Confessions of a Lingerie Addict That Prefers Fashion Over Fit

January 26th, 2015 @ Amber

Chromat Chromed Mesh Bodysuit

So, I’m not a fit expert. Like, seriously, I only learned how to properly get bra fittings and how to do my own fittings two years ago, so the concept of what makes a great “fit” isn’t my lingerie specialty. Nor do I want it to be. First and foremost, I am a fashion lingerie lover. My favorite kind of a bra is how it looks, rather than attaining a perfect fit. I’m more of a wear lingerie because it’s fun and I like it, wear it around the house and in the bedroom kind of girl. I love exploring different colors, fabrics, textures, and finishes. So if a bra is  a little too small for me, but I love the design? It’s game on! I’ll still buy it, I’ll still wear it. Center gore not tacking, but it’s giving me bodacious cleavage? Yes please! I feel like in lingerie blogging we hear about fit a lot, which is great, it’s good to know your proper bra size. Life changing even. However, it’s not the end all be all of lingerie for me. If fashion is the main course, then fit is definitely my side dish. While it’s yummy and I’ll take several bites, I’ll gladly push the plate to the side to focus on my steak. (This said from a girl who rarely eats meat, go figure. Steak just sounded juicy and delicious, like pretty lingerie).

Honey Birdette Libertine Set

I like what I like. So a little cup spillage isn’t going to stop me from wearing what I want to wear. The whole point of lingerie is to make yourself feel beautiful, empowered, happy, all of the above. So if I fall in love with a bra or bodysuit thats a cup size too small for me, it’s not going to be a deal breaker. I love the artistry of lingerie. I love the photo shoots and glamour behind lingerie. I love the lookbooks, the new modern shapes and patterns, the look of really really awesome cleavage. It doesn’t matter why you like lingerie, it only matters that you do like it. Every woman has different tastes, some prefer basics, some love vintage inspired pieces, some swoon for luxury designs and all things silk. As for me, I’m an all of the above girl. I know to some that an ill fitting bra is like one of the seven deadly lingerie sins, but I very much consider lingerie an extension of my fashion sense. Much like I get ready for a day out with my favorite red lipstick, I love dressing up in a lingerie set that makes me feel great, and that doesn’t always mean the bra is a perfect fit, but it’s a perfect choice for me. My blog will never be a fit blog, how the bra fits won’t ever be my main objective here. I’ll always try to include notes about fit when I review sets for my readers, but I hope more than anything you’ll take the time to really look at the pieces, and notice their design, their workmanship. Quality lingerie makers are artists in their own rights, be it with beading by hand, embroidery, or a sewing machine and serger. I like my lingerie like I like my bread, artisan. So if the bra fits (or doesn’t and you like it anyway) …wear it!

Agent Provocateur Gloria Set

Especially as someone who is a bit full busted, but has a smaller lower body, fit can be tricky, often I’ll need an XS or S bottom and a 34FF top. It’s especially hard with pieces like bodysuits or chemises, because if I fit the top, it’s too loose on the bottom, and vice versa. So I go with what works, and I work it how I want to. Whether it be a bodysuit thats a bit tight on the bust, or a chemise with a little spillage. I’m no lingerie model by any means, but even they are often put into vanity sizes when doing photo shoots, many fit models are wearing a size that may not be their “proper” bra fit, but it still sells. Because the lingerie is beautiful, the women are beautiful, and they’re rocking those pieces like nobody’s business. Not to say I don’t like a well fitting bra during my day when I’m out and about, I like comfy t-shirt bras as much as the next girl, and definitely appreciate a comfortable and properly fitting bra during the day wear, for but when it comes to my love for all things underwear, I’ll always be a fashion over fit lingerie addict.

Guilty as Charged (but really, not that guilty),

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27.01.2015 13:31

This is very apt for me today because I just received an amazing Belle et BonBon set yesterday, wore it today and the fit is… yuk. But I’m keeping it anyway because it’s breathtakingly beautiful 🙂


29.01.2015 11:50

This is a great article! However, I will have to respectfully disagree. Although I also view lingerie as fashion, to me fit is a very important part of fashion. I wouldn’t buy a pretty dress if it didn’t fit me and didn’t have potential for alterations. To me, lingerie is the same. Sometimes I’m okay with buying a bra in a sister size and altering down the band, but if a piece of lingerie just doesn’t fit and rides up or shows bulges, it doesn’t matter how pretty it is. Same goes for a new top or a pair of pants that’s beautiful but simply doesn’t work with my body. In my opinion, things that don’t fit me correctly do the opposite of empowering me and making me feel beautiful.


29.01.2015 14:19

This was very much an opinion piece, ladies. Not to say that you should wear ill fitting lingerie if you don’t like it. To each their own. My point was to say that I often judge my lingerie based on looks and style, with fit coming in second. Obviously if the fit is truly horrible, I won’t wear the bra, but if a bodysuit or bra has some spillage and a bit too tight but I love the design? I’m still going to wear it. To me, its very different than a dress or top that doesn’t fit, which I’d be wearing in public. I wear my lingerie in the privacy of my own home. My point was, wear what makes you feel beautiful! If thats a perfectly fitting bra, go for it. If it’s a perfect bra, but a tad off in size, go for it. Whatever makes you happy.

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