Yoni Oil Review

February 13th, 2016 @ Amber

I recently heard of this amazing product called Yoni Oil. It’s from a brand called Goddess Body. The brand was created by an amazing woman named Angela Elizabeth who specializes in holistic sciences and is an herbalist. I’ve been a been fan of holistic medicines, and use and create a lot of my own home remedies. Yoni, from the Sanskrit word meaning vagina, is a body part that needs extra care and attention. Besides having good hygiene and eating a balanced diet, Yoni Oil offers moisturizing and healing properties. Yoni Oil is a natural product made from various oils, apple cider vinegar, herbs and more. All ingredients are used to help restore and keep the vagina’s natural pH levels on track. It can be used daily, it can be used as a personal lubricant, and offers microbial properties to rid the vagina of infection and help to restore good flora. Unlike most products for the vagina, Yoni Oil can be used on the vulva and also inserted if you so wish. This is a great alternative to a lot of “feminine” products on the market that are full of glycerin, parabens, and chemicals which can work against your vagina health rather than with it.

This stuff is awesome! Not only will it make your skin very soft and smooth, it can be massaged on you the vulva after shaving, to help reduce razor burn. It’s moisturizing, and has a very mild natural fragrance from the ingredients, no added colors or chemicals or fragrances. This stuff is the bomb dot com. It’s an all purpose oil for a woman, and it works great to neutralize odors, cleanse, and protect and fight vaginal infection. A little goes a long way because of the concentration and formula, so you can get a bottle for $19 at Goddess Works. They also offer tea cleanses, and other natural products like soap. I’m a fan!


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