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Fringe Desires Lingerie Boutique

April 11th, 2018 @ Amber

I recently heard of this fabulous new indie lingerie boutique called Fringe Desires. A fellow lingerie blogger suggested the shop, and I was so excited to see that they carry a bunch of great brands, including one of my favorite indie brands, La Lilouche! La Lilouche’s collections are all limited edition, so while I have quite a bit of the brand’s collections in my wardrobe, I definitely missed out on a few designs I had wanted. Fringe Desires has some of those past collections for sale in their online boutique! So amazing. The owner of the shop is so nice, super accommodating and offers really prompt shipping and lovely packaging. I got the beautiful La Lilouche Veronika Maxi Gown, and it was love at first wear. Thank you so much Fringe Desires for carrying all of these gorgeous well made pieces and also for the excellent prices and amazing customer service. I look forward to shopping with this boutique as often as I can. Other than La Lilouche, they also carry brands like Sonata Rapalyte, Maison Close, Fraulein Kink, Playful Promises, E Marie, Bijoux Indiscrets and more. They also offer free shipping on all orders over $100, which is easy to do because they have so many beautiful pieces in stock!

Check out the gorgeous La Lilouche Veronika Maxi Gown (marked down to $60! That is a steal!) that I received form Fringe Desires. The soft semi-sheer mesh maxi skirt is flowing and pretty, and can easily be hemmed if you’re a bit short like me. The tulle roses and elastic band across the bust offer a bit of support, and the triangle leatherette cups are soft and smooth and comfortable. Such a stunning piece! The gown came packaged in a cute leopard print tissue paper. I love those adorable details, it shows that a shop really cares about it’s customers, and Fringe Desires does! They offer returns if a piece doesn’t fit, just be sure to keep the original packaging. Also, their prices are beyond fair. You can find luxury pieces that retail for over $100 for only $60 or less!

I don’t often wear bralette style tops, but the top of this maxi gown definitely had bralette style cups, but they actually provided a bit of support, I think due to the unique and genius elastic band design across the bust. Love it!

Check out the Veronika Maxi Gown available in XS-XL sizing and many other gorgeous luxe pieces of lingerie and nightwear and accessories at Fringe Desires!

You can find Fringe Desires on Instagram


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Toru and Naoko’s New Re-Brand + Swimwear and Lingerie Collection!

April 11th, 2018 @ Amber

I will always have a special place in my heart for handmade brand Toru and Naoko. I first discovered the brand on Etsy a few years ago and was immediately smitten. I made a purchase of the now long out of stock limited edition designs and was the first blogger to feature the brand. It’s been amazing seeing the brand grow over the years and gain in popularity within the lingerie industry’s indie market. Camille, the owner and designer, has become a great friend to me and I am so excited to share some new updates about the brand. Cami had expanded the brand once it gained more exposure, and the brand ended up not only creating fun and trendy lingerie, but also limited edition collections of swimwear, loungewear, and clothing. However, Cami decided to go back to T&N’s roots and reclaim the brand as a one woman shop again. She will be making all of the pieces herself, back like she did when the brand first had it’s debut. Which means, each piece of made to order by Camille herself, and this also means more limited designs, fabrics, and collections. Quality over quantity, and as the new motto says, “Unspoken Self Love”. I’m so excited for Toru and Naoko’s new rebrand and can’t see what else Cami comes up with in the future! Vote with your money and support woman run businesses. Since all of the designs are essentially limited edition, if you fall in love with a piece be sure to buy it right away while it’s still available! sales are great and all, but the best way to support a brand, especially a small indie brand, is to buy at full-price and support the work and artistry that goes into making your clothes. Follow along on social media to find out about new products and sale announcements!

You can check out the new collections entitled Lovecats, and Freebird on the newly re-designed Toru and Naoko website, and check out some of the current collections and fan favorites like Lunar Mission, Queen of Hearts, and the best-selling Tempest collection! You’ll find a unique and fun array of swimwear, lingerie, and clothing! Check out some of the new designs below, and shop the entire collection at Toru and Naoko.

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Soft Breast Tissue: The Myths and the Masterpiece of Breasts That Are Not Perky

March 8th, 2018 @ Amber

Art by: Ellie Beanz Art via Etsy

My breasts have never been perky. Never. Not once. Not during puberty, and not even as a teenager and into my early 20s when breasts are known to be at their most HG. So all of the people who like to use  photos of black women in National Geographic as “evidence” for a lack of bras being to blame for their breast sagging, I have news for you. Take a seat. My breasts have always had a slight form of ptosis (the medical term for sagging) from the very beginning. Full on top breasts, with soft breast tissue. I have heavy breasts, I mean, they aren’t cantaloupe heavy or anything, but they’re weighty in the hand for sure. They’re decently large (currently I wear a 32FF/G in UK sizing), and I am now nearing my mid-30s in age. Add in fluctuating weight over the years, and that completes the entire one woman show that is my boobs. I now have breasts with moderate sagging, soft tissue and a lack of fullness due to weight ups and downs throughout my adult life. It’s hard to look at my breasts naked and not feel a little let down by mother nature, at least a little bit. I’m glad to have them, all breasts are good breasts. It’s taken me a long time to try and un-brainwash myself from society’s misogynistic beauty ideals for women, and I’ve gotten to the point where my breasts and I are on okay terms. We might never be best friends, but we’re pretty tight. We’ve been through a lot together. I was a late bloomer, and didn’t have much bust until I turned 15 though even then I was definitely wearing the wrong bra size, squeezing into a 36C, which offered no support due to a way too large band and a too small cup. However, this was the late 90s, and if bra fittings and bra sizing are still a thing of mystery now, then they were legend and folklore back then. I remember some of my friends in high school being jealous of my breast size, often saying how lucky I was, but honestly, I was jealous that they could go braless, and that their boobs were reaching frantically upward for the sky, not like a pair of squashy birds flying south for the winter. I never had those perky boobs that they show in magazine ads, with dense tissue that keeps its shape no matter what position you’re lying down in. When I lie down in bed, my breasts are like, Girl Bye! And thats okay. I’m not complaining to you about it. They’ve always been that way.

They are also smooth and pillowy, and they are bouncy and fun to grab when I’m feeling sick or am trying to fall asleep. They are comforting. They are mine. They are sexy and look nice when I’m feeling myself and checking them out in a mirror, too. I’ve also never had any complaints from any partners. I just find that we don’t hear much about my type of breasts in the media. Let alone see them. Soft boobies, not dense ones. Saggy boobs, not the perky ones that stand up on their own. Boobs that can melt into whatever shape bra cup you give them. If breasts be “cones”, well then, mine are surely melting on a hot July day. I don’t say these things as negativity, just facts. My boobs are my boobs, and I’m fine with them. The problem is, by not seeing saggy or soft tissue breasts in the mainstream, it clouds both men and womens views of them and thus stigmatizes them.

You know what I’m talking about. A billion meme’s joking about “saggy tits”, women sharing their results of “passing” the pencil test, men talking about a natural breasted model and saying her breasts are “saggy” when they are not even close to falling below the inframammary fold. We’ve been brainwashed to think that any boobs that are not small and perky are therefore saggy and undesirable. And I’m over here like some soft breasted Inigo Montoya thinking, “Saggy. You keep using that word, I don’t think it means what you think it means”. And that is where the problem lies, in the body negativity of breasts that don’t fit the ideal. Which means we have a whole untapped part of body positivity to talk about. Not just breast size, but breast condition and shape. I don’t care what anyone thinks about my boobs. Lovers, friends, strangers on the internet, etc. If you don’t like my boobs, well then, you don’t deserve to see them or touch them or even talk about them. My body wasn’t designed by me, and I’m not going to tear apart the art that is who I am. Whatever you think of boobs like mine, you’re never going to convince me that my boobs aren’t sexy, or are somehow “less than” their perky firm counterparts. I didn’t choose the soft boob life, the soft boob life chose me.

Soft breast tissue is normal. Not all breasts are dense. Soft breast tissue is all good, and just as amazing as firmer breast tissue. What determines if breasts are soft or dense, anyway? Who knows for sure really. Well, half of it is genetics. If your mom or grandmother had soft tissue, chances are, you probably do too.  The other half could be a variety of things, including breast shape, weight gain or weight loss, hormones, breast size or even skin elasticity, or chest muscle wall strength. Who cares why though? You’ve got those soft boobies, and you should rock them without shame or fear. All boobs are normal. All boobs are good boobs. All boobs are beautiful. Boobs can do all sorts of amazing things besides looking awesome too, like feed human babies and make milk. Best part is, there is no prerequisite for boobs to do all of the magical things that they were made to do. You don’t have to have perky breasts to breastfeed, you don’t have to have firm breast tissue to pump milk and nourish a child. That is extra AF. Boobs can also make for great hand warmers, and they can make a wonderful pillow for someone you love. They can provide padding if you get hit in the chest by a rogue basketball, they can also create some gorgeous cleavage and make a little black dress pop and sizzle!

PrimaDonna Bag Bang Bra almost offers a minimizing effect and pulls breasts front and center, encasing the tissue.

But the matter of the fact is, in the media and in society, not all breasts are treated equal. Usually, and especially in the fashion and advertising world, models with firm (usually small) perky breasts are the end all be all. It’s all we get to see. Or we see the alternative, which is overtly surgically enhanced breasts in mainstream porn, aimed to appease the male gaze. Which is why I am so thankful for small indie and handmade brands like Uye Surana, Playful Promises and Scantilly that share customer photos or lookbook photos of women wearing their designs that might not fit the typical “breast fit model” ideal. It is a great start, but really, we probably won’t ever get to see lingerie models with soft breast tissue modeling for ad campaigns for big companies. Because of this, women with soft breast tissue/sagging breasts might not know how a bra will look on them, or how it will fit on their bust. I know I often see some of the sexiest bras and fun designs, only to wonder if it will look okay on softer breasts. It makes buying bras online an even more daunting task when your breasts have more jiggly and wiggly than most bras can handle. I don’t think they’re ready for this jelly, and really, they should be.

Which is why I am thankful for brands like Ewa Michalak, which specifically makes bra designs for soft breasts, asymmetrical breasts, etc. While I love rocking a bra from Scantilly or Adina Reay, I know for certain that Ewa Michalak is a safe buying option for me. While it doesn’t stop me from making lingerie purchases that I really like, a bra’s shape and construction does cause me to pause before purchasing. Like, open cup bras? I love them so much. I have maybe three of them. I would probably have at least 10 of them, but, basically my boobs just fall right out of them. Breast waterfall. Boobage everywhere. Nary any support in sight, and therefore, since my breasts don’t just hold themselves up magically like some awesome boobs do, that stops me from buying certain bras I would normally love to buy. I find ways around this of course, finding pieces like the awesome Playful Promises Peek a Boo Miranda Bra, which offers an open nipple area for an erotic and sensual look, while still working for soft breast tissue due to the mesh cups. Work with what you have!

Tutti Rouge Jessica Bra, the “tutti booster” cookies inside offer added lift, and the stretch material of the bra helps ensure no overspill.

So whats a soft tissue boobied gal to do? First off, forget the rules. Wear what you want. However, if you would like a few tips for how to support boobs that are softer, then I have a few tips for you. I often do whatever I can to make sure my bust is extra supported. I usually do not wear bralettes. Underwires are my best friends. I stick with a handful of brands that I know work well with my breasts and make me feel good, and often usually buy bras from those brands only. It’s like a fanclub for my boobs and these bra brands are my biggest fans, cause they keep coming out with designs that seem to be made for my boobs. So I’ve put together a small list of brands and tips and tricks to try if you too, like me, are the owner of a set of squishy boobs.

  1. If you can’t shop in person and try a bra on, consider a bra’s cut and design, consider the materials used. Does the bra have stretch lace? Good. Thats a great option for soft tissue breasts. Does a bra have a super plunge design? This may or may not create some serious spillage. Does a bra have a strappy detail? Prepare for your strappy design to press into your breast tissue perhaps even creating quad-boob. But hey, that doesn’t stop me from buying them! So go with what you like, but remember to pay attention to the detail of bra construction and materials used.
  2. You could also consider bra inserts like Cupcakes from Commando, which can add fullness, sometimes offering a firmer look to breasts. You slip them into your bra, like the old school “chicken cutlets”, but better. The added oomph they give to your bust can boost your breasts up a bit, make cleavage and give breast tissue a firmer appearance, and even help adjust asymmetry.
  3. Try many different brands. Test different brands out (remember you might not be the same bra size in every bra brand, since every brand uses a different fit model, so your size will vary from brand to brand). Find the brands that you feel work best with your bust. Remember those brands and buy from them often, this will take the guess-work out of knowing which bra brands work with your bust and which ones end up not offering you enough support or offer shapes that you don’t like. It will save a lot of time and tears if you pay attention to the brands that work best for you, and go to those brands first when bra shopping. Also, make sure you’re wearing your proper bra size in that brand, the right bra size will do wonders for your breasts and might stop you from having to deal with cups that runneth over.
  4. Wear whatever the fuck you want. These are not rules, simply a few guiding ideas. If you want a open cup bra regardless of the lack of support? Get it. If you want a bralette despite there being no underwire? Go on, girl. Braless? Go ahead then! Let’s normalize saggy breasts in public! Go rock your low cut bodysuit sans bra, or rock a cute vintage dress, letting your boobs hang as low as the sunset. Why not? You look good, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. We’ve become accustomed to judging breasts, even commenting when we notice a woman going braless, let alone a woman with soft saggy breasts going braless. Be the change. Go forth and sag, my love. You can wear anything you want, no matter if your boobs are dense or not. Just remember that certain bras will look different on different breast tissue, and just because a bra doesn’t look on you like it does on the model, doesn’t mean a thing! No ones boobs are the same, regardless of breast tissue type, so try not to compare how a bra looks like on your breast tissue than it does on the model. Different is okay. It’s all about what makes you feel good!

A few brands that I find myself wearing often are: Curvy Kate, Tutti Rouge, Ewa Michalak, Playful Promises, Claudette (even though the brand is defunct, you can try and find some of their bras on Ebay or at a few online lingerie shops!), Empreinte, and Comexim. There are a few others that I wear a lot, but not necessarily because they work especially well with softer breast tissue, but I buy them because I like them, such as Mimi Holliday, AP, Freya, etc.

Ewa Michalak SM Tattoo Bra, notice how there is no over spill, and the top of the bra cups are sitting flush against my breasts.

If you have softer breast tissue I can’t recommend Ewa Michalak enough. This Polish brand is among the best for soft breast tissue, asymmetrical breasts and breasts lacking fullness. Ewa is the OG. Ewa Michalak bras are the HG of bras for soft breast tissue. I know I know, you have to order overseas, but some shops in the US, UK and Canada carry the brand in store or online, such as the boutique Zathiya Lingerie. I have always found the customer service with the Ewa Michalak’s official online shop to be good and haven’t had any problems. If you try one brand on this list, make it this one! I cannot stress this enough. No, I’m not being paid by the brand, this is not a sponsored post, the bras are just magic for soft breast tissue. Some styles more than others, including the S, SM, and a few other shapes from the brand.

Comexim Dotty Bra, notice that the lightly padded cups offer support while also encasing my tissue without overspill.

I have also found great support in Tutti Rouge, especially their Jessica bra. Curvy Kate, check out the Ellace bra. Playful Promises, many of their bras have worked well for me. Claudette Dessous mesh bras. Most of the unlined bras from Empreinte, and even the French brand PrimaDonna. Comexim is a fellow Polish brand like Ewa Michalak, and their bras are great too.

The bottom line is, soft breast tissue can be hard to fit, but it’s not impossible. Just remember to love those boobs, girl – regardless of whether they’re firm or squishy.


Do you have soft breast tissue or sagging? What bras work best for you? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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Happy International Women’s Day March 8th 2018

March 8th, 2018 @ Amber

Happy International Women’s Day to all of my ladies out there! Take the day to appreciate yourself and all of the other amazing women in your life. Women have inspired me, lifted me up, made me strong, and empowered me. I came from the womb of a fantastic woman, and I am the sister to a heroic strong woman, and the friend of many truly wonderful women of all shapes, sizes, ages and colors.

I also wanted to take a moment to say that if you will be doing any shopping today, consider shopping from woman owned businesses. Pay women. Support women. Buy a piece of artwork from a woman, shop lingerie from a woman run boutique, anything to help support another woman. If we all help each other and lift up our fellow women, there is no stopping us. With all of the movements happening right now, it’s a time to band together as women and support one another, especially those women who are further oppressed and less represented such as gay women, disabled women, black women and other women of color, sex workers, plus-sized women. Support plus-sized and disabled models, buy from gay owned boutiques or online shops run by sex workers, shop from WOC owned businesses. Vote with your money, vote for women!

You can also donate your time or money to helping women. Buy Girl Scout Cookies. Donate time or clothing to a womens shelter, donate money to a cause you believe in such as Time’s Up or a fund for DACA or Planned Parenthood, join the March For Our Lives protest in your area.

And remember to care for yourself today and every day. Self care is so important, especially right now, when we’re living in a time where womens voices are trying to be heard but we are still dealing with the deafening silence of men and our government. Soak in a warm bath, go get a massage or manicure, listen to relaxing music and decompress. You do you today, ladies.

Sending my love to all of my fellow women out there today. I stand with you. I hear you. I won’t ever stop fighting for you.

Love and Resistance,

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Caitlin Hornshaw Embellished Fishnet Tights on Etsy

March 8th, 2018 @ Amber

Caitlin Hornshaw makes really cool embellished fishnet tights on Etsy. I stumbled upon her Etsy shop a few months ago, and while her shop is new, is filled with a couple cute pairs of embellished tights as well as the ability to have your own customized tights made! So cool. Caitlin offered to make me a custom pair, and we went with a Ophelia from Hamlet/Virgin Suicides lovechild, and ended up with dreamy soft baby pink fishnets paired with floral embellishments for an ethereal look. Caitlin creates a mood board to inspired her, and then she creates a look based on a theme or customization of your choice. So fun! She also offers styles that are pre-made or can be made upon order. Some of her pre-made designs include a fun bright floral design, a totally pinks 90s style Barbie design, and a nature inspired dark flowers design. She chooses each embellishment, and then hot glues the pieces to the tights. To wash the tights, they can be soaked in lingerie wash, light squeezing the water out and allowed to air dry. Since the embellishments are hot glued on, one may come loose at some point, so that is something to consider. So treat them delicately, but they should be able to be worn with lingerie or out on the town as an outerwear look.

So fun and playful, whimsical and kind of punk rock too! You can usually choose the color fishnet you’re interested in, black, white, soft pink. And she has many little embellishments that really come together to create an interesting legwear option! She also offers both a One Size option, or Plus Size One Size Option.

These are so cute! I’ve been going through the flu and just am getting over it, so I’ve yet to try my custom tights yet, but they’re so cute and I look forward to pairing them with a cute pink dress, and some boho style wedges.

Here is a sneak peek of my custom tights, on the mannequin:

Each pair of tights cost around $100+ thought it might cost a bit more for customization. Feel free to contact her to find out more information and pricing on a custom pair!

If you’re interested in having your own custom fishnets made, with any design theme of your choice, or you’re interested in choosing a pre-made design, check out Caitlin’s Etsy shop! Caitlin is based in California, and she offers really fast shipping as well.

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Newest Fashion and Lingerie Obsession: Tulle Socks, Stockings and Embellished Hosiery, Oh My!

March 5th, 2018 @ Amber

I  love how stockings can really complete a lingerie look, how hosiery can be worn both in the boudoir and as outerwear. Lately I have been obsessing over the trend of tulle and lace socks, embellished hosiery and handmade stockings. They’re so fun and are such a playful and stylish accessory to lingerie or even a cute dress and heels. I’ve made a list of some of my favorite tulle sock designs, handmade stockings, and embellished hosiery. What do you think? Are you into this new trend of pretty legwear?


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Hello Sailor Enamel Pins and Accessories

March 2nd, 2018 @ Amber

Feminist pins and tees and more, all available from Hello Sailor Tees! This Etsy shop is kick ass, and makes the cutest and fun accessories and pins. You can find kitchsy keychains, feminist t-shirts, feminist and pop culture enamel pins and more. Meg has awesome design skills and I really like her style of badass babe. She has in your face designs like Impeach Trump, keychains touting the famous Crybaby girl line of Beat it, Creep! And she also makes kick ass t-shirts that say things like Girl Gang and Support Your Local Riot Grrrl. She has a Stranger Things enamel pin, her brand new vinyl and cassette nostalgia pin set, and one of my favorites, the Feminist Killjoy pin. Hell yes! Her stuff is so awesome. Go shop her Etsy shop Hello Sailor Tees, and buy yourself some cool swag. Check out my little pin collection from Hello Sailor in the photo above, how cool do these pins look for mixing and matching? Bad Girls pin is perfect to pair with the Feminist Killjoy pin, while the Mixtape and Vinyl pin set makes a great duo. Yes, babes. Get. it.

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Stuff Your Face Feminist Pins

March 2nd, 2018 @ Amber

I think enamel pins are such a fun way to merge fashion and feminism. There are so many kick ass feminist designs in the enamel pin community, and I’ve been really liking the pins from Stuff Your Face Studio. Lotte, the creator and designer, makes really pretty pins that are both in your face and fierce but also really fun to add to your lapel or bag. She is a one woman show, and does it all from the designing to selling the pins online. She has this great pin that is breast-positive, and mentions how ‘no boob is equal and yet all are’ which shows the diversity of breasts, how often no two breasts (even your own) are the same, but that despite difference all breasts are awesome! She also has a sarcastic Basic Bitch pin, showcasing how gendered and stereotypical that word is. Another pin features a vulva-tastic looking peach and has a lyric from the Peaches song “fuck the pain away”. One of my favorites of her designs is a super cute panty pin with ‘all you can eat” text written on the front. Sex and body positive, which makes for some of the best pins!

I asked Lotte, the creator of the brand a few questions.
Where do you draw inspiration from to create your enamel pins?

My first pin was ‘your own personal jesus’. I just HAD to do something with this concept from the Depeche Mode song. I thought and still think it’s hilarious, but turns out not a lot of people want to walk around with Jesus on their sweaters ;)! It took me a couple of pins to decide where I wanted to go really. As I think pins are real conversation starters, I want it to be a valuable conversation on something that matters. Sexuality, body positivity and mental health are my pointers now. It helps to keep those subjects in minds when I design new stuff cause I’d be all over the place otherwise. to me, a pin can no longer be just visually attractive. I want to be an activist too.

Do you have any advice for women who are hoping to start their own business?

My best advice would be to not wait until you think everything is perfect. You will have shit going on in your life, your website will not be 100% functional and your business cards may not be the quality of paper you envisioned, it really doesn’t matter if you put yourself out there. Let your audience be the judge, because really, you are most likely way too hard on yourself! 😀


You can shop the pins on Etsy at Stuff Your Face Studio, and follow Lotte on Instagram to check out photos of her pins, new pin additions and pics from her own personal pin collection!


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The Florida Project Inspired Lingerie

March 2nd, 2018 @ Amber

Pink Fairy Wings / Miss Crofton Sheer Violet Bralette / Sloane and Tate Muscle T

Tatu Couture Carine Bodysuit / Queen of Suburbia Lovebirds Flamingo Hipster / Isosceles Umbra Knickers

Tattly Popsicles Temporary Tattoos / Max Magnus Denim Panties / MeUndies Fireworks Cheeky Brief

Babe Like Press The Magic Castle Enamel Pin / KMMCM Draws Disney Dreaming Enamel Pin / Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye in Teal

Hidden Beneath Fishnet Brief / Yandy Mary Jane Nipple Pasties

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Darkest Hour Inspired Lingerie

February 17th, 2018 @ Amber

Amelia Thomas Vintage French Knickers / Fifi Chachnil Mardi Dress / Shell Belle Club Camisole

Fifi Chachnil Mouflette Dress / Angela Friedman Silk and Lace Blush Lingerie Set / Fifi Chachnil Cocktail Bra

Dottie’s Delights Evelyn Nesbit Bra / Besame Cosmetics Lipstick in Dusty Rose / Evgenia Janus Tap Pants

Cornelia James Honore Cashmere Gloves / Cornelia James Hety Cashmere Gloves