Review: RodeoH Lace Panty Harness

October 17th, 2012 @ Amber

Ride em’ cowgirl! The new RodeoH Lace Harness Panty merges sexy lace panties with a functioning dildo harness. These bad boys are comfy too! I am a big fan of the RodeoH line of harnesses, they are so much fun and offer comfortable and stylish harnesses in a variety of sizes and colors. This new harness looks like a pair of high cut bikini panties, with side lace panels, and a stretchy waist band with the RodeoH logo across it. It comes in a sleek basic black color and is made of cotton spandex, and features sheer lace panel on each side. These basically look like a super comfy pair of sexy undies! The inner crotch is lined, and on front of the panties there is a O ring that can stretch to fit a dildo of your choice, while a piece of inner fabric covers the back of the dildo, so that there is some fabric between the wearer and the dildo. Seriously though, I’ve totally worn these just as underwear! I do that with my RodeoH goodies. They’re like power undies, I feel like a superhero when I’ve got these underoos on, like a superhero of sexiness. The back of the panties are full and cover a good amount of the bottom, without riding up and bringing you to wedgie-town.  This panty harness can be hand or machine washed, and work best if you hang dry them.

This harness comes in sizes XS-XXXL, and proper fitting is important for this harness to function properly. Too snug and they wont be comfortable, too loose and they won’t hold your dildo up properly. You want to measure your actual hipbone measurement to get a good idea what size you’ll need. Like all of the RodeoH harnesses, this lace panty harness comes in a soft RodeoH drawstring pouch for storing your harness, and it also comes with the RodeoH dogtag necklace. This panty harness is well made and with proper care can last you many blissful romps. The cotton spandex is breathable and comfortable to wear under clothing, and I’ve slept in mine before too, so they are a great hybrid of panties and sexscessory. No straps or velcro or snaps on this harness, just you, your partner, and a sweet lil thang called the RodeoH Lace Panty Harness! You can get the RodeoH Lace Panty Harness at She Vibe for $49! Less than 50 bucks, will give you plenty of comfy harness-tastic fucks! Ride responsibly, cowgirls.

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