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In Like Pin Enamel Pins

January 20th, 2017 @ Amber

2016 was fucked, now you can wear a pin sharing your major feels about the past year, and find otehr color pins, fierce and feminist and fun from In Like Pin. See that pussy pin? Yeah, they make that too! The pins are made of hard enamel and bright colors, including glitter enamel. Designs come in different color options too, letting you choose whichever pin goes best with your collection. You can find these pins and more at In Like Pin. Be sure to check them out on Instagram.

Scarlet's Letter Lingerie Blog

Lookbook: Sacha Kimmes Ace of Wands Lingerie Collection

January 19th, 2017 @ Amber

Photographer: Emeline Ancel-Pirouelle

Independent lingerie designer Sacha Kimmes has just released her newest collection, Ace of Wands. It’s dark and lusty, full of sensual mesh and lush black velvet. The collection is available in sizes XXS-XL, with custom made to measure sizing available. The collection includes a triangle bralette, a capelet bodysuit, crop top, high waisted brief, hooded bodysuit, open back knickers, skirted knickers, and thong. So beautiful and enchanting. I’m loving the dark beauty of the collection, paired with the detail of the designs and unique silhouettes. You can check out some of the lookbook below, and shop the current collection at Sacha Kimmes.


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The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie: Part 19

January 12th, 2017 @ Amber

Phew! So, 2017 is here. I have a multitude of feels about this, as I’m sure you do too. With the passing of Carrie Fisher, our Princess Leia, I’ve taken it as a message that we all need to become one with the force right now. We all need to stick together, fight the forces of darkness, and use every chance we can to do good for this nation and for each other as a world and people. Let’s make Leia proud. So Princess Leia is the design for the 19th installment of my The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie series. I hope you’ll enjoy it and find some items that help to empower and strengthen your worried heart or mind. Geek out to your sweet lil nerdy heart’s content.

Need to catch up on Parts 1-18? Check out the link under Categories in the right sidebar, where you’ll be able to browse the entire series from beginning to current.

Stranger Things indeed, but also really pretty things, with this Eleven Dress from Malicious Designs, one of my favorite indie fashion brands. Don’t forget your Eggos!

Check out this Princess Leia enamel pin from Edge of Print, the pin is limited edition and proceeds benefit a organization for folks living with Bipolar, the mental illness that Carrie Fisher herself lived with.

Let’s get anatomical! Did you know that the clitoris is actually much larger than meets the eye? That baby is serious business, and extends into the body and vagina. Show your clit print with these Clitoris Panties from Penelopi Jones.

Who ya gonna call? Nerds With Vaginas for making this awesome rhinestone embellished Ghostbusters hair clip that you can order in their Etsy shop!

I ship Phryne and Jack so hard. There is so much pretty lingerie featured in Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, but now you can wear your lingerie and color it too, with this Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Coloring Book. Please tell me that you’ll lounge around in something decadent when you color in this book. Phryne would insist upon it.

Go kick some ghost busting ass with this awesome made to order Ghostbusters Overbust Corset from Castle Corsetry. Holtzmann approved!

For all of you Marvel mamas out there, check out this Black Milk Clothing Black Widow Pencil Dress. So fierce!

Owl post! Hedwig has a message from you, from Sirius, or Dumbledore, or maybe Ron or Hermione! Snuggle up in these Harry Potter Hedwig Lace Cami and Shorts sleep set from Thinkgeek.

Get your lightsaber ready, because this Star Wars Jedi Robe will allow you to get ready to sleep or brush up on your Jedi skills.

Playing Pokemon GO in your jammies? Check out this Pikachu PJ Set from Web Undies, so you can catch em’ all!

Wear or wear not, there is no try. Find these awesome Yoda Slippers at Hot Topic. Cozy and super geeky!

Pair these Wonder Woman Knee Socks with a WW bodysuit or bra set. Don’t forget your lasso!

Don’t be a joker, buy these Harley Quinn Tights to complete your villainous badass look, great for pairing with lingerie or outerwear.

Hhhhnnnnnnnnnnnaahhnn. That is my Chewy impersonation in text form. Chewy and Han 4ever. The Disney Store has you covered (in fur) with this Chewbacca PJ Set.

This replica Princess Leia Metal Bikini Set is so fierce! Perfect for cosplay or just for fun! Made to order from Glitter Geek Co, fits up to a 40F. Big boobed ladies, you can get on this! Could you imagine lounging around in this in your bedroom just being a dork and acting out scenes from Return of the Jedi?

The coolest cosplay/lingerie/nightwear can be found at Sugarpuss Clothing, just check out this fierce Star Wars The Force Awakens Rey Set. Made to order! Need thissssssss.

How cool is this Princess Leia Bra from The Siren Queen? Made to order in 30-40 bands and AAA-DDD cup (US sizing). Similar to the Princess’ infamous metal look from Return of the Jedi. Jabba the Hutt not included, thankfully!

Get your Mad Max on with this awesome faux leather Furiosa Crop Top and Harness from Cadmium Rose. Also available in a brown colorway or khaki. Made to order in S, M, L.



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Department of Curiosities Lingerie

January 6th, 2017 @ Amber

I’m so smitten with this gorgeous new luxury lingerie brand Department of Curiosities. I think this is a case where I literally want every single piece in this collection. Beautiful fabrics and prints, lovely bras, robes and gowns. So lush. Check out some of the stunning images from the lookbook below.


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Wheres the Lingerie?

January 5th, 2017 @ Amber

I haven’t been posting much lingerie lately, you might have noticed if you’ve been following along. So, whats up with that? Amber, why are you not posting about lingerie as much, you know, on your lingerie blog? It’s crazy, right? To be honest, I’ve been feeling so uninspired and bored with the lingerie market right now. I’m buying less lingerie. I’m saving more to spend on higher end lingerie and indie stuff, than on mid-range cutesy stuff I would buy before. I’ve really upped my lingerie game, and if it’s not exciting me, then it’s a real yawn’er. So there might be quite a few less lingerie reviews here, but I’ll still be posting lookbooks, lingerie news, and other fashion stuff within the market and community, but I need to settle into my newfound lingerie purchasing trends as I focus on pieces that truly inspire me. Hope you’ll continue to follow along with me on my journey through the fashion lingerie world!

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Shim Sham Shop

January 4th, 2017 @ Amber

Check out these awesome Shim Sham Shop, they make awesome patches and enamel pins. I’m especially drawn to their Anxiety pin, which is something I feel strongly about due to my anxiety disorder. This Anxiety infinity symbol is an awesome way to share anxiety awareness. I really liked the Me pin, as well, its’ a cute hexagon shaped pink heart that is a good reminder of self-love and acceptance. The I Don’t Care Club pin is super sneaky and fierce, and the Existential Crisis Club patch is bright with tear shapes. Check out the entire line of enamel pins and patches at Shim Sham Shop!


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Sin Pins

January 3rd, 2017 @ Amber

How fierce at these enamel pins from Sin Pins? The collection is full of badass original designs, quality enamel pins to add to jackets, lapels, backpacks and more. I’m loving the bondage-inspired Sorry I’m a bit tied up pin in fun pastel colors, the blue and glittery red Zombie Bitch middle finger pin, and the ever awesome Keep Walking pin so people get the hint. These pins are well made, the designs are really cool and original and I think these are some really unique and fun designs. Check out Sin Pins on Etsy to order.

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Call Me Flama Pins

January 3rd, 2017 @ Amber

If you’re into horror and suspense, and some pop culture, check out these awesome enamel pins from Call Me Flama. So many awesome designs, great details, and fun movie references and such. How cool is the house from Psycho, the carpet from The Shining, and the iconic tv scene from Poltergeist? These pins are so much fun, and perfect for any movie lover! So many cool pins to collect. Check out the entire collection of original enamel pins from Call Me Flama.

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fOO fOO Slippers Discount Code

December 31st, 2016 @ Amber

You can still use my personalized discount code to save on a pair (or two or five!) of fOO fOO Slippers with discount code foofooamber20. They fit very true to size, and are super luxe but also really comfortable bedroom slippers. So many gorgeous colors to choose from. Need a recommendation? Black! They go with nearly everything. Add some fluff to your new year with these luscious slippers that are my go-to bedroom slipper.

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Happy New Year 2017!

December 31st, 2016 @ Amber

Happy New Year!

I’m so thankful for all of you. Thank you for sticking it out with me, reading my posts, emailing me wonderful emails asking advice about lingerie, and for taking part in my social media accounts. You’re so cool. Blogging for me, as always been about having fun, helping others whether it’s by suggesting a great new brand or helping them find better options in their size, and sharing my passion for all things lingerie. I’ve featured a lot of other fashion this year, including sharing some of my favorite jewelry, beauty, decor and candle brands. I appreciate the enthusiasm for my Inspired By collages and my regular series such as The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie. Knowing you’re reading it and seeing you giving my blog hits to those specific posts makes me want to keep making more! I look forward to sharing a lot of lingerie, independent brands and woman run businesses, and lots of beautiful lingerie for all bust sizes.

Special thanks to all of the wonderful brands that I’ve worked with, those who have believed in my blog and supported it through reviews, retweets and more.

Special thanks to my favorite candle brands, Illuminati Waxworks. My favorite boudoir slippers brand fOOfOO Slippers (Save  £25 w/ discount code foofooamb25). A big thank you to Playful Promises, for continually making gorgeous collections and expanding their size range. Thank you to some of my favorite women badasses including Sophie Hines, Sacha Kimmes and Bluestockings Boutique. Thank you to my fellow bloggers, and I look forward to reading more of your posts and seeing more of your awesome photos. Let’s do this!