Inkling Scents Natural Fragrances and Perfumes Review

March 11th, 2017 @ Amber

I am so smitten with the natural perfume brand Inkling Scents. All of their fragrances are alcohol free and are perfume oils, with a silk smooth feel and beautiful accord with different fragrance notes. They offer scents for women, scents for men and unisex scents. Inkling Scents line of luxury artisan perfumes merge the beautiful sensuality of nature and the elegance of combining natural scents to create a truly unique and original fragrance that is ideal for anyone, of any gender, for an occasion. Scents are available as a small roll on, larger roll on, flash bottle, and their gorgeous ink well bottle with feather quill applicator. Everything feels so luxe, from the unique packaging to each fragrance note. Scent notes include musk, vanilla, florals and citrus, rose and more. The roller ball perfumes come in a clear glass bottle with brushed silver cap. The flask is matte silver with a unique wire wrapping design. The ink well has a classic ink well shape as is made of clear glass with a brushed metal cap. There is a two toned wire design are the neck of the bottle. The quill applicator comes in a variety of feathers including ostrich, peacock and pheasant. The feathers come in a variety of colors, with a metal base at the end of each quill holding a acrylic applicator to the end. So unique and playful! Really adds a beautiful timeless and vintage appeal to the entire aesthetic.

These perfume oils smell wonderful, you can really sniff out each of the unique notes. The scent has a great dry down, and melds wonderfully against the warm skin of your neck, decolletage, wrists and pulse points. It’s not a greasy formula, it’s moisturizing and non-drying. The scents smell fresh, not a hint of artificial of juvenile notes.  The fragrances really embolden a mood for each one, so no matter how you’re feeling, you can pair your look with a scent that fits your day or night. With scent names like Betwixt, Pulse, Gossamer and Tigress. They also have a limited edition roller ball fragrance called Hint of Lavender, which is a collaboration with the blogger of the same name. I got to test the scent, which is lovely, and anything but a classic lavender scent. Instead of a one note lavender like a lot of other brands, this fragrance also has cirtus notes, a hint of mint, soft jasmine and amber, and a floral green tea and lavender. It’s so relaxing, and it’s the type of scent I might want to wear at night or when relaxing before bedtime, though it would also make a great light daytime scent. Sultry is creamy and sensual and also has a lovely amber and sandalwood note that creates a clean scent without any hint of soap or cotton. It’s very sexy and makes me feel like I’m wearing nothing – in a good way. It smells like your naked skin as you lounge in bed during a beautifully breezy Spring night with the window open. It would pair very well with lingerie!

Possibly one of my favorite perfume packaging designs ever, the inkwell bottle perfume is stunning. It’s so sumptuous and has a lovely timeless feel to the design, combined with the modern vibe of the logo and wire wrapped bottle neck. The quill applicator is special for sure and really makes the whole design even better! This design in particular appeals to me as both a lover of all things vintage and as a writer. Each scent has a color quill and color wrapped wire, but if you want another color or type of feather quill or would prefer a different wire color, you can request another color from the brand when you ordering, allowing for a customized look. These would make cute gifts for writers, those who love vintage inspired pieces, and would make pretty anniversary or wedding gifts, or even bridesmaid gifts! I got a bright red pheasant quill and the black, silver and red wire wrapped design. There is a small Inkling logo sticker at the base of the front of the bottle. I got the Betwixt scent which is seductive and sinfully rich and feminine, with notes of orchid, jasmine, freesia and rose with a musky spicy depth of patchouli lightly balancing against the floral notes. It’s a powerful fragrance that I can’t help but keep smelling, casually sniffing my wrists throughout the day. It exudes grace and inner strength, paired with the soft mystery of seduction and enchantment. I am completely smitten.

I’m so impressed not only with the luxurious and sweet packaging but with the beauty and long-lasting fragrances that boost natural scents that both entice and enthrall. I may have went overboard with the photos of the inkwell bottle and quill, but it’s just so beautiful I couldn’t help but snap more photos. I highly recommend this brand and their truly decadent perfume oils. Check out the entire fragrance collection at Inkling Scents.

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