sonata Rapalyte, after the designer’s name. My “wishlist” item was the Sonata Rapalyte Diva Bodysuit though. I would stare at photos of it. It was just so pretty. Black lace with gold overlay, semi-sheer, gorgeous, with silk trim and silk covered buttons, and a plunging V neck. I wasn’t sure I would ever own it, but I did add many other Sonata pieces to my collection include a bralette, knickers, camisole, and a few more bodysuits. I love that you can buy their pieces in standard sizing, or you can have a made to measurement piece. Sonata is so talented, so very nice, and makes some of the most pretty lingerie in the market. I was so excited with the lovely Sonata Rapalyte, the designer of the brand, gifted me the sumptuous Diva bodysuit! The bodysuit was made to my measurements, and arrived in a beautiful black gift box. The piece is so pretty in photos, but pictures do not do this piece justice. It is a work of art!

The bodysuit is made of lovely solstiss lace, that feels good against the skin and fits like a glove. The lace is semi-sheer and very special. it’s black lace with gold overlay lace on top. The edging and trim is black satin, with silk covered buttons down the front of the bodysuit. The neckline has a sweet plunging V neckline with a soft raw lace edge down the neckline to the bust. The bodysuit has buttons up the front that stop below below the bust. This offers you a big more bust room if you are indeed busty. The entire piece is so well made, it’s artisan lingerie, each intricate stitch and detail in place, while the piece feels sturdy. The lace doesn’t have stretch to it, but it holds up wonderfully as it moves over the curves of your body. I’ve gained a bit of weight lately so it’s a big snug at the bustline right now, but by next month it will probably fit better in that area. If all of that wasn’t enough, the bodysuit has tiny little amber colored Swarovski crystals all over the lace at the bust and torso. Simply gorgeous!

The gusset of the bodysuit has three snaps, for easy removal and makes it easy to go to the bathroom without having to pull the bodysuit down. It also makes it ideal for in the bedroom with a partner, extra sexy during removal. As well as making it ideal as an underwear as outerwear look! You could layer a black blazer and black dress pants, or even a black bra and black pencil skirt and corset with the bodysuit and wear it as an outfit. I really like how this bodysuit fits, I like how it feels, the materials feel like quality materials, and even though the details look delicate the bodysuit is sturdy enough to wear without worrying about tearing it or stretching it out. To wash, I would do a cold soak with your favorite delicate detergent in a bin or sink, allow to soak and then remove and blot with the towel trick. Allow to air dry. If you treat fine lingerie well, it can last for a long time for you to enjoy for years. I was feeling a bit under the weather, but wanted to snap a quick shot of the butt of the bodysuit, as I really like it and feel like it gives the bottom a really cute look, along with showing how sheer the lace is on the body, and how the gold lace looks over the bottom.

I’ll try to take more photos soon, because this piece is lovely. I can’t wait to wear this for the holidays and in the new year. This is a very special piece to me, and I’m so thrilled to be able to add this bodysuit to my collection. You can find the Sonata Rapalyte Diva Bodysuit on the Sonata website.

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