Review: Crystal Delights Lavender Frosted Glass Butt Plug

April 26th, 2011 @ Amber

My ass felt like royalty while wearing this gorgeous Crystal Delights Butt Plug. How pretty is this thing? It’s a handcrafted jewel for your booty. It’s made of glass, but finished with a frosted look that gives it a unique and fun texture that is different than regular glass. The plug features a tapered bulb end for easy anal insertion and removal, a thin stemmed neck, and a round fatter base handle that is embellished with a lovely genuine Swarovski crystal. I like the weighty feel of the glass, and the shape and size of this particular butt plug. It offers an easy to hold base, that holds the crystal, not glued, but looks as thought it were actually embedded into the glass as it was hardening. The crystal is planted there quite securely, though, you cannot toss this toy in the washing machine like you can other glass toys, because it could ruin the jewel. The same goes for boiling the toy also. The non porous glass of the toy can be cleaned in other ways with soap and water or toy cleanser, and since the toy is made of glass it can be used in the shower, bathtub, or pool. It also is compatible with any lubricant that you’d like, including silicone lubes that work great for anal play.

The texture and look of this frosted glass is where this toy really shines for me, it reminds me of sea glass. I used to collect sea glass, which is basically broken bottles and glass thats been washed out to sea and is rounded and smoothed by the tide, and eventually washes ashore. The texture and look of this plug’s frosted glass reminds me of that! To see a photo of sea glass for comparison, click here. The Swarovski crystal on the base of the toy is so pretty too. Once the plug is inserted, the base with the jewel sticks out from between your ass cheeks. I didn’t find it to be uncomfortable or too awkward, and I liked the weighted feel of the glass, not to mention the distinct frosted texture that is different than other glass toys. The Swarovski crystal is an actual crystal that is cut and shaped and is often used in luxury items such as jewelry. How cool to have it sticking out of my rear end! Also, if you bend over with this plug in your butt and you’re with a partner, they’ll see a pretty jewel staring right at them. This plug is ideal for both women and men.

This particular frosted butt plug that I got is lavender in color and features an AB Swarovski crystal. AB is short of Aurora Borealis, which refers to the northern lights, and looks like a semi-clear stone until it reflects light, then it shows a whole rainbow spectrum of color. You can see how it looks in the above photo as the flash of my camera light hits it. This plug is gorgeous, I adore it, and its by far the nicest butt plug in my collection.

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9.05.2011 0:45

Sigh. I just love the look of this plug. The day I’m going to have to buckle down and buy one is getting closer and closer.
Lovely review! The comparison to sea-glass is a very pretty, romantic idea. Sigh! <3

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