Why It’s Good to Get a Bra Fitting (Again)

May 23rd, 2016 @ Amber

Let’s talk about bra sizing. No, this isn’t going to be a long drawn out bra size post, thats not what this blog is about. I was just thinking about bra fittings and how often a woman should get fitted. Our breasts fluctuate form all sorts of things, from changes in weight, to pregnancy, during our periods, etc. Also, since bras are not one size fits all in every brand, your sizes can vary from brand to brand. When I frst began lingerie blogging, I was wearing the wrong size bra, and only after a fitting did I realize that I was wearing a band size 3 sizes too big and a cup size 4 sizes too small! Crazy, right? Even as I’ve been blogging the past 3+ years, I’ve had changes in bust size. For example, I’m fitting into a lot of 32FF bras right now, instead of my usual 34F. So it’s time for a new fitting! Just to make sure I’m wearing a bra that will fit and support my bust best. You can either get a fitting in person at a bra boutique, and if thats not possible you could try a Nordstrom. You can also give yourself a fitting at home if you have a soft tape measure. I’ve been doing the at home measuring, but I want to make sure I get a in-store fitting soon.

How often do you get a bra fitting? Where are your favorite places to get fitted for a bra?

If you haven’t had a bra fitting or are unsure of your bra size, you can check out this great tutorial about home bra fittings. You can also Google in your area to find what lingerie specialty stores and boutiques offer bra fittings (most do). You’ll get a better fitting from a boutique or small shop rather than a chain, which tends to care more about fitting you into sizes they already have in stock.

Bra sizing can be confusing. We get a size and think it’s our forever size. Which is why fittings can be important. I know a lot of women who think “a DD cup” is HUGE. It’s really not. It’s just the media and society’s misunderstanding and lack of knowledge about bra sizes. So it’s skewed and can often make women think that the alphabet stops at a D cup. Knowing your bra size, also helps you find your sister size, so you’ll know how to find a bra that will fit if a brand runs large in the cup, or small in the band, etc. Bra fitting isn’t the end all be all of bras, but it’s a great starting place. The more you know!

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