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The Hundredth Acre: Things for Thinkers

October 23rd, 2016 @ Amber

I’m obsessed with candles and fragrance, anything that helps to capture a moment in time or memory; something that can’t be touched but perhaps experienced with our other senses. I was immediately drawn to The Hundredth Acre Candle Co, which merges nostalgia with modern style and eco-conscious packaging. The brand is a one man shop, run by Robert Brink, who resurrects notes of the past and bottles them into tumblers full of natural soy wax for hours of enjoyment. Soy wax burns clean, the wicks are free of lead, and the glass tumblers are really pretty and can easily be cleaned and re-purposed once your candle burns down. Each candle is handpoured, using luscious scents and blends to create interesting themes such as Laying on the Grass, which smells of childhood Summer’s past. The popular Used Bookstore will smell very familiar to those who love the fragrance of browsing an antiquarian book shop. The typewriter series features scents inspired by three of the most popular and well used typewriters, including Underwood, used by Jack Kerouac. Each candle is made in Laguna Beach, and uses top quality ingredients, and natural fiber packaging. The box itself is recycled cardboard, with the Hundredth Acre logo stamped on the front. It’s all wrapped up in a burlap drawstring storage bag with THA stamp on the front. Each candle top is adorned with a handcut piece of book page, re-purposed from old books that are purchased from the local library, rounding out the balance of the entire aesthetic and vibe of the brand.

I tried the Laying in the Grass candle, Used Bookstore, Underwood and Petrichor. I like that each fragrance is so different but also really reminiscent of it’s real-life inspiration. Laying in the Grass has notes of fresh green, you can almost smell the sunshine and the grass stains on your knees. Used Bookstore is heady and rich and has aromas of musty paper and aged bookcovers. Underwood has notes of amber, tobacco and sandalwood that has a vintage fragrance that almost makes it easy to imagine a novel being written in the background. Petrichor, has a beautiful natural scent, that smells of first rainfall and moss and notes of amber and sage. A few new scents were just added to the fragrance line-up including Sippin’ Whiskey, Grandpa’s Leather Chair, Fig Tree, and Bees on the Lavender.

The brand’s tagline is “Things for Thinkers”. Made for a writers, by a writer. They also have a cute writer t-shirt, bamboo pen, and library inspired sticker pack. Other scents available include Tea Shop, Coffee Shop, Sitting by the Fire, Grapefruit Tree and Orange Tree and A Walk in the Woods. No additive colors, just clean burning soy wax and fragrance oils. The feeling behind The Hundredth Acre is all about capturing memories and being able to experience them over and over again just by lighting a candle. Robert is onto something and I can’t wait to see what else he adds to the collection! Check out the entire candle collection at The Hundredth Acre.

You can find The Hundredth Acre on Instagram and Facebook

Free shipping on orders over $75!

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Soap & Paper Factory

October 19th, 2016 @ Amber

Have you heard of Soap and Paper Factory? They’re a bath and body brand that creates soap, hand cream, lotions, and more, including fragrance and home decor like candles. This NY based brand has been making great smelling products since 2001, and I had heard of the brand from CO Bigelow and was curious about their fragrances for both body and home. I got the Stag Candle, which is a soy candle in a glass tumbler, and comes wrapped in a lovely matching cardboard box. The candle itself has a cameo style Stag image on the front and looks really cute. It’s made of soy wax with notes of woods, cilantro, citrus and red fruit. It has a unisex scent, which is relaxing and smells ideal for the fall season. It has a soft gray color to the wax, is available in full size and votive size, and comes with a little card inside explaining the brand and scent.

I also tried the Lemon Verbena Soap, which is made with a shea butter base and is moisturizing and smooth with fragrance notes of citrus and verbena. The packaging is cute too, it’s wrapped in thick textured paper with floral design and foiled embossed details. So pretty. The Green Tea Han Cream is smells lovely with notes of green tea and spicy anise and basil. The cream is thick and cream and melts into the skin absorbing quickly to hydrate and soften, plus I adore the cute aluminum squeeze tube, so vintage and cute. Check out the entire line of bath and body products as well as home fragrance at Soap & Paper Factory.


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Evgenia Rebelle Collection

October 19th, 2016 @ Amber

Photography: Kelly Puleio / Model: Nicole wearing Evgenia Lingerie

This is one of my most anticipated collections of the year! Indie luxury lingerie brand Evgenia has released their newest collection for AW16, the Rebelle Collection, and it’s everything I wanted it to be and more. Luscious black and red, perfect for the holiday season. You’ll find delicate sheer heart embroidered lace, beautiful boudoir ribboned corsets, knickers, a bralette, sumptuous bed jackets and luscious velvet short gowns. Sinfully rich, in the very best way. Stephanie, the owner and designer of the brand (formerly known in the lingerie world as HoneyCooler Handmade) has outdone herself this time. I want every single piece from this collection. The silhouettes are a marvel to see, the materials look luxe and the designs well made and offering a variety of versatile mix and match looks. My favorites of the collection? The gorgeous High Waist Knickers with ouvert keyhole detail on the side, and sheer heart french lace along the front panel while bathing your bottom in soft velvet on the back. The star of the show is most definitely the stunning Short Gown, with a beautiful cut, flowing bottom, a sheer panel of the signature heart lace at the bodice and soft silk velvet with a criss cross strap back and low-cut cowl neckline. What a beauty! Check out the brand new collection at Evgenia.


What do you think of this collection? Which is your favorite piece?

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Hanky Panky Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection

October 17th, 2016 @ Amber

No more having to shiver with anti….pation! It’s here, the Hanky Panky Rock Horror Picture Show Collection is now available for purchase from the Hnaky Panky website. It’s their new collection from the After Midnight collection, full of sexy skimpy (yet comfy) lace thongs, a teddy and more! Time warp on over and check out the new collection. It’s just a click to the left, and then a add-to-cart to the riiiight.


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The Pines Apothecary

October 17th, 2016 @ Amber

I am a big fan of natural products, especially skincare and fragrance. I love knowing all of the ingredients that are in the products that I use on my body. The Pines Apothecary is a natural skincare and perfume line that has a beautiful modern apothecary aesthetic. I really like the pretty packaging and interesting product labels, along with the natural and vegan ingredients in their perfume oils. I was able to finally try this brand after a few months of first finding their products. I tried the Luna Mist, which can be a room/linen spray that is meant for adding a calming effect for relaxation or sleep. I also tried a mini set of their perfume oils, about 5ml in each tiny cute bottle, is a great way to try a few scents without committing to a full sized bottle. I chose Fae, Siren, and Venus. They smell fantastic, and are used with carrier oils that are moisturizing and work well on the skin along with natural essential oils to create a beautiful lingering scent that can be applied often, and works well by your pulse points.

Luna Mist, comes in a frosted glass bottle with black plastic spray nozzle. It can be spritzed in the room, on your bed sheets or pillow before bed. It adds a comforting and relaxing blend of essential oils to help you wind down and relax for bed. I really like the mystic inspired theme of this brand. Their brand has a interesting natural element to it, that not only comes through in the branding but also in the scents and ingredients.

Fae, Siren, Luna are beautiful scents that are dreamy and mystical and vibrant. The rich scents permeate and are a great blend of natural scents that create lovely fragrance that is longer lasting than alcohol based perfumes. Fae is floral and sweet, vibrant and fun with notes of jasmine, lemon and tangerine. Siren has notes of ylang ylang, woodsy notes and vanilla and is unique and wild. Luna, which may be my favorite, is sexy and intoxicating with notes of rose, sandalwood and vanilla. No artificial notes or fragrance oils sued in these perfumes, which I appreciate, and you can smell the quality and difference because of this.

They also make skincare like facial cleanser, hair oil, toner and more. Check out the entire collection at The Pines Apothecary on Etsy.


You can follow The Pines Apothecary on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram

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Review: fOOfOO Slippers Bespoke Boudoir Slippers

October 15th, 2016 @ Amber

These mules are amazing! Seriously, these are so luxurious and sumptuous. fOOfOO Slippers are the luxury bedroom footwear that I recommend to all lingerie lovers and fans of Old Hollywood. Not only are they actually comfortable, but the fit is spot on, and the luscious fabric and fur is so soft and pretty. These are so well made, the quality is second to none. The family run business has been making quality footwear for a long time, and really opened up to the lingerie and boudoir market with their inimitable bedroom slipper mules made with a velvet base and sheepskin fur. They are so stunning and the fur is so soft and beautiful to the touch. They come in a wide variety of colorways, and they even have  Bespoke line, where you can choose a velvet base and pair it with one of their sheepskin choices to create your perfect Bespoke slippers! These have a small heel and are such cute mules, you slip your food right in and feel like Cinderella. They are made to order, and handcrafted in the UK. This is the only brand on the market making luxury mules like this, fOOfOO Slippers are an original and it’s easy to see why. I got my very first pair a few months ago, and was curious to try their Bespoke service because I saw this gorgeous robin’s eye blue that I knew I needed to have paired with the velvet black base. They just arrived in the mail, shipping is prompt and provides international DHL delivery. The bespoke velvet colors are pink, red, cream, or black. Sheepskin fur bespoke colors are available in kingfisher blue, jade, flamingo pink and more. The colors are rich and vibrant, or soft and light, depending what type of looking you’re going for. I adore these bespoke slippers with black velvet and the light blue fur, so gorgeous! The Bespoke service is so wonderful, it feels very special and luxurious to be able to choose the material and colorway to create your very own pair of bedroom slippers. I hope to try more bespoke colors in the future, such as the cream base with baby pink fur. Can you imagine how stunning a black velvet base with baby pink fur would look? Or perhaps even a cream base with jade sheepskin? Lovely!

The packaging is in of itself very lovely. A quality shoe box made of sturdy black matte cardboard, that can be re-used as a lovely storage box for your shoes or other trinkets. The box is embossed with the gold fOOfOO Slippers logo. The logo features a cute little poodle! When you open the box, the shoes are wrapped with bubble wrap to ensure a safe journey overseas so that they arrive to you in mint condition. The bottom soles of the shoes are stamped with the UK size, and a wedged heel. They’re smooth and well made, sturdy enough to wear often. I think these would look awesome worn as outerwear, but these are definitely made for the home and I wouldn’t want to ruin the sheepskin or velvet in bad weather! These are ideal for boudoir photoshoots, lounging around at home, relaxing in the bedroom, and of course, pairing with your favorite lingerie. The vintage inspired look makes these so cute for pairing with vintage lingerie or stockings and a garter belt. The foot fits well into the shoe, and these are very comfortable. The velvet feels fantastic on your foot, and the sheepskin is so soft to the touch. The shoes are lined with the velvet and have the gold embroidered logo under your heel. So glamorous! I had a great experience working with everyone at fOOfOO to create these gorgeous bedroom slippers that I will enjoy as much as possible, especially with the upcoming holiday season when I love all things glam and froofy. You can check out the entire collection of fOOfOO Slippers or learn more about their Bespoke collection at fOOfOO Slippers.

Discount code: Save £15 off any ready-to-wear pair of fOOfOO Slippers with code “foofooamb15

You can follow fOOfOO Slippers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

*Special thanks to the folks at fOOfOO Slippers for working with me to create my ideal slipper and gifting them to me!


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Review: DL & Co Candles

October 15th, 2016 @ Amber

Of all of the luxury candle brands I’ve tried, none has as beautiful packaging as D.L. & Co. DL Candles makes beautiful candles in a variety of unique containers like scalloped glass, frosted glass, chrome, and metal. The packaging correlates with the candle design, creating a truly pleasing aesthetic. Many of their candles come ready for gift giving, they are really that beautiful. Boxed and ready to open up and provide illumination and a pleasurable sensory experience. I recently added a few new candles from their current collection to my own personal collection. Scarlet Letter candle, Golden Honey candle, and Brothel candle. Each unique and of it’s own fragrance notes and design. Scarlet Letter was a must, for it’s name, as it fits my blog so well. Golden Honey for it’s geometric ceramic design and sweet scent, and Brothel for it’s lusty and sultry scent and beautiful frosted glass and vintage packaging. This brand always makes me feel special. It’s impossible not to unwrapped a DL and Co candle and not feel luxurious and lush. They have such great attention to detail from the outer packaging, to the container, to the wax and scent. I’ve yet to find a prettier candle anywhere.

Brothel, this lovely deep pink hued frosted candle tumbler and pink tinted wax is from their Historical collection, where they use places and themes to convey scent and replicate a feeling of a specific time or place. Brothel is rich and lusty, it has notes of orris root, musk, and more. It smells sultry and sensual, and as the pink wax melts it looks dark and sexy. It is the best way to covey the scent of a sexually charged moment without being raunchy or over the top. It smells natural, and makes you feel charged with pheromones and a succulent sexuality that smolders from within. It’s a really unique scent, that smells musky a bit floral and juicy, very fragrant. I also really like the beautiful frosted glass tumbler, it is etched with a silhouette of a woman, that matches the image on the box. The box the candles comes in is black and gold and has a very vintage inspired style which fits the Historical theme very well.

Golden Honey is so pretty and artistic, with it’s geometric ceramic vase-style container that almost looks like a work of art. It’s meant to be abstract and add a stylistic vibe to the candle, merging both scent and design. The ceramic is weighty and good quality, you could clean the container out with hot soapy water when the candle has burned down all the way, and re-use the container! The inside of the container has a gold toned lining, and the wax itself is white, without added color. These candles burn cleanly and well lovely. Not over powering, they have a good scent-throw when not lit, and then really lightly fragrance the entire room when lit. This candle has notes of honeysuckle, rose and bergamot, making it really light and airy, floral and sweet. It’s really very pretty and relaxing to smell. This is one of those scents that just smells fantastic any time of day or night or any season. It comes wrapped in a pretty shiny gold cardboard box with a white sleeve with a geometric abstract laser cut out design on the side. Very stylish and modern.

Scarlet Letter is a perfect fit for my blog. Love the name! This candle is gorgeous. There is no other word to describe it. The scalloped frosted glass jar is high quality and pretty, the wax is white with no added colors, and it’s a three wick candle which creates a beautiful sight when illuminated. The candles has notes of apple, green, and spices. It definitely has great notes of juicy ripe tart apple with an added mixed green note with notes of cinnamon and spices. It’s sweet with a touch of robust spice, very pretty fragrance with subtle hints of sexiness that comes together with the juicy fruits notes and the rich spices. The packaging for this candle is so amazing, I was nearly in awe. This is the level of quality I’ve come to know and expect from DL & Co. The candle comes in a true red velvety gift box with a lift off lid top, with gold embossed logo on the top of the lid and the name of the candle embossed along the front of the bottom of the box. Ready for gift giving!  The gift box is so gorgeous, I’ll be re-using it to store jewelry or matches. There is a layer of padding to hold the candle in place with black satin on top, which just makes this candle so sumptuous and beautiful, when you pair the packaging with the pretty candle.

You can see the entire line of luxury candles and accessories at DL and Co Candles.

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Traci Lords x Pinup Girl Clothing Collection

October 14th, 2016 @ Amber

The inimitable and always badass Traci Lords has worked with retro inspired fashion brand Pin Up Girl Clothing to come out with a Traci Lords Collection and Wanda Woodward from Crybaby Collection. The pieces are gorgeous, so much fun, and really replicate the true vibe of the Crybaby movie and Wanda’s sexy style. So many of the pieces are really pretty updates of the aesthetic of Traci’s classic style and the character’s fierce and feisty style that help make the movie a cult classic. The collection has everything from mules to tees, to dresses, capris and crop tops. For beebop babies and Crybaby girls, both Square and Drape. You’re either in or you’re out, and if you’re out, beat it creep!

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Symbols from the Source Crystals

October 14th, 2016 @ Amber

I’ve been really into adding crystals and gemstones to my home decor lately. I have always loved crystals and used to collect them even when I was a kid. I just loved the natural beauty of them. Lately I’ve really been loving quartz, aura crystal quartz and other stones like goldstone. Symbols from the Source is an awesome crystals and gemstone shop on Etsy. You can find crystals for chakras and reiki, and charging your energy and natural healing. I love pretty crystals, as well as functional ones that can be calming like quartz. They offer fast shipping, a wide variety of sizes and crystals and have great prices on these natural beautiful pieces. I recently got Celestite, Howlite, Amethyst, Aura Quartz, a worrystone made of sandstone/goldstone and more. I look forward to seeing how these help with calming properties, I just got them in the mail today but they’re already have a pleasant and comforting vibe.

I really like the beauty of the stones, the sparkle and cluster of the crystals. These are such great quality, wonderful clarity, and I was looking forward to trying these stones for anxiety and calming. I plan on using these to create a zen feeling in my home to add some natural beauty and calming vibes from the gemstones and crystal quartz. They also have a lot of fun space age and modern stones that are really cool and unique. You could and these to your dresser, create a zen garden, set them up in a pretty glass or wooden box or use them as decor around the home to give a warming vibe. Check out all of the crystals and gemstones at Symbols from the Source on Etsy.

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Make Your Own Lingerie with Sophie Hines Sewing Patterns!

October 13th, 2016 @ Amber

The badass feminist sparkle fairy princess Sophie Hines herself has created sewing patterns that you can purchase to learn how to make your own lingerie! Simply purchase and download the patterns, one for a modern style bralette, another for a pair of cute pair of briefs. You can use the patterns to create your own lingerie, choose your own fabrics and learn to sew your very own skivvies with Sophie’s help! She’s on tour right now hosting Make Your Own Underwear parties at craft shops on the west coast, so her official website and lingerie collection isn’t available for purchase right now, but should be back up online next month. Until then, if you’re got the sewing bug or want to learn check out her shop to buy the brand new sewing patterns!