Sex Toy Review: No No for the LELO Sona Cruise

November 20th, 2017 @ Amber

I had been dwindling in excitement over LELO the past few years…with their Charlie Sheen partnership, amongst a few other questionable things. However, this was a brand that I had been with since the beginning. It was the first luxury toy brand I ever tried back in 2008 and I’d been using the products regularly, sticking to my old favorites though often trying their new designs as well. I think this will be my last time trying any new LELO toys.

LELO recently came out with their newest toy, LELO Sona and LELO Sona Cruise, both of which are their version of the clitoral stimulation technology that has recently become trendy. Sona is a clitoral device that uses “sonic” technology to stimulate the entire clit to produce intense orgasms, and Sona Cruise offers the same, but with a sort of “cruise control” which means it runs at less than full power, until you press it harder against your body, then it ups the motor to what the full power should have been on anyway. Odd, not sure how I felt about that. The toy is damn cute though, in a sweetsy cutesy way. It looks like a pink lemon. A handheld bright pink little pod that is fully waterproof and rechargeable, comes with a storage bag and comes in the black LELO box with clear plastic window. I must say that I preferred the older LELO black gift box packaging. LELO isn’t exactly a powerhouse when it comes to toy power (unless you’re talking the Mona range) and I’m okay with that, to me the designs and style and the rumbly vibrations have always been enough. So I was really curious to try the Sona, and LELO was kind enough to send me the Sona Cruise for me to review on the blog. Sadly I don’t have many good things to say about it.

This toy legit made my clitoris bleed. Bleed. Actual blood.

Now looking back at the write-up of the toy, I should have been totally suspicious, as it said “use sparingly”. What sex toy says use sparingly? I mean, I should be able to use all I want it. I have a clit-o-steel. I can handle the Hitachi and Fairy Wand, no problem. I can handle bullets and other vibes on full-blast. This toy broke my clit and its spirits. I won’t ever been using this toy, ever, ever, again.

It started out innocently enough. I opened the toy, felt the smooth matte silicone. Noticed the little nub that fits over the clit. It was shallow, and covered with silicone, over and without. Which seemed odd to me, hard to clean even. They toy has the interface buttons, power and -/+ as usual. The toy fits in the hand easily, has an easy to use charging port, and is even waterproof despite the open charging port. All good and dandy. So, I used the toy, on the first speed, and then a short moment on the second speed. I came like a newbie, and it only took about 1 minute. I noticed my clit seemed sore and raw the rest of the day, and pretty engorged as if it had been overstimulated. Which can happen, no big deal I guess. Two days later, I decided to try the toy again, this time again on the first speed setting, and then on the second speed. All of maybe 1.5 minutes. Both created nice orgasms indeed, however, cleaning the nub that sits over your clit proved to be tedious. Also while the orgasms were good, I’ve had been using other clitoral toys, including the Womanizer, which is my absolute favorite clitoral toy ever.

Immediately after, I noticed that my clit felt a bit sore. Even sorer than two days ago when I used it. Throughout the day, the feeling stayed. Then I went to urinate and it burned a little. I thought perhaps my clit was oversensitive or was a bit dry. Then I wiped, and saw a tiny dot of blood. Yes blood. I knew it wasn’t my period, and there wasn’t any in the toilet, so I got my trusty mirror. Took off my panties, and spread my legs on the bed, using the mirror to get a good look at my clit. I used my fingers to pull apart my vulva to get a better look, and my poor clit looked defeated. It looked sore and red and engorged, overstimulated, and then on the left side of the head of my clit I saw a dot of blood. I was aghast. I spent three years as a sex toy blogger, and even though I don’t blog about sex toys much anymore, I still use them. And in all of my years of sex toy use, I have never, ever, had a toy that caused me to bleed. My clit was carefree and happy before I first used the LELO Sona, so I know that is was caused the irritation, and then eventually, the wound to my poor defenseless clitoral head. Then I got pissed. Why is my clit bleeding from a sex toy that is supposed to be made for clitoral stimulation? Why is my clit bleeding after using a sex toy as directed? Why is it bleeding at all? That is not right.

For the rest of the day, it hurt each time I went pee, as the urine touched the raw bleeding part of my clitoris. I was terrified. Had I broke my clit? Had I broke one of my favorite parts of my body? I took a hot shower and very carefully cleansed the area, which burned the entire time. I patted it dry, and then allowed my vulva to airdry. I left it alone for the rest of the day, afraid to even touch it. The small spots of blood continued to be there when I checked by mirror or toilet paper. Not. Happy. At. All. So I grabbed my trusty bottle of Goddess Yoni Oil, and applied a few drops of the oil to my now possibly broken clitoris, and softly rubbed it into the sensitive skin. Then I left it alone over night. The next day it felt a bit better, it still looked red and raw, but the bleeding was starting to slow. I showered again and cleansed the area, allowing to airdry. Then I rubbed more Yoni Oil over my hood and clitoral head. By the next day, the bleeding had stopped and my clitoris was feeling a bit better. I checked it out with a mirror, and the blood was stopped and I could tell it was beginning to heal, as it looked less red and raw, and more like the clit I’ve known and loved for many years. That was last month. I’m happy to say that my clit isn’t bleeding or sore anymore. Self healed, because vaginas are fucking AWESOME.

I’ve yet to use the Sona Cruise again, and do not plan to. I cannot, ever, in good conscience tell any woman to try this. I need to warn you that this could happen. Maybe it won’t. Maybe I was the ‘lucky one’, but you need to be warned regardless.

Sona Cruise RIP, cause you almost killed my clit. So, tit for tat.

I’ll stick to my Womanizer, thanks.

I doubt the model would look like this if it make her clit bleed

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