Morning Glory Teahouse Botanicals

April 5th, 2017 @ Amber

I love handmade botanical skincare and fragrances, and Morning Glory Teahouse has both. I was really drawn to their lovely solid perfume which can be used in their solid perfume compact or pendant necklace. So vintage and pretty! I tried the empty filigree solid perfume locket, that can have an individual solid perfume slipped inside, so you can wear your fragrance on the go! The solid perfume is made of high quality fragrance oils for a smooth application on your skin. They also have a cute little sample set of all of their solid perfumes, so you can try them before buying! The samples come in a gemstone topped purple plastic container, with corresponding note cards telling you about each fragrance. It comes packaged in a purple tulle pouch. So cute! The necklace came packaged in a sweet logo box and velvet pouch, so nice for gift giving. The solid perfumes are smooth and rich and fragrant. My favorite fragrance had to be Ambrosia Nectar, which was sweet and soft and very feminine. It was one of the brand’s first fragrances, and it’s a  classic for a reason! Botanicals like soap and their Rose Drops Lumiere skin serum is fabulous too. Very moisturizing and smells so lovely. If you like natural products and like to know what goes onto your body, you’ll love this brand’s selection. Shop the collection at Morning Glory Teahouse Botanicals.


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