Zoologist Perfume: Niche Artisan Fragrances

April 27th, 2017 @ Amber

I’ve been really interested in artisan perfumes for awhile now, and Zoologist has been on my “to try” list for the past few months. I recently got to try the entire range of artisan niche perfumes from this brand that is taking over the indie perfume market by storm. Zoologist Perfumes create scents based on various animals, including Civet, Nightingale, Hummingbird, Beaver and more. Sounds, interesting right? They aren’t meant to smell like the animal itself, but to capture the feel of the animal. It’s surroundings, it’s vibe, it’s natural habitat. The brand has been nominated as a finalist two years in a row for the Art and Olfaction Awards. Their Civet fragrance is among the most popular and I was most curious to try this scent but was interested in the others as well. Each scent is crafted from a perfume artisan who uses the animal as inspiration. These oil based perfumes are strong, they are totally original and unlike anything I’ve smelled in the perfume industry. These are not perfumes you will find next to the sweet smelling favorites of celebrity designer brands. These are odd. And I mean that in a good way. These slightly whimsical scents create and fragrance experience that does include some animal notes, but they are synthetic and no animal products were used in these products. These have to be made with very high quality oils because they all smell so deep and rich. The sleek black and gold packaging comes with a photo of the animal behind the scent. If you’re unsure about choosing a full bottle, they also have travel size as well as sample sizes including a sample set so you can try the entire line before choosing to buy a full-sized bottle. Civet was immediately my favorite. It’s meaty, it’s lusty, it’s primal, it’s everything you would expect a perfume based on a musky mammal. This perfume smells like a mating call for the senses. Apply this and you’ll get laid if you choose to. Thats the kind of vibe this fragrance has. It’s deep and heady, musky and animalistic, it’s sexual and heated. It quickens the pulse, it arouses the senses and undulates over and over, the smell is so real and electric like sex, when you wear this it’s like you simply need to touch yourself or have your lover touch you. Something about this scent is like bees to honey, this fragrance enthralls the senses and will probably leave people wondering when you walk by wearing this. “What is she wearing?”. This is definitely a fragrance that I would wear in the bedroom, on a date, on a sexy night out. If you’re into niche indie perfumes, you should definitely try these exotic and erotic scents.

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