One-Breast-Fits-All “Facts” and Why They’re Harmful

August 21st, 2013 @ Amber

A popular lingerie shop (that also has it’s own reality tv show) had tweeted out a breast tip yesterday, and then also posted this same “tip” on their Facebook page saying that “healthy” breast tissue should feel like the top of broccoli. Basically implying that if your breast tissue felt like broccoli, you’re good to go! And if not…well, it’s just implied that possibly your breast tissue is…unhealthy? I found this claim to be strange, as I hadn’t heard of it before, and I also know that breast tissue varies from woman to woman. Some have firmer breast tissue, some softer, some more fibrous, etc. So I reached out to a few bloggers who I trust and asked their opinion on this particular breast “fact”, and they too thought it strange, and agreed as I did, that their breast tissue didn’t feel anything like broccoli. Does this mean that our breasts are unhealthy? Not likely. I looked at the comments on the Facebook page where this was posted and noticed many women agreeing that their breasts didn’t feel like broccoli. I could sense some panic in a few comments and could just imagine what this misinformation was doing to women. Passing around unfounded stats or “facts” is harmful to women because it promotes fear and body confidence issues. This is the same thing with “scientific” bra stats that are always published online, about bras causing breast sagging, or what percentage of women think/do/wear this size or have that breast shape. While the internet is a great place for finding a lot of body positivity, it’s also an easy place to fall prey to body snark and misinformation that can be both confusing and stressing. So what should we do when we find these “facts” so readily pushed into our face? Ignore them. Research them. Do something pro-active, instead of re-tweeting or sharing the misinformation further. And certainly do not let it question your own body of self-confidence. No body is the same, and I think it’s safe to say that breasts are not broccoli and broccoli are not breasts.

If something doesn’t seem right about a “study” or “fact”, it probably isn’t. Look it up and see where they got this information, and you may see that the information is more fiction that fact. As for your body, you know it better than anyone else. If your breasts don’t feel like broccoli, or even if they do, it’s your body, get to know it. It’s important to notice how our bodies work and feel, so we can know if something is up. The always lovely & knowledgeable Butterfly Collection said “Just get to know the ‘landscape’ of your boobs. Knowing what’s normal for you is the key.”

You’re healthy, you’re lovely, and no facts or statistics can prove otherwise. Trust your instincts, trust your body, get to know it, and ignore unfounded one-breast-fits-all facts.

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