Review: Wolford Hosiery

January 3rd, 2014 @ Amber

What better way to talk about hosiery in the new year than to talk about the beautiful luxury hosiery line from Wolford. Wolford creates unique and stunning designs and prints, and their hosiery is very well made. Their tights are comfortable, stretchy, and come in a variety of sexy and fashionable designs, as well as everyday hosiery. I recently got some Wolford tights, also known as (THE MOTHERLOAD!), and now I’m hooked on the brand. Wolford has easily become one of my favorite hosiery brands.

A delicious selection of design from last season and new designs for 2014. I got the lovely Nahla tights, Cilia tights, Baloo tights, Lynne tights, Velvet 66 tights, and the Phila tights. They. Are. So. Gorgeous. I want to wear them every day just because they are so pretty and fashionable. These tights are definitely stylish and feel luxurious to wear.

These tights fit true to size, if not a bit snug. I got a size XS, because I’m short and have average to small hips/butt ratio and according to the chart XS would work. They’re a good fit! If I had a bit more booty or hips though, these would be too tight on the upper part of the tights, so if you’re curvy on the bottom I would possibly size up. These tights are all so stunning! It’s really begun my love for Wolford. Now I can’t wait to add more Wolford hosiery to my collection and some Wolford lingerie too!

They even make leggings, and and stay ups and stockings. Sizing is available in XS-L. The hosiery is a bit more than you’d pay for a budget brand of hosiery, but Wolford oozes luxury, so you’re definitely paying for great designs and quality when you buy Wolford. Wolford also makes shapewear, swimwear, and more.

Check out the entire hosiery collection and lingerie at Wolford.

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