The Crow Inspired Lingerie

January 31st, 2015 @ Amber

Larkspur LA Githa Bodysuit / Blue Reign Dynasty Sleep Mask / Filthy Dirty Nitrogen Bra Harness

Alexandrea Anissa Ramona Mesh Garter Bralet / Belle et Bon Bon Bijoux Brief / Miss Crofton Rose Black Knickers

Shell Belle Prohibition Camisole Top / Bordelle Bondage Hipster Brief / Arabella India Electra Balcony Bra

Addiction Nouvelle Triangular Bralette / Bristols 6 Nippies Basic Black Heart Pasties / Lalilouche Dotti Tulle Garter

Natori Shadows Contour Bra / Huit Nouvel Emoi Half Cup Bra

Introducing Blue Reign Lingerie

January 31st, 2015 @ Amber

The much anticipated full bust brand Blue Reign just debuted their collection! Right now the collection features a quilted leather lingerie set, robe, tunic, eyemask, and more. So excited for this brand!

Interview with the Vampire Inspired Lingerie

January 31st, 2015 @ Amber

Shell Belle Room Service Kimono / Dita Von Teese Marlene Suspender / eLai Bijou High Waist Knickers

L’Agent Idalia Bodysuit / Stella McCartney Ellie Leaping Panties / I.D. Sarrieri La Robe Noire High Waist Brief

Evgenia Night Garden Ribbon Corset / La Perla Begonia Brazilian Brief / Holloway Smith Noir Black Sparkling Tassels

I.D. Sarrieri Les Amours Imaginaires Brazilian Brief / Holloway Smith Noir Black Sparkling Tie Cuffs / Dita Von Teese Savoir Faire Bikini

Review: Sugar Lace Lingerie

January 30th, 2015 @ Amber

I’ve been following Sugar Lace Lingerie on Etsy for at least a year or so, and more recently have been following as Adrianna added new designs. Each piece is handmade, and made to measure orders are available too. Adrianna is awesome, she’s so nice, and comes up with the cutest designs. Her unique styles are fun, and even prettier in person! I just got the sweet Mint Chocolate Chip High Waist Panties and Sleepmask. This set is so much fun, the high waist panties feature mint green satin along the font panel, with black ribbon bows up and down the front, with mesh ruffled edges, and polka dot sheer black mesh all over the rest of the panty. These are just as sweet as their name! The matching sleepmask features mint satin with polka dot mesh overlay, ruffles around the edges, and little mint bows with rosettes in the center. Cuteness!

These pieces are very well made, which makes me so happy because I love everything in Adrianna’s shop, so I definitely plan on trying more from her brand. It always makes me happy when I try a brand for the first time, especially a handmade brand, and find that their designs and quality are spot on. Sugar Lace Lingerie is amazing, and I love the fit and style of these panties, and the cute sleepmask just makes this set even more fun for lounging around in and sleep. Adrianna’s pieces are very affordable too, with more sets and lingerie pieces around $50 or under, which I consider to be a great price for handmade. Check out the entire lingerie line at Sugar Lace Lingerie on Etsy.

Jackie Brown Inspired Lingerie

January 29th, 2015 @ Amber

Elomi Naoko Bra / Hanky Panky Blue Paisley Boyshort / Curvy Couture Love Affair Plunge Bra

Blackbird Underpinnings Edith Knickers / I.D. Sarrieri Sweet Temptation High Waist Brief / Panache Black Odette Bra

Dita Von Teese Star Lift Suspenders / Bordelle Bondage Ring Thong

L’Agent Felicitia Brief / Stella McCartney Stella Lace Bra

Sojourn Lingerie SS15 Lookbook

January 29th, 2015 @ Amber

Introducing Sojourn Lingerie. They just released their debut collection for SS15, and it’s cute! Pretty mesh, bras, panties, and even bespoke services. Each piece is made to order. They carry core sizing, but if you contact them, they can do custom sizing. Check out their SS15 lookbook below. What do you think of this new brand?

Literary Lingerie: The Virgin Suicides Inspired Lingerie

January 29th, 2015 @ Amber

This is the first edition of my new series, entitled, Literary Lingerie. It focuses on two of my favorite loves, books and lingerie. I’ll be choosing a new book to feature in each new installment, and will showcase lingerie pieces and boudoir accessories that would fit with the book’s characters, plot, scenery, and time frame. For this first book I chose The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides. I liked this novel the first time I ever picked it up, and it also takes place in the suburban area where I grew up in Michigan.

The book is told by a group of neighborhood boys (now men, going back and recalling the story) of the Lisbon sisters. The story takes place in the 70’s in an upper class part of suburban Michigan called Grosse Pointe, and it features the Lisbon sisters who are unalike just as much as they are alike. So here are my lingerie choices for this classic modern must-read.

“The trees like lungs filling with air
My sister, the mean one, pulling my hair”

“During a warm winter rain,
the basins of her collarbones collected water”

“Their desire was silent yet magnificent,
like a thousand daisies attuning their faces toward the path of the sun.”

“you’re a stone fox”

“Bubble-gum angels swooped from top margins,
or scraped their wings between teeming paragraphs.
Maidens with golden hair dripped sea-blue tears into the books spine.”


Have you read this book? Which lingerie and boudoir accessories remind you of the Lisbons?

Rago Open Bottom Girdle from Classic Shapewear Review

January 27th, 2015 @ Amber

I’ve heard great things about Rago Shapewear, they’re a classic shapewear brand that creates girdles, control panties, and corselettes. I had been wanting to try this brand for awhile now, so when Classic Shapewear, a shapewear shop offered to let me review it for them I was pretty excited. I got the Rago Trim Open Bottom Sheer Girdle in Black/Pink in size Small. I’m a huge fan of girdles, and I really liked the cute sheer look of the girdle with the pink contrast stitching. I also liked the cute pink bows at the suspenders. Rago is definitely a budget friendly shapewear brand and has been around for such a long time, that I had good expectations for the brand. Honestly, I was pretty underwhelmed with this piece. The quality felt “cheap” and didn’t feel well made, not to mention the stitching was all over the place and very messy.

I’ve had handmade girdles, and mass produced girdles that are so much more well made than this piece, that I have high standards for girdles, and this just didn’t cut it. The fit was true to size, and the sheer material offers slight slimming control, and the girdle was lightweight. I’m just not into this girdle. What a bummer. I don’t really have an interested in trying Rago again, which is disappointing because it’s such a classic, but I just feel like there are so many girdles in the same price range that are much better quality. Classic Shapewear has a nice selection of shapewear though, and they also offer Scandale, Spanx, Wacoal, Vedette, Bracli and more. They also offered quick and free shipping in the US and offer low prices. While I wouldn’t recommend this girdle, here are a few pieces from CS that I would recommend:

Scandale Sirene Bodysuit

Wacoal Amazing Assets Contour Bra

Va Bien Low Plunge Bodysuit

Confessions of a Lingerie Addict That Prefers Fashion Over Fit

January 26th, 2015 @ Amber

Chromat Chromed Mesh Bodysuit

So, I’m not a fit expert. Like, seriously, I only learned how to properly get bra fittings and how to do my own fittings two years ago, so the concept of what makes a great “fit” isn’t my lingerie specialty. Nor do I want it to be. First and foremost, I am a fashion lingerie lover. My favorite kind of a bra is how it looks, rather than attaining a perfect fit. I’m more of a wear lingerie because it’s fun and I like it, wear it around the house and in the bedroom kind of girl. I love exploring different colors, fabrics, textures, and finishes. So if a bra is  a little too small for me, but I love the design? It’s game on! I’ll still buy it, I’ll still wear it. Center gore not tacking, but it’s giving me bodacious cleavage? Yes please! I feel like in lingerie blogging we hear about fit a lot, which is great, it’s good to know your proper bra size. Life changing even. However, it’s not the end all be all of lingerie for me. If fashion is the main course, then fit is definitely my side dish. While it’s yummy and I’ll take several bites, I’ll gladly push the plate to the side to focus on my steak. (This said from a girl who rarely eats meat, go figure. Steak just sounded juicy and delicious, like pretty lingerie).

Honey Birdette Libertine Set

I like what I like. So a little cup spillage isn’t going to stop me from wearing what I want to wear. The whole point of lingerie is to make yourself feel beautiful, empowered, happy, all of the above. So if I fall in love with a bra or bodysuit thats a cup size too small for me, it’s not going to be a deal breaker. I love the artistry of lingerie. I love the photo shoots and glamour behind lingerie. I love the lookbooks, the new modern shapes and patterns, the look of really really awesome cleavage. It doesn’t matter why you like lingerie, it only matters that you do like it. Every woman has different tastes, some prefer basics, some love vintage inspired pieces, some swoon for luxury designs and all things silk. As for me, I’m an all of the above girl. I know to some that an ill fitting bra is like one of the seven deadly lingerie sins, but I very much consider lingerie an extension of my fashion sense. Much like I get ready for a day out with my favorite red lipstick, I love dressing up in a lingerie set that makes me feel great, and that doesn’t always mean the bra is a perfect fit, but it’s a perfect choice for me. My blog will never be a fit blog, how the bra fits won’t ever be my main objective here. I’ll always try to include notes about fit when I review sets for my readers, but I hope more than anything you’ll take the time to really look at the pieces, and notice their design, their workmanship. Quality lingerie makers are artists in their own rights, be it with beading by hand, embroidery, or a sewing machine and serger. I like my lingerie like I like my bread, artisan. So if the bra fits (or doesn’t and you like it anyway) …wear it!

Agent Provocateur Gloria Set

Especially as someone who is a bit full busted, but has a smaller lower body, fit can be tricky, often I’ll need an XS or S bottom and a 34FF top. It’s especially hard with pieces like bodysuits or chemises, because if I fit the top, it’s too loose on the bottom, and vice versa. So I go with what works, and I work it how I want to. Whether it be a bodysuit thats a bit tight on the bust, or a chemise with a little spillage. I’m no lingerie model by any means, but even they are often put into vanity sizes when doing photo shoots, many fit models are wearing a size that may not be their “proper” bra fit, but it still sells. Because the lingerie is beautiful, the women are beautiful, and they’re rocking those pieces like nobody’s business. Not to say I don’t like a well fitting bra during my day when I’m out and about, I like comfy t-shirt bras as much as the next girl, and definitely appreciate a comfortable and properly fitting bra during the day wear, for but when it comes to my love for all things underwear, I’ll always be a fashion over fit lingerie addict.

Guilty as Charged (but really, not that guilty),

Pasties and Tassels for Your Bodacious Bust

January 26th, 2015 @ Amber

Lalilouche Cher Nipple Pasties

You don’t have to do burlesque to enjoy wearing pasties. Many nipple tassels and pasties are basic and offer nipple coverage under a shirt or dress, and others are more bold and decorated and ready to be seen! Whether you want to show these babies off, or wear them in the bedroom or underneath your bra, check out this collection of totally cute tassels and pasties.

Bristols 6 Nippies Basic Caramel Heart Pasties

Nightly Allure Pink Burlesque Tassels

Holloway Smith Noir Supernova Tassels

Bristols 6 Nippies Skin Nipple Covers Pasties

Bordelle Bow Nipplets

Coco de Mer Pink Sequin Nipple Tassels

Bristols 6 Nippies Sugar Kisses X pasties

SugarKitty Corsets Calliope Riot Heart Tassels

Red Hot Annie’s Apple Rhinestone Nipple Pasties

Starfish Pasties by Gothfox Designs

Fiesty Cat Underwater Love Seashell Pasties

Project Pinup Hot Pink Glittered Heart Pasties

Bad Bunny Ice Cream Cone Pasties

Gothfox Red Velvet Heart Tassels