Sacha Kimmes Summer Collection

May 27th, 2016 @ Amber

Have you seen the gorgeous brand new collection from Sacha Kimmes? Based on a popular ballet, it’s dreamy with black trim and white lace. It offers a caplet, a skirt, and ouvert bottoms and more. So pretty! Check out some of the new collection from the lookbook below, and then go check out her shop and order some lovely new pieces!

Tsk Tsk Lingerie

May 26th, 2016 @ Amber

I saw this set on my friend Tiah of The Daily Knicker, and was totes smitten. The brand Tsk Tsk is out of NY, and makes some really cute pieces. For cuteness with a mix of a little The Virgin Suicides vibe check out the Niki off the shoulder flounce top and the matching Niki panty. How adorable is this set? Made of a cute white floral japanese embroidered cotton in a vintage look, the tiny little floral cut out eyelets are a nostalgic and cheeky style. The top is cropped, and has a ruched underbust band, and a ruched neckline, with an added layer of ruffle at the top. This top can be worn on the shoulders, or off the shoulders. It’s just so much fun! I love how relaxed yet sweet this set it. The panties are a basic bikini style cut in the same cotton fabric, it really just completes the set and makes the whole thing too pretty. I want to sleep in this. I want to lounge around in this. I want to layer it for outerwear, or wear the top over my bikini. I want to lay in a field of flowers in this set. It has a dreamy quality to the design that makes it so wearable and versatile, not to mention comfortable. The panties are available in sizes XS-L, and the flounce cropped top is available in sizes S-L. I went with a size Large in the top, and a Small in the bottoms. They’re separates, which is ideal if you’re busty like I am. The large just fits, it’s stretchy but also cotton so it doesn’t have a lot of give to it, but I’m a 32FF these days and it fit me. Probably wouldn’t work for any larger than that though. Large fits a 38 inch bust, but I’m larger than that, and it worked, but my breast tissue is pretty squishy rather than super dense, so that may have helped too. Probably ideal for a 34DD and below. The panties were true to size, comfy and totally cute. I want to lie around in bed and read in this set.

This set is so ideal for Summer! I can imagine pairing the top over a swimsuit and denim cut offs in the backyard or beach. I can imagine sleeping with the window open a a nice summer breeze floating through the curtains as I chill in bed and work on my novel. I’m usually not one for basic white cotton, but the ruffles and ruching paired with the cute cut and style and the floral eyelets make this set a total little beauty for warm weather months. Check out the entire collection at TskTsk!

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Fashionable and Fun Bridal Lingerie for Spring/Summer 2016

May 25th, 2016 @ Amber

If you’re getting married soon or planning your wedding, here are some gorgeous and stylish bridal piks for SS16. I’ve put together a few pieces to help you find that perfect lovely robe, chemise, bodysuit, bra and more.

Introducing: Avec Vous Lingerie

May 24th, 2016 @ Amber

I recently found this gorgeous made to order luxury lingerie brand called Avec Vous Lingerie. This new brand has a gorgeous collection, in rich crimson, black, and deep fig. Made of luscious silk, each piece is handcrafted in Italy. Stefanie, the designer behind the brand, has created a really sensual and stylish line, that includes bra sizes up to a 36DDD. I’m really impressed with this brand and can’t wait to try some of their lingerie! Check out some of the collection below.



Lilly and Lime Full Bust Swimwear Review

May 23rd, 2016 @ Amber

I love when I stumble upon a full bust swimwear brand. I still feel like there are so many stylish and fun swimsuits that I have to miss out on because they don’t fit over a D cup. So I was so excited to find Lilly & Lime, a dedicated full bust swimwear brand out of Australia. The women behind the brand are awesome, and were kind enough to let me review a bikini for them on the blog. I loved so many of the designs, but was immediately drawn to the lovely Lime & Chevron Balconette Bikini and matching Full Brief. The brand has a pretty large size range for being a brand new brand. They have band sizes 28-36 and cup sizes D-H cup. I appreciate that they’re so new to the industry but offer such a variety of fuller bust sizing. I wasn’t sure how the band or cup would fit, so I went with a 34F. As for the bikini bottoms, I went with a size Small. The bikini bottoms are a full brief, so they offer more coverage than their other styles. I like them because I like the slightly high waisted look which I feel gives a slightly retro vibe, paired with the kind of retro style of the lime and green chevron print. So cute! You can fold over the top of the brief if you want less coverage, or leave it up for more coverage. I would say that these fit true to size and are pretty comfy!

The swimsuit comes in a cute Lilly and Lime branded tote bag. The balconette style bra is cute and has an underwire and a thick plastic clasp in the back. I love bra sized swimwear for that added support. The straps are removable, and this can also be worn strapless! The band is true to size, but I found it a little small in the cups, and maybe should have gone with a FF. The shape gives a bit of a minimized look, which I’m not a big fan of minimizers, but it’s not overly so. It was pretty comfortable and did offer a nice amount of support and lift, I would feel pretty secure running around on the beach and maybe even surfing in this bikini! It’s really cute. I can’t wait to see the brand expand, and add new prints and see if their sizing chances up at all. Really good quality for a new brand. Check out the entire line of full bust swimwear at Lilly & Lime.

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Sloane & Tate Lingerie

May 23rd, 2016 @ Amber

I love the classic minimalist lingerie brand Sloane and Tate‘s really chill and relaxed vibe. Their collection looks so comfortable. No frills or bows, just comfy panties, loungewear, tanks and tees and bralettes. Everything for lounging around and sleeping in, or layering for outerwear. One of their tanks, in the stripe design, reminds me of the french film A Bout de Souffle. I love the stripey print, and wanted to try it for sure. The lovely ladies over at Sloane & Tate sent me a pair to try! These are so soft and smooth and comfortable. Made of ultra lightweight jersey and a viscose blend. It feels like bamboo jersey, it’s so soft and stretchy and really hugs the body. The sizing runs true to size. I like how these are a feminine version of a boyshort almost. I’m not a huge fan of boyshorts, but these are briefs, with a slight stylish boy brief look. They’re really cute! The Echo Park Brief is a great every day panty. Pair it with a tank or tee to sleep in, for an ultra chill and relaxed vibe.

They look soft and feel even softer. There is a stretch boxer brief style waistband and they feature a thin black and white stripe design. These are adorable and so much fun. I like to pair these with a fitted black t-shirt or a white tank top or muscle tee, or a slightly retro style. These are pretty affordable too at just over $40 a pair! The brand is made in LA, so a lot of the pieces are named after LA spots, such as Echo Park. They have briefs in other colors too like green, white, and black. I would love to add more panties from their collection to my wardrobe and definitely want to try their tees! Check out the entire collection and shop the look at Sloane and Tate.

How to Hand Wash Lingerie

May 23rd, 2016 @ Amber

So, your lingerie is bae. You want to treat it nice, so that it lasts a long time, without any fading, or discoloration, without ruining the fabric. I hand wash all of my lingerie, unless it’s really simple and safe pieces that are okay for the machine. Generally this means, I was a lot by hand. You should also hand wash/soak your stockings for example. What about bras and panties and bodysuits and such? I hand wash them all. You can either wear the lingerie in the shower, and wash it up in there at the end of your shower, this is more ideal for items that are less delicate. You can also fill your sink or bathtub, or a small bucket with water, and a few drops of lingerie wash such as Soak or The Laudress or Eucalan. You can use your hand to agitate the water to create a bit of bubbles, and allow the lingerie to soak. If there are any problem areas, take that part of the fabric in your hands and scrub it gently. Allow to soak more. Rinse if the detergent requires it. Then remove the pieces from the water, and lay on a lint-free towel. Pat each piece of lingerie dry with the towel, or roll up the piece of lingerie in the towel, so it soaks up as much of the water as usual. Hang to dry. Once dry, you can wear your lingerie, or put it away in your boudoir or dresser. Any pieces that need to be lightly ironed can be done and then you can storage your lingerie until ready to use again.

Washing by hand is extra work, and more labor intensive then throwing it all in the washer, but it will leave your lingerie in better condition allowing you to enjoy it for a long time to come. If I’m going to buy nice lingerie, I want it to stay in great shape and be a piece that can last me awhile, so for me, the added care that goes into washing by hand is worth it.

How do you wash your lingerie? Do you wash by hand? What are your favorite hand washing techniques?

Why It’s Good to Get a Bra Fitting (Again)

May 23rd, 2016 @ Amber

Let’s talk about bra sizing. No, this isn’t going to be a long drawn out bra size post, thats not what this blog is about. I was just thinking about bra fittings and how often a woman should get fitted. Our breasts fluctuate form all sorts of things, from changes in weight, to pregnancy, during our periods, etc. Also, since bras are not one size fits all in every brand, your sizes can vary from brand to brand. When I frst began lingerie blogging, I was wearing the wrong size bra, and only after a fitting did I realize that I was wearing a band size 3 sizes too big and a cup size 4 sizes too small! Crazy, right? Even as I’ve been blogging the past 3+ years, I’ve had changes in bust size. For example, I’m fitting into a lot of 32FF bras right now, instead of my usual 34F. So it’s time for a new fitting! Just to make sure I’m wearing a bra that will fit and support my bust best. You can either get a fitting in person at a bra boutique, and if thats not possible you could try a Nordstrom. You can also give yourself a fitting at home if you have a soft tape measure. I’ve been doing the at home measuring, but I want to make sure I get a in-store fitting soon.

How often do you get a bra fitting? Where are your favorite places to get fitted for a bra?

If you haven’t had a bra fitting or are unsure of your bra size, you can check out this great tutorial about home bra fittings. You can also Google in your area to find what lingerie specialty stores and boutiques offer bra fittings (most do). You’ll get a better fitting from a boutique or small shop rather than a chain, which tends to care more about fitting you into sizes they already have in stock.

Bra sizing can be confusing. We get a size and think it’s our forever size. Which is why fittings can be important. I know a lot of women who think “a DD cup” is HUGE. It’s really not. It’s just the media and society’s misunderstanding and lack of knowledge about bra sizes. So it’s skewed and can often make women think that the alphabet stops at a D cup. Knowing your bra size, also helps you find your sister size, so you’ll know how to find a bra that will fit if a brand runs large in the cup, or small in the band, etc. Bra fitting isn’t the end all be all of bras, but it’s a great starting place. The more you know!

Sophie Hines Summer 2016 Collection: Revendication

May 22nd, 2016 @ Amber

It’s here! The brand spanking new bomb ass Sophie Hines Revendication collection. New for SS16! I love the gorgeous new styles, and the bold new colors. I’m crushing hard on this collection. Gorgeous new bralettes, panties and harnesses…and swimwear! I want it all. Check out some of the collection below!


Review: Sophie Hines Ascension Bralette aka The Best Bralette EVER

May 21st, 2016 @ Amber

Photographer: Savannah Daras Photography

I’m done. I can’t do it anymore. I don’t have to do it anymore. Sophie Hines, Sparkle Fairy Princess herself, has already done it for me. She has made THE bralette to end all bralettes. Her work is a mirror of her passion, artistry and determination. After being a super fan of Sophie’s work for a few years now, I finally (FINALLY!) got the chance to get my hands and boobs on a Sophie Hines original. I now have the Sophie Hines Ascension Bralette in my possession. And just like that, my outlook on bralettes has forever changed. I thought they were cute, but not for me. Not for these BOOBS. I have kind of heavy breast tissue and usually wear a 32FF/34F these days when it comes to bras. Underwires are my BFFs. I searched high and low trying to find a bralette that might work with my bust, but really it just felt disappointing, like my boobs were just not meant to be with this cute lingerie staple. My rack and bralettes were just star-crossed lovers. It was a forbidden love. Or so I thought. So I already have a huge crush on Sophie, she’s so smart and talented and gorgeous inside and out and she’s so caring and compassionate. Plus, she makes ethically made lingerie, handmade to order, AND gives a portion of the money to charity. Like, for really reals? How is she even real? This gal is the boss, applesauce. Anyway, I was totally in love with the gorgeous Ascenion bralette in black/beige, but then I saw her 2.0 version in a gorgeous lavender/white color. I love the colorway! The softness of the sweet lavender, paired with the brightness of the white, along with the black underband. This bralette is bae. Sophie can make her pieces to measure, but her size chart is really easy to follow, and she can combine sizes, like if you would need Large cups, but a Medium band, etc. Homegirl can do it. I received my gorgeous bralette, and it was a magical moment. First off, no plastic packaging or tissue paper. My bralette was packaged in a gorgeous recycled paper envelope that felt so good to touch, and it’s just pretty! I plan on re-purposing it and using it as an envelope to send a letter (snail mail, the old fashioned way, kids!). It also came with the cutest most uplifting and sweet color postcard, that said this on the back:

How sweet is she? Such a nice little extra included in the package. Way to make your customers feel special, Soph! This made me super smile, and then when I saw the bralette itself, I smiled even more. It’s so perfect. The quality is undeniable. This is the best quality bralette I’ve ever seen, let alone owned and worn. Every stitch in place, the softest most delicious stretch mesh, bamboo jersey and purple satin elastic and black sturdy elastic in a thick underband. The straps are fully adjustable, and the band has two hook and eye closures. I like that it has these features, especially for a fuller bust, it adds extra support. My boobs were super thankful for Sophie’s design skills and so was I. What a total babe she is.

My boobs never look like this in a bralette. Ever. My boobs tend to be too heavy to be supported without a underwire, but this bra gave me lift, and it hugged my boobs with love. Literally, my boobs felt like they were receiving an actual hug. A supportive, oomphing hug. I modeled this bralette in the mirror. I did strike a pose, or…12. I did the boobie jiggle test, I shimmied. I felt like a super heroine ready to save the world. The soft stretchy mesh really wrapped around my curves, the bamboo adding softness, and adding a really fun geometric design to the cups. The gorgeous lavender straps and lining added a lovely pop of color, and the black underbust band was so comfortable. I felt like I wasn’t even wearing a bralette, it was that comfortable. It felt like me, but amplified. My breast shape and size worked so well in this bralette. I’m actually wearing a size Large, but I think next time I will go with a Medium or a Medium band with Large cups. I feel like if the band were a bit more snug (it’s very true to size) I would have even more lift and support. The band does fit nicely, but I did a little bit of measuring wrong, so even though Sophie was like “I can give you a smaller band if you need it, no worries, I got you”, I thought I would err on the safe side and choose a slightly larger band. Now I realize there was no need, Sophie’s sizing is spot on and very true to size. See, this was how I viewed bralettes, that they were something I had to be cautious about. Nay, Amber, this isn’t so when it comes to Sophie Hines. I’ve learned and will use this information wisely in the future. So next time I will indulge in the ability to choose different sizes in band and cup.

The straps on the back are awesome, they criss cross, giving a really cool design. Which would make this bralette fun to wear under a sheer top or tank top to show it off. I love this bra so much! I want to order 10 more. I seriously am considering wearing this every day when I’m at home. It is awesome for lounging around in, and I bet it would be great for sleeping in. I wanna netflix and chill with this bralette. I wanna take it out for dinner and drinks. I wanna go to feminist book readings in this bralette. I wanna do all the things in this bra. I also want to order like 10 back ups. Actually, I want to order ALL of Sophie’s bras. Her stuff is at the top of my wishlist right now. I need more. I’ve tasted comfort and I want more…more more more! I love how gorgeous this bra is. The colors, oh the colors. The soft and lush material feels gorgeous against my skin. My boobs feel happy in this piece. Happy boobs happy life! I also love that Sophie gives back to charity, with each purchase. It’s so admirable and humbling. This woman is changing the world, and at least, she’s changed mine and the way I view of my boobs in bralettes. She proved that my boobs can do anything, and this is kind of awesome. This is the kind of brand I want to celebrate and support non-stop. 24/7. 365. She also makes beautiful harnesses, panties, and pasties. I want to buy everything! She has a brand new collection coming out this month, with new designs and colors, and I can’t wait to see everything. I’m already mentally adding each piece to my wishlist. Sophie, pretty please don’t ever stop making lingerie!

Everything is made at Sophie’s home, in Portland Maine. Made in the USA, baby! She uses the most lovely fabric and materials, and likes to support small business so she uses trims and elastic and such from small biz brands on Etsy. She lovingly makes each bralette, putting a lot of time and effort and a sprinkle sparkle of magic into each piece. This is what quality handmade lingerie is about. This is why it’s important to celebrate and support small business. Because we have amazing artisans all around us, especially amazing women, who create amazing and beautiful things with their gorgeous minds and talented hands and hearts. She sews orders as fast as she can and ships promptly. I think it took about 2 weeks for my bralette to arrive, which is no big thang when ordering from an indie brand that creates each piece to order. For washing, I’m going to soak my bralette and use a lingerie wash, so it can be washed by hand because I treat all of my lingerie nicely, and so should you. After washing, pat dry and air dry. This will help to keep your piece in tip-top shape. When you’re good to lingerie, lingerie is good to you. Truth.

I’m writing this review in my Ascension bralette. I’m not taking it off, not today folks. My boobs feel relaxed and serene, and they look pretty epic too. All is well.

Now go do yourself and your boobs a favor and order yourself a Sophie Hines bralette!

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