15 Full Bust Lingerie Brands That Are Doing Sexy Right

April 8th, 2017 @ Amber

There has been an upsurge in full bust lingerie brands over the past four years or so, with a lot of new brands popping up in the lingerie market, or even full bust size ranges being added to brands that previously only stocked core bra sizes (these are generally 32—36 bands and cup sizes A-D). Thankfully there has been a huge demand for beautiful bras for fuller bust women and for the most part, the industry has really listened. There are so many great full bust brands that offer cute styles and great fit like Freya, Panache and Parfait, among others. While these new styles in DD+ sizes were being offered, I still felt left down. Where was the sultry and slinky lingerie? The stuff you want to wear for the bedroom and only for the bedroom. The stuff you want to tear off or have torn off of your body for the sole purpose of it makes you feel desirable as fuck? I swooned over lace, I craved sheer cups, I dreamed of quarter cups and underwired basques. Basically, I didn’t feel like I was asking for much, I just wanted to wear the types of lingerie that my smaller busted friends could wear!

Truth be told, a lot of work goes into making DD+ bras, from different construction to the use of different underwires. I have mad respect for seamstresses and those who make lingerie by hand. Yes, all lingerie is made by hand, even the stuff you buy off the rack in your local Target. This is why not every brand can make your bra size. It just can’t be done, the costs would be too high or too difficult to maintain. After all, a brand’s goal is to not only make pretty items that you’ll want to wear, but obviously, they want to make money, their business depends on it. Because of this every brand can’t fulfill every womans needs, and I think it’s important as an informed consumer to understand that, but I still felt hopelessly bored with the youthful pastels, overdone florals and drab solid colored t-shirt bras. I wanted my lingerie to ooze sex, I wanted it to feel lusty, provocative, enticing. And if you’re a busty lady who wants sexy too, then I got you, girl! I’ve put together some of my favorite lingerie brands that offer full bust sizing in alluring styles that are anything but boring. You’ll notice that many of these brands are UK based, because they have a larger market for full bust than we do in the US, where Victoria’s Secret is the most popular bra shop for women in America. Victoria may have a secret, but if you have big boobs then I’ve got an even better one…

Adina Reay is a luxury full bust brand based in the UK that focuses on small back and large cup, meaning their size range goes from 28-36 bands and up to G cup sizes. Their designs are so well made, and they offer really sexy and beautiful colorways and silhouettes. This is one of the high end brands that exclusively makes full bust sizing, and I’ve pretty much been obsessed with them since they’re brand debut just a few short seasons ago. The brand makes beautiful and sexy bras tempting coordinates like suspender briefs, thongs, and bodysuits. One of my favorite styles from this brand is the Fran, which is available in four different colorways and is made of soft sheer mesh that musters a smoldering sensuality. If you’re looking for something higher-end, Adina Reay is one to be seen.

Scantilly is the sub-brand of the popular UK based brand Curvy Kate. While Curvy Kate makes fresh and fun colorful styles, Scantilly is more like the bigger more fashionable older sister. Featuring strappy inspired designs, faux leather, and quarter cup bras. I’m totally smitten with this brand for it’s gorgeous designs and on trend styles. Scantilly skips over the candy fluff and goes directly to the good stuff. Some of their styles include the bondage-esque Voodoo set, their Tuxedo open bust playsuit, Surrender Basque and their Peekaboo bra with ouvert (open back) panties. Scantilly lingerie makes me want to get it on, with myself, or whoever else. If you’re looking for a sexy style that is mid-range in price but still packs a punch, Scantilly is it.

Playful Promises was a brand that began with core sizing only, and through customer feedback and demand has grown to include DD+ sizing as well as plus sizes. This brand has made leaps and bounds to make customers happy, and they deliver in so, so many ways. From delicate lace bra cups, vintage inspired bullet bras and gold lace overlay, Playful Promises is filling a full bust need that I’ve yet to see elsewhere. Their size range is so impressive, as they offer band sizes 28-42 bands and full bust sizes DD-G, as well as core and plus sizes. Their prices are mid-range and their DD+ bras also offer sexy matching bottoms like crotchless panties, strappy thongs and more. They also create really on-trend and stylish Lookbooks each season. One of my favorite styles from the brand is from their current collection, the style is called Karine, and it’s absolutely sensual and delicious.

Tutti Rouge makes a lot of really cutesy and colorful styles, but they also offer some really sexy styles like their popular Jessica bra and Sukki set. They are a full bust brand offering cup sizes D-HH. I love their Jessica bra, which has what the brand calls “tutti boosters” which are removable pads that can create serious cleavage, or removed for a more classic au natural look. I love that the power to create mega cleavage or to tone it down is totally in control with this design. I feel like a  lot of full bust brands shy away from cleavage creating styles as if because you have a big bust you don’t want or need the added oomph. Tutti Rouge says away from the rules of the full bust market and creates sexy styles that continue to surprise me and excite me.

Buttress and Snatch is one of the most underrated lingerie brands. Not only do they make core sizing, but they offer full bust and plus sizes. If they don’t offer your size in their size chart, they will custom make you a set in your size. This isn’t a feature that many other brands can offer, but this luxury indie brand from the UK is making it happen in the best way possible. Beautiful silk, sexy tulle and sheer cups. Everything is delightfully sensual and playful, while offering you that in-house sewn quality that you just cannot find off the rack or RTW. Check out their super sexy Lola Lola bra or Emilie set to see what I mean.

All Undone is a small band large cup brand that offers band sizes 28-32 and cup sizes DD-GG. They make the hottest three piece sets that are oh so addictive. It’s impossible to not want to complete the look with their matching brief and suspender coordinates to go along with your bra. One of my favorites is the Mimi, which features black leopard print tulle over a silk bra cup. It creates a really unique and playful look that we don’t see very often in the full bust market, not to mention their other sets area  color blocking dream come true.

Blue Reign is a brand that is making really sexy and unique full bust styles that have a luxe aesthetic that we see far too infrequent in the full bust market. High neck bras, vegan leather, silks and lacy strappy bras. The brand is current undergoing an expansion, so their online store is down but will be returning soon. I thought about not including the brand since you can’t order their collection right now, but they are definitely one to watch and have churned out some great designs in the past, so this brand is a must. Their high-end aesthetic is similar to brands like Agent Provocateur and Loveday London, but in fuller bust sizing. Their Robyn bra is a great example of their stylistic approach to bras for busty women. Peep them out on Instagram for brand updates!

Katherine Hamilton Intimates is probably the newest brand on the block in this article. They just had their re-branded debut, so right now they only offer a few styles, but this full bust brand is onto something. Their size range covers a unique range indeed, which is another reason I added them to this list. The brand makes small band full cup sizing, but their range offers some of the smallest bands in the full bust market with bands starting at 24! Most full bust brands offer 28 bands, but Katherine Hamilton offers two sizes smaller than even that, making this one truly unique in the full bust world. The bands are available up to a 36 back. They offer cup sizes in cups D-HH. Be sure to check out their Sophia three piece set to see how elegantly sexy their collection is.

Empreinte is a French lingerie brand that I would best describe as beautiful-sexy. A lot of their designs feature gorgeous embroidery, sheer fabrics and laces that can be both romantic and arousing at the same time. They are known for their fantastic fit, firm bands and are a favorite among full bust ladies that crave luxury lingerie. Need an example of just how beautiful-sexy they can be? Check out their black Elena bra, panty and suspender belt to set the mood.

Miss Mandalay is maybe best known for their full bust swimwear options, but their lingerie line is really great too. Available in band sizes 30-36 and cup sizes D-GG, the brand creates simple yet gorgeous silhouettes like their popular Amelie set, or the Melissa set featuring sensual eyelash lace bra cups. The brand is pretty affordable too and features sexy cuts in basics like black and beige or bright pinks and purples.

Mimi Holliday isn’t a brand that you usually think of when you hear the term full bust lingerie, but they have totally upped their game within the past few years. While they are still predominantly a core sizes luxury brand, a sub-brand of the Damaris lingerie line, the brand now carries some styles in up to a GG cup. I’m loving their sheer bra cups, corset back matching panties and their unique fabrics and colors. Mimi Holliday has a aesthetic that is instantly recognizable, and I’m see excited that they offer some of their beautiful and alluring styles so that ladies with big boobs can get in the on action. Check their sensually pretty Swan Lake set, their retro inspired Fun House set or their on trend Dodgems Corset bra.

Figleaves is a lingerie boutique that also offer their own in-house labels including a full bust collection that I had to include. You might just think of them as a lingerie retailer, but they’ve done some awesome things in the full bust market over the last few years. While they carry a lot of other full bust and core brands, their in-house lines shouldn’t be overlooked. They offer bra sizing up to a G cup and featuring animal prints, lacy basques and more. Another reason their in-house brands are important is because their pricing is super affordable with many bras under $50. So if you want to find a sexy option that fits your style and taste without going over budget, Figleaves a great place to start.

Bluebella is a UK based brand that was a core size brand up until recently when they released their DD+ collection called More, which has some really sexy and fun strappy designs, as well as affordable prices. Oh and they go up to an I cup!

Ewa Bien is the only Polish bra brand I’ve featured in this post. Poland is known for making great full bust bras, and there are many that are awesome like Ewa Michalak and Comexim and Avocado. I really wanted to focus on Ewa Bien though, because I think their designs are the sexiest. While most of the Polish full bust brands really focus on just great fit, Ewa Bien creates styles that are really sexy and playful for the bedroom, rather than just pretty and fit focused.

Agent Provocateur  just made the list. I was thinking of omitting them as their stuff tends to run small, and they only offer a few styles in DD+ sizing, but their lingerie is sexy to say the least and I do like the brand. So if you fit up to a UK 34F, you’ll be able to try this brand! I usually sister size down in the cup and up in the band. I don’t wear AP for their fit (who really does?!), I wear it because I think it’s super hot.


What are your favorite sexy full bust brands? Have I missed any? Share in the comments below!

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