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Sacha Kimmes Valentina Collection

January 23rd, 2018 @ Amber

I am smitten. Sacha Kimmes is among one of my favorite indie lingerie brands. Not only is she incredibly talented, but her designs are gorgeous with sleek silhouettes and clean lines. Her pieces are versatile, and can be made to measurement to fit you if you are outside of her size range. Not only that but she is a wonderful person and truly fabulous business woman. Her brand new collection entitled Valentina, is a limited edition collection for Valentine’s Day, featuring a beautiful bold bright red colorway. From ouvert knickers to cupless bralettes, to a bodysuit and skirt, this collection is so sexy and fun! Check out the new lookbook images below (featuring Sacha herself!) and shop the collection at Sacha Kimmes Lingerie.


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Playful Promises Donates 20% of Sales for Ovarian Cancer Charities

January 22nd, 2018 @ Amber

From now through Feb 1th, Playful Promises will be donating 20% of sales on select products to benefit Ovarian Cancer organizations! Emma Parker, creator and owner of the brand, wants to help raise awareness while donatign 20% of sales made from now through after Valentine’s Day.

Shop Selected Products Here and Help make a Difference!

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Playful Promises Fuller Bust Collection SS18 + Size Expansion!

January 22nd, 2018 @ Amber

This is how you do a fucking lingerie lookbook. This right here. As usual, indie UK brand Playful Promises is on top of the game. The brand brand began in 2004 and offered core sizes, but over the last few years, the brand listened to their customers (yes, actually listened to their customers, imagine that?) and slow began expanding their size range to include fuller bust sizes, up to a 34F. Within the next year the brand was offering a G cup in some styles, and now for 2018, the brand has continue expanding sizes and offers some styles up to a 38H cup. This is immense. This is awesome. I can’t think of many other (if any) core lingerie brands that have expanded, continuously to include full bust sizing. Let alone, their new within the past few years, Curve collection, with offers plus sizing too! Playful Promises is one of my favorite lingerie brands ever. Their designs are beautiful and sexy and unique, very on trend, offering styles like quarter cup bras in full bust sizing, and strappy bras in plus sizes. No other brand is doing what Playful Promises is doing. They took a brand that was already great, and made it even better by making it more inclusive not only through new sizes, but with actually showing their plus size designed on a plus model, and full bust designs on fuller bust models. They feature models of color, do not put men in their lookbooks as a side dish to the woman, and instead keep the product and interest on the woman, using the woman’s gaze. They’ve feature a drag queen as a model, and they’ve had a fellow blogger as a model (Cora from The Lingerie Addict) along with other great models including one of my besties, powerhouse supermodel Tiah Eckhardt. Their lookbooks are always so beautiful, aren’t overly hetero-normative, and don’t include a man grabbing a woman’s hips while while she models a new push up bra.

The brand recently added their new size expansion, and have created a few new designs specifically for DD-H cups. The designs are gorgeous, theyr’e fresh and fun, and they’re risky. Yes, risky. These aren’t designs that are “safe bets”, these are designs more other full bust brands or even core brands are taking for full busts, but PP is doing it. They’re offering cups with cut out details, suspender belts with corset detailing and ruffles, and barely there cups with strap detailing. These designs are anything but the usual safe designs, they’re risky and thats exciting! They’re risky because styles like this aren’t currently on the full bust market, and PP is making that happen, they are introducing styles like this and showing that they can indeed work for full busts. I’m so excited! Without further ado, here are the new sets from PP that are available up to a 38H cup. If you like what the brand is doing, please go buy from them, and vote with your money! When products sell, especially at full price, it shows a brand that the demand for these products is there and that there is every reason to continue to keep making them. Support brands that support you!

Shop the new collection at Playful Promises

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Review: Clare Bare Eco-Friendly Handmade Lingerie

December 19th, 2017 @ Amber

I love the handmade indie brand Clare Bare. Not only is Clare the bees knees, but she is awesome and coming up with fun and fashionable lingerie pieces that can be worn together or mixed and matched. Everything is pretty much made to order and many items are limited edition. Clare uses up-cycled fabrics and vintage fabrics, which means all of her lingerie is eco-friendly! She also hand-dyed a lot of fabrics. She’s such a artist. This also means that things sell out quickly. So if you have your eye on a fabric or design, grab it up before it gone! Clare makes suspender belts, panties, bralettes, and more. I’m obsessed with her current collection that has the cutest ruffle bralettes, ruffle panties, and panty suspenders. I was hella obsessed with the Carmine Suspender Panty but it sold out super fast in the original fabric, but Clare can make them in another fabric that she has in stock. Just check the site! I’m also obsessed with her ruffled stuff, like her Arizona ruffle panties made of recycled vintage cotton.

Clare is one of the front runners in the eco-conscious lingerie market, as she makes all of her stuff, and even hand-dyes and forages for vintage fabrics and materials all the time. Making most pieces truly a one of a kind piece. Not only are her designs good for the environment and our carbon footprint, but they’re cute as fuck too and really unique. I love the way she sees the world, which she shows us in her work, which is always beautiful and powerful and playful.

I got a pair of the Barbarea Panties in a new limited edition fabric, and it’s so comfy and cool and breathable and the ruffles oh the ruffles! She also made me a custom pair of the Cardamine Suspender Panties in a white colorway using vintage floral print fabric. I’m obsessed with both of these and need more more more! I especially want to truly one of her bralettes next, a body suit, babydoll, and more Cardamine Suspender Panties in different colors and fabrics!

I suck at taking photos, but these are the panties. So damn cute. I’ve yet to try a bralette because I wans’t sure it would work for my boobage size, but I recently saw a Instagram model wearing a CB bralette and now I hope to try one sometime! How fun are the ruffles on those panties? So damn cute. The Cardamine Suspender Panties are so damn special. The white vintage cotton fabric with soft peachy-pink floral print, white mesh panels, and white corset style laces in the back, with black suspender straps. So damn unique. Love the cute and style of these! I think I should have sized up in these as they’re a bit snug, but next time I get a pair of Cardamine panties in a different fabric I will try sizing up for a better fit.

Clare just recently released a new collection full of black lingerie, check some of the pieces out below.

Eco-conscious lingerie thats made in the USA. From Clare’s sunny studio in LA to you. Shop the entire new collection and the classics at the Clare Bare website. You can also find Clare Bare on Etsy.

You can find Clare Bare on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook



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Review: Sonata Rapalyte Lingerie Luxury Diva Lace Bodysuit

December 18th, 2017 @ Amber

I began lingerie blogging in early 2013 but had been loving and collecting lingerie long before then. Sonata was one of the first luxury indie brands that I featured on my blog. I was smitten with the gorgeous made to order bodysuits, bralettes (before bralettes had a surge as a trend), panties, kimonos robes and more. So it’s not surprising that one of my first pieces of luxury lingerie was a Sonata bodysuit. It was all black, so beautiful and it’s still available as a classic design on the Sonata website, which is now Sonata Rapalyte, after the designer’s name. My “wishlist” item was the Sonata Rapalyte Diva Bodysuit though. I would stare at photos of it. It was just so pretty. Black lace with gold overlay, semi-sheer, gorgeous, with silk trim and silk covered buttons, and a plunging V neck. I wasn’t sure I would ever own it, but I did add many other Sonata pieces to my collection include a bralette, knickers, camisole, and a few more bodysuits. I love that you can buy their pieces in standard sizing, or you can have a made to measurement piece. Sonata is so talented, so very nice, and makes some of the most pretty lingerie in the market. I was so excited with the lovely Sonata Rapalyte, the designer of the brand, gifted me the sumptuous Diva bodysuit! The bodysuit was made to my measurements, and arrived in a beautiful black gift box. The piece is so pretty in photos, but pictures do not do this piece justice. It is a work of art!

The bodysuit is made of lovely solstiss lace, that feels good against the skin and fits like a glove. The lace is semi-sheer and very special. it’s black lace with gold overlay lace on top. The edging and trim is black satin, with silk covered buttons down the front of the bodysuit. The neckline has a sweet plunging V neckline with a soft raw lace edge down the neckline to the bust. The bodysuit has buttons up the front that stop below below the bust. This offers you a big more bust room if you are indeed busty. The entire piece is so well made, it’s artisan lingerie, each intricate stitch and detail in place, while the piece feels sturdy. The lace doesn’t have stretch to it, but it holds up wonderfully as it moves over the curves of your body. I’ve gained a bit of weight lately so it’s a big snug at the bustline right now, but by next month it will probably fit better in that area. If all of that wasn’t enough, the bodysuit has tiny little amber colored Swarovski crystals all over the lace at the bust and torso. Simply gorgeous!

The gusset of the bodysuit has three snaps, for easy removal and makes it easy to go to the bathroom without having to pull the bodysuit down. It also makes it ideal for in the bedroom with a partner, extra sexy during removal. As well as making it ideal as an underwear as outerwear look! You could layer a black blazer and black dress pants, or even a black bra and black pencil skirt and corset with the bodysuit and wear it as an outfit. I really like how this bodysuit fits, I like how it feels, the materials feel like quality materials, and even though the details look delicate the bodysuit is sturdy enough to wear without worrying about tearing it or stretching it out. To wash, I would do a cold soak with your favorite delicate detergent in a bin or sink, allow to soak and then remove and blot with the towel trick. Allow to air dry. If you treat fine lingerie well, it can last for a long time for you to enjoy for years. I was feeling a bit under the weather, but wanted to snap a quick shot of the butt of the bodysuit, as I really like it and feel like it gives the bottom a really cute look, along with showing how sheer the lace is on the body, and how the gold lace looks over the bottom.

I’ll try to take more photos soon, because this piece is lovely. I can’t wait to wear this for the holidays and in the new year. This is a very special piece to me, and I’m so thrilled to be able to add this bodysuit to my collection. You can find the Sonata Rapalyte Diva Bodysuit on the Sonata website.

Follow Sonata Rapalyte on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter


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OMGYes: Finally, A Resource for Women About Their Own Sexual Satisfaction. The Sex Ed We Deserved, But Never Received! A Review

December 12th, 2017 @ Amber

OMGYes is the bees knees. It’s awesome. It’s all about women finding pleasure through themselves, through masturbation. Can a man sign up and learn more? Sure. But this one is definitely for folks with a vagina. They are currently working on creating trans content in the future, it’s on their radar, so be sure to check back if you are trans. But for now, the site is dedicated to those with a clitoris and vagina, and oh what lovely things they are. The vagina is an organ, isn’t that awesome? It’s a muscle too. It’s self-cleaning, and it can push a child out of it. It can stretch, to accommodate a finger or a dick or a dildo or a baby, and then it can go back to it’s former shape. Of course after say, childbirth, or with aging, the pelvic floor muscles may not be as strong as they once were, but kegel exercises will help to improve that. The clit is made just for pleasure. Thats it. It has no part in actual pro-creation. It’s all about feeling good, and it has more nerve endings than a penis. Now, back to OMGYes. The site is a service. You can use it on your smartphone or on your computer/laptop. It’s not a subscription service. It’s a one time fee of only $39. Thats it, then you’re a member for always. No yearly free, no monthly free, just a one time fee and you’re in! No matter how much you use the service, or how many times they upgrade the service, you’re covered. This would also make a great gift! I’ve been masturbating for a long time, so I know what I like, but this service is so cool. I am now a member and it’s awesome. The first season, focuses on masturbation mostly of the clit. It tells you what is popular among women who masturbate, it has videos of women talking about the way they masturbate, what they like and how it feels for them. It gives you tips and tricks you maybe haven’t tried or heard of. This is not the gimmicky, ‘try blush on your nipples’ type of tricks,this is the real deal. Because real women like yourself are masturbating and telling and most times, showing, all. There are videos of women orgasming, while they masturbate, while they explain what they’re doing and what they like. It is so damn refreshing!

This is not for the male gaze, at all. It’s for the female gaze, which is the best part of all. Season One included women of all ages and every ethnicity talking about their vulvas and clitoris. It shows graphs and explains different masturbation techniques. It’s fun to learn through written words and the videos of women sharing their stories! Theres nothing to download, no need to take up space on your phone. It’s a website and not an app. Super private and secure with encryption to keep away prying eyes!

They show ans explain various techniques that you can try to. It gives you so many ideas and it’s interested to see how pleasure is achieved uniquely by each women, but that as women, we all can experience great orgasms. It’s both educational and informative. But it’s not clinical or boring. It’s sexy and cool. I wish I had a website like this when I as 18 o even a teenager, or maybe in my early 20s! Masturbation is better when you know your body and yo know what you like and how you like it. As women as were all different, and what works for one women, might not work for another. This site shows you that orgasm and sexual pleasure can be achieve and is currently achieved in a variety of ways. This would be ideal for both straight women, bi women, or lesbian women.

Not only do we see how these women masturbate, they share stories and perspectives on their bodies and about orgasms and sexual pleasure in general. This is really special. It’s intimate. it’s like talking about your best girl friends without fear or embarrassment or judgement. This is something that isn’t offered anywhere else online. It’s like one of those orgasm “look at your vulva glasses” that were big during the sexual revolution of the 70s, but instead of mirrors and plush pillows you get real advice, real tips, real ideas and from real women just like you. I also love that these women aren’t afraid to say pussy or vulva, they are comfortable and confident, and some are even comfortably shy in their words, and it just makes it all the more real.

Another thing that makes OMGYes so important and so unique is that it offered “hands on” help. You can watch a video of a masturbation trick to try, such as “Hinting the Clit”, and when you’re doing watching the video, you can try it yourself on their super cool simulation station. It has a photo of a close up of the vulva of the woman who’s video you just watched, then it tells you what to do “such as gently rub around the clit in small circles”, and the screen moves with your touch! If you’re circling the clit on the screen, the skin of the photo and the clitoris moves! Also, you get feedback from the woman herself. There is voice over instructions like “Thats it, just like that”, or “A little faster, or “Just a little more to the right” in the models’ own voice. It’s so real to life! Your’e looking at the vulva of the model herself, after having watcher her video, and how you’re touching your screen and simulating sexual touching on her vulva, while the voiceover guides you until it ends with her having an orgasm, meaning you did it right! You made her cum! Weeee, how fun! There are many videos like this. And also videos of them talking, so it’s a perfect combo. I loved getting to know the women and learning what works for them, how we’re different and how were the same in some ways. Also, if you’re not used to seeing other vulvas than you’re own, this a a great way to see other womens genitalia without watching porn or paging though men’s magazines. Every vulva is different, and I think women, especially hetero women, aren’t exposed to other womens genitals every often, so this is a great way to learn about other bodies as well. If you see a move you like, try it on yourself! This is all about learning. There is no wrong answer, thats the beauty of OMGYes! They are currently working on Season Two, which will introduce new women, new tips and tricks, and new ways to stimulate.

The greatest gift is that of self love. Give yourself the gift of OMGYes this holiday season, and then give yourself an orgasm or three! Shopping for a women who you think might like this service? Buy one for her! Your mom, your sister, your BFF, your girlfriend. The sky is the limit girl. Let those toes curl and let your fingers do the walking. Please support this woman run business this holiday season! Also, the money that the company makes all goes back into website research to bring you more videos and watchable seasons as they are available. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, as $39 will get you access to the current season and many more seasons to come! Literally.

Sign up for OMGYes for one-time payment $39 USD (a $59 value, though I think it’s worth even more!) They accept credit card and Paypal, and billing is completely discreet! You’ll receive oodles of info, Season One which features 12 episodes, 62 videos and 11 interactive simulation videos, and lifetime membership! 

*I’m a proud member of OMGYes and was NOT paid to write about it. I just care about your clit, ya dig?

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Blackbird Underpinnings New Collection

December 12th, 2017 @ Amber

Indie lingerie and loungewear brand Blackbird Underpinnings has just released their second collection entitled ‘Nocturne’. Their first collection was named after amazing women such as Josephine Baker and Anais Nin, and their new collection is inspired by goddesses like Persephone. The collection includes a gorgeous velvet burnout kimono robe, a silk v neck tank camisole, silk lounge pants and velvet lace burnout high waist panties. The pieces are so pretty and versatile and can be mixed and match the brand’s classic pieces such as the Coco Romper or Anais Bralette. The line has kept with it’s original vintage inspired vibe, and the new collection fits well within the brand’s aesthetic voice. You can shop the brand new Nocturne collection at Blackbird Underpinnings online shop.

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Adina Reay New Collection

December 11th, 2017 @ Amber

Introducing the gorgeous new lookbook from UK based luxury full bust brand Adina Reay. Adina Reay is one of my favorite fullbust brands, they are always on top of the trends and come up with the most beautiful and sexy designs for fuller bust women. They offer band sizes 28-36 bands and UK cup sizes DD-G. I am already have a few of their older sets from past seasons and they are among some of the best sets in my collection. I am so excited about this new collection though! The new Pru design is available in a gorgeous bright green colorway, and they also have brand new styles such as the navy blue KAte and the beige and neon Veronica (which reminds me of the aesthetic wee see in brands like AP and never in full bust sizing, so this is fun!). If you wear a small back full band, this is the brand to pay attention to. it’s one of the only luxury full bust brands on the market, and they’re doing it right. I’m always so excited to see their new designs and colorways and this new collections really shows Adina Reay’s staying power. The brand hasn’t quite achieved the credit it’s due, but I hope that changes. Check out some of the new sets below and check out the brand new designed website at Adina Reay.


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Henny Faire Co Candles

December 8th, 2017 @ Amber

I recently tried a new handpoured candle brand called Henny Faire Co. They create really cute handmade candles, soap and other skincare products. The brand is based in Pennsylvania and has a rustic and quaint vibe about it. The brand has a wonderful backstory about where the brand got it’s name, which is a really neat read. The packaging is pretty but also minimalist, allowing you to focus on the products and fragrances themselves. The brand was kind enough to send me a little package of goodies to share on the blog. I tried the French Lavender Fern Candle, and the White Pumpkin Coconut Candle. I also tried a variety of their scents as cute little solid fragrance ornaments! So sweet. Those scents were Native Persimmon and Clove, Red Spruce Vetiver and Wild Currant Rosewood. All of the scents are very nice, nothing smells overpowering, and the notes don’t smell fake or of low quality. The candles themselves burn smoothly and are made of pure vegetable wax. The candles come in glass tumblers without any label, which is great for minimalists.

While the Henny Faire collection is ideal for any time of the year, it seems really nice and fitting for the holidays with their gorgeous holiday inspired scents and the pretty and sleek packaging. The brand says that their goods are “wildcrafted” which I really like and think fits well with the theme of the shop. Erica, the owner is super nice and puts a lot of love and care into her products. She offers excellent customer service and answered any questions I had about products very promptly. Henny Faire is named after a woman who really lived in the Appalachia and is stuff of legend. Erica’s brand is an ode to this woman and the beautiful scents that tell a story of years ago. The brand also makes baht soaks, body oils, reed diffuser home fragrances and more. They offer comforting scents like their popular french lavender with a touch of fern, and have ore unique scents like Wild Mushroom Tuberose. You can check out the entire collection at Henny Faire Co on Etsy.

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Review: Scantilly Peek a Boo in Red

December 6th, 2017 @ Amber

How sweet is this new Red colorway from Scantilly? The brand new Peekaboo colorway is perfect for the holidays! Made of super soft deep red satin, this set is a stunner! It has the usual sexy semi-sheer mesh and satin overlay, that creates a beautiful illusion at the bustline. The fit is spot on and fits as Scantilly bras usually fit, which is for me, is true to size. I already have the Scantilly Peekaboo set in the classic black color, and in the scarlet shade from a few seasons ago which was more of a pinky-red, while the new Red colorway is like a true holiday red. So pretty! The set offers a cheeky bare faced brief, which I am obsessed with. Scantilly does ouvert so well! The matching suspender belt brings the entire set together to create a pretty package that is perfect for the winter holidays. I have softer tissue breast, and as you can see from the photo below, the bra lifts my bust and creates a really nice shape that makes me feel supported. It offers cleavage and projection, and is also super comfortable. One reason I adore Scantilly is because they are one of the sexiest full bust brands on the market, but not only that, but their pieces are also actually comfortable too. I adore the neckline, and the straps are comfortable and don’t dig in. I also like that no matter what type of breasts you have, firm or super squishy, these designs work well. Scantilly and Curvy Kate are hands down two of my favorite brands for fit and style, but also because they make me feel like my boobs look awesome.

It creates a beautiful profile! I think this set is both really pretty but also really sultry and playful. Put this set on your wishlist for Santa, because this set is so gorgeous. If you’ve yet to try the Peekaboo design, give this colorway a chance, it’s even prettier in person! If you prefer classic black, double your pleasure and grab that colorway as well! The design looks great in every colorway they’ve done so far, and I hope they release this design in new colorways in the future.

Love the design, but red isn’t your color? Check out the Scantilly Peek a Boo in Black, check my review of that colorway here.

I also finally got my hands (butt?) on the Entwine Lace Up Knickers. I love the Scantilly Entwine bra, you can read my review here. I had the matching high waist thong which is so fun, but was crushing hard on these lace back briefs, and they are perfection!

Scantilly is the brand of the holiday season, because it merges gorgeous sexy designs and both classic and holiday appropriate colors! You can order all of these pieces and more at the Scantilly online shop.