Delightfully Dessous: Where to Buy Claudette Lingerie Online

April 24th, 2015 @ Amber

I have mad love for Claudette Lingerie. Like, if Claudette was a person, she would be one of my best friends. My bae. My homegirl. I have a lot of Claudette lingerie styles in my collection, many of which I’ll share photos of my Instagram, and I have a lot of people ask me where to find some Claudette styles, as their designs aren’t always super easy to find online.

First things first, if you want Claudette lingerie, ask your favorite online lingerie shops to carry the brand! Showing retailers that you’re interested will ensure that they consider stocking the brand and their styles in the future.

Second, you can now shop for older styles, including the first few seasons designs online at Claudette’s new Encore online shop. They carry everything from older colorways of the Dessous line, as well as older styles like En Dentelle and older colorways of the Sophia Icon designs. Not to mention, their prices are super reduced, so you can basically get most matching sets for around $30, which is amazing, because usually newer Claudette styles cost $50-60 per bra. So it’s quite a discount and a great way to find colorways you may have missed out on before!

Also, this is an obvious one, but Google is your friend. You can often find Claudette styles by searching for which stores carry them online via Google, or check the Claudette Facebook page, they often will link to retailers that carry newer styles.

Here are a few other places that often (or currently) carry some newer Claudette styles/colorways:

Lavinia Lingerie – Claudette Fishnet in Peacoat

Wonderlust Lingerie – Claudette Dessous in Electric Violet

Derriere de Soie – Claudette Fishnet in Goldie


Literary Lingerie: Ophelia from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet

April 24th, 2015 @ Amber

Ophelia as painted by Sir John Everett Millais

For the third installment of my Literary Lingerie series, I chose the play Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare. Not only is it my favorite Shakespeare play, but it also features my favorite Shakespearean character, Ophelia. So this collection will showcase lingerie and accessories that remind me of Ophelia, and inspire me to think of her character, or what a modern day Ophelia might wear.

“Pray you, love,

 “Larded all with sweet flowers;
Which bewept to the grave did not go
With true-love showers.

 “Lord, we know what we are, but know not what we may be

 “As one incapable of her own distress,
Or like a creature native and indued
Unto that element; but long it could not be
Till that her garments, heavy with their drink,
Pull’d the poor wretch from her melodious lay
To muddy death.”

New additions added to the Claudette online shop!

April 24th, 2015 @ Amber

Have you checked out the Claudette online shop? The brand is killing it, as always, and just added some brand new colorways of the Dessous to their online shop. Check it out! I finally got the Peony Dessous I’ve been wanting since season’s past, and scored the last in my size, so be quick before they sell out of your size. Happy shopping! :)

Bras are reduced price right now for $19.99 and panties $9.99, which is amazing, and you can save 20% off your order right now if you use the code “TAKE20″

Toru and Naoko Party Panties only $10!

April 18th, 2015 @ Amber

Toru and Naoko is opening their very own showroom! So exciting. I’ve loved this indie brand from the very beginning, and its’ amazing to see how Cami’s business has grown. Her designs are awesome and I’m a big fan of T&N. If you’ve been wanting to try the brand, now is a great time! For a limited time to raise money for Toru and Naoko’s new studio space, they’re selling specially made limited edition Party Panties for $10! That is an amazing price to try an independent quality handmade brand. Shipping to the US is only $6. Buy some for your friends too! Also, they’re selling their gift vouchers for 50% off, so if you buy a $50 gift certificate it only costs $25! An awesome way to support this brand and add a pair (or two) of handmade panties to your lingerie collection.


Bluestockings Boutique Debuts!

April 18th, 2015 @ Amber

It’s here! Bluestockings Boutique has just made it’s debut to the lingerie world by opening it’s online shop! Jeanna, the woman in charge, and total girlboss, has created a shopping atmosphere that features lingerie for all. Her shop’s motto is “underthings for everyone” and I love that. She carries great brands like Curvy Kate, Commando, Dear Kate, Claudette, Nubian Skin, Toru and Naoko, FYI by Dani Read, Foxers and more. She carries a lot of great lingerie that is androgynous and welcoming to all gender types, both queer and other sexualities galore. I’m so impressed with Jeanna’s vision, and I’m thrilled to see her shop open. Please consider shopping with Bluestockings, it’s a company that I really can’t wait to see grow and expand, and it’s definitely a shop worth taking note of.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the shop so far, though more stock/brands are on the way!

Broad City: Lingerie, Boobs, Laughs, and Body Acceptance

April 18th, 2015 @ Amber

Broad City. Yassss Queens. Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer are the coolest and baddest bitches on your TV screen right now, and you need to know why. Not only are they insanely funny and genuine, they’re total babes both inside and out. As much as I love the show for the comedy and the funny story lines and insanely great quotes, theres a lot more waffles stacked on the plate. This show is totes easy to relate to, and even when it’s not you can’t help but nod your head like “fer sure babe, I get that, I get YOU”. Broad City, my favorite TV show, and my Comedy Central fav, tackles body positivity and acceptance, sexuality, boobs, butts, lingerie, and they’re doing some freaky deeky bombass shit to uplift and inspire women in their very own Ilana and Abbi kind of way. They write and star in the show, and they’re total girl bosses. They have great chemistry and make such a fun duo, playing off of each other’s personalities really well. They’ve talked about sex, about their nude bodies, talked about body hair, celebrated different body shapes and sizes, they tackle privilege, shared same sex marriage, bra sizing and more. These ladies are the shit! I’ve been hooked since season 1, and I even got my mom hooked on the show. It transcends age, and it touts feminism without creating a checklist of do’s and don’ts. If you’re not watching this show, you should be.

1. Body Positivity – These girls are always being positive about each other’s looks. Ilana is more busty, while Abbi is more pear shaped, and it’s great to see the two body shapes together, not always something you see on TV often. The girl’s don’t compete, instead they lift each other up in compliments. Yas Queens, thats how it should be. In one scene Ilana’s character even says that she likes having sex with people of “different shapes, different sizes”. There is no fat-shaming, no thin-shaming, no body policing, just bodies as they are. There is also a scene of Ilana’s character tweezing her pubic area, and Comedy Central was going to blur it pink, and Ilana insisted that it be blurred flesh colored and brown, because has pubes, duh, and thats totally okay and awesome!

2. Lingerie – Mismatched lingerie! Yes! So, a lot of us like matching sets, but sometimes we just don’t, especially when going out and wanting comfort. I love how Ilana is mixing a lacy full bust bra, with a relaxed pair of androgynous style boy briefs, and Abbi is wearing a lacy hipster with a plunge black and bronze bra. Mixing colors and lingerie genres to keep things real. Ilana is usually in a strappy bralette, which you’ll often see under a cropped top in many episodes too. They do show their lingerie on this show, be it in a simple pair of panties, a bra, or loungewear. Ilana even wore this bombass bodysuit in the Coat Check episode from Season 2. Underwear is real, we wear it, and as a lingerie lover, it’s so awesome to see girls in lingerie other than for the some male gaze reasoning. We usually see women on screen wearing lingerie to seduce, not as an extension of fashion and necessity, and I think it’s awesome that the show is cool with getting down in it’s skivvies.

3. Bra Sizing – It’s really refreshing to hear any actress, or TV character for that matter, admit to being over a D cup. It seems all busty females are thought to be or toted as a DD cup at the very biggest, no matter how big the breasts. Broad City got it right though! In the scene above (notice guest star Alia Shawkat wearing that Freya Ignite bra??) Ilana’s character says “28HH?” referring to them both wearing the same size bra. Small back large cup, ya’ll! They did it…they talked about bra sizing…on TV! They actually talked about a size other an a core bra size, and showed that not every busty girl is indeed a 36D cup, the alphabet may start at A but it certainly doesn’t stop at D, and it was so cool to hear a female character on tv say that she wears a 28HH bra! I think it’s a great way to break the all cups sizes are A-D myth, and might even inspire some ladies to get a bra fitting to see what size they are. Not to mention, mentioning a small band size, on like actual tv? Yasssss.

Queens, thank you for creating the show that I think we all needed.

Review: Cleo by Panache Cassie Bikini

April 18th, 2015 @ Amber

I missed out the super cute longline bikini from Cleo by Panache last summer, so I was super excited to see an equally cute floral inspired longline bikini for Summer 2015! The Cleo by Panache Cassie Bikini range comes in a balconnet bikini top, longline bikini top, high waist bottoms and gathered bottoms. I was pretty much smitten with the longline bikini top and high waist bottom, such a super cute set, and the floral is fun and seasonal without being too girly or too boring. I love the base color of the deep blue, with the paneled lightly padded cups, and the floral colors of pinks, blues, oranges, and greens. I don’t usually wear Cleo, because even though I think the designs are cute, often the styles don’t work with my bust shape, but somehow this isn’t so with their swimwear, which I have a better fit with! So no complaints here. I love their fresh and youthful designs.

The bottoms are very true to size, and offer a nice amount of stretch with a full coverage bottom and really cute retro style high waist which is also very on trend. The longline bikini top offers a thick underbust band, offers a good amount of stretch in the band and I found it to be true to size in the band, maybe even a bit generous. The bra cups are a bit deep, but still worked for my full on top breast shape, and the cups are narrow but not as much as I find their regular lingerie to be. The cups were a good size, fit well, and I really like the support and lift the bikini top offered. It’s such a cute set! My favorite design from Panache for 2015. Right now you can find the Cleo Cassie Bikini from Figleaves.

Review: Freya Bondi Bikini

April 17th, 2015 @ Amber

I’m obsessed with longline bikinis. I’m so into the style, and think they add a really fun look when paired with high waisted bottoms. Freya has created one of my new favorite swimwear pieces for Summer 2015, the Freya Bondi Longline Bikini and matching High Waisted Briefs. The color block is pretty much awesome, and the bright neon shades are totally on trend. I love the way that Freya fits, and I have some of their other swimsuits, but Bondi is a total babe, and it’s my current favorite. See those colors, the contrast black striping, and removable straps? Bam! This gorgeous swimsuit fits true to size, though I definitely should have gone up in size in the bottoms, I went with an XS, but should have went with a size S, as they are stretchy, but the waistband is pretty firm. The longline bikini top, has adjustable straps, that can also be unhooked, so you can wear this as a strapless bikini top.

The bra cups are lightly padded for added support and lift, and the style gives a nice shape and lift, even to a fuller bust. I went with a 34F top, which fits spot on, and offers a bit of stretch. I tend to like my bikini tops a bit more snug for added support, and this bikini top does not disappoint. I find the band to quite stretchy, so I could have probably gone down in the band, but it’s still great as is, and works really well with the matching bottoms to create a really fun and colorful splash this Summer! You can find this set, or the other pieces from the Bondi collection, which also includes a padded bikini top, triangle bikini top, brief, tie-side brief and beach skirt at Bras Galore. They’re based in the UK, but I had an awesome experience with them! Super fast international shipping, great customer service and nice prices. So glad I found this shop! They also have a wide variety of lingerie from Freya, and the Eveden brands.

Accio Lingerie! My Current Wishlist for April 2015

April 16th, 2015 @ Amber

Dottie’s Delights Swizzle Girdle Skirt

My current list of swoon worth goodies that I’m obsessing over for April 2015!

Dollhouse Bettie Madison High Cut Bodysuit

Claudette Sophia Icon Bra in Seafoam

Dottie’s Delights Short Dressing Robe in Lavender

Toru and Naoko Daisy Embroidered Panties

Sugar Lace Seafoam Ruffle Babydoll

Sacha Kimmes Lauren Brief

For Love and Lemons Orchid Maxi Dress

Boudoir Blushes Aemilia Silk Playsuit

Cloud Hunter Co Fruit Print Coverup

Larkspur LA Ashley Reversible Camisole

Licorice and Cream Pink Patchwork Longline Bra

Lalilouche Aurelia Sequin High Waist Suspender Panty

ELSE Signature Underwired Chemise

The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie: Part 12

March 29th, 2015 @ Amber

Welcome to the 12th installment of my The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie. I never expected this series to be so popular, but this guide has become a favorite among readers and seems to generate a lot of traffic. If you need to catch up on the series, you can find Part 1-11 in my sidebar of the website. So I hope you’ll love this newest edition, part 12, featuring the Agent Carter logo, and chock full of nerdy and geeky goodies for you to enjoy.

Winter’s Coming. Actually, it’s over now, and Spring is here, but you can get your fill of GoT geekery with these hand printed Game of Thrones Thongs. Available in sizes S-XL, made in NYC.

Get your WW on with this Wonder Woman Suit by Black Milk Clothing. Fun for cosplay, lounging around, or wearing as outerwear. Made in Australia. Did I mention that it comes with a detachable cape? Yasssss!

A Thor Waist Cincher, anyone? I want to get this and see if it somehow brings Loki my way. Prrr. Made to order in your measurements from Castle Corsetry!

My Little Pony Inspired Swimsuit by Margarita Swimwear! Okay, so it’s not lingerie, but you could totally wear it as such, and as cosplay. So great for the warmer months!

Loving this Wonder Woman Comic Inspired Longline Bra from Licorice and Cream! A longline bra, made to order, handmade in AU, made of a super cute WW print and embellished with a bow and trimmed in lace. Get the matching hipsters to complete the set!

I love this Frida Kahlo Large Clutch Bag, that could also make a really great lingerie bag! Throw your panties and bralettes in here for easy travel. Original prints made by Kayci Wheatley.

These Batman Booty Shorts are so awesome! Handmade in NYC, and available in XS-3XL sizing, and made to order. Love the holographic batman logo on the butt! So geeky yet sexy.

Just in time for Easter coming up, how about this cute Bunny Crop Top from Knickerocker? Nichola’s original animal designs are so much fun, and this crop top can be worn as a bra or as outerwear paired with jeans or shorts! Some bunny loves this!

For all of you smartphone/app/technology geeks, you know you love using emoji’s, and now you can wear them on your boobs! These Emoji Face Nipple Pasties are sure to bring a smile to your face and your rack.

Where my Trekkies at? This Uhura Robe is amazing! Made of satin and available in two sizes, this robe is awesome for lounging around in and watching your favorite Star Trek episodes on Netflix!

You could wear them here or there, you could wear these anywhere! These Dr. Seuss Printed Panties from Bunny Jump are totally cute, seussical, and made to order in the UK.

Sanrio lovers, this is the lingerie piece for you! This Kero Kero Keroppi Garter Belt is all sorts of fun, made to order, and with adjustable suspender straps. Love the bright colors and the bow in the front!

Disney fans, this Tangled Bra is super cute, and is available at Hot Topic. Available in A-D cups. This padded bra features Rapunzel with the latterns on the other cup. The cuteness!

This Poison Ivy Deluxe Corset from Trashy is so pretty, and bright, and sexy. Perfect for cosplay, Halloween, or just dressing up as the mean green bad ass comic book character. Available in sizes S-XL.

If we burn, you burn with us! These Mockingjay Yoga Pants make awesome pj bottoms, with the Mockingjay logo on the butt. Available in sizes XS-XXL. Team Katniss!

Latex and video games? What geeky lingerie dreams are made of! Check out this Super Mario Bros Two Piece Set, handmade to order, and awesome for dress up, cosplay, or just cause it’s freaking awesome!

My Spidey senses are tingling over this super cute and comfy Spiderman Bodysuit from Web Undies. Made of a poly/spandex blend. Available in sizes S-XL.

This 3 pack of Guards of the Galaxy Socks are out of this world. Comfy knee high socks that are perfectly dorky and snuggle worthy.


Okay, so I need this Harry potter garter! Do you see the little golden snitch charm? I swoon. This Harry Potter Satin and Lace Garter is made to order from Scarborough Rose on Etsy.

How gorgeous is this Iron Man Corset? Handmade to order from ParasitEve on Etsy. Made of cotton, ribbon, and steel boning. Geek chic!

TARDIS time! This fun handmade Doctor Who Garter is so dorky and fun. With ribbon, a jewel embellishment and a charm of the Tardis. Made to order from Sugarplum Garters on Etsy.

Storm troopers…on your boobs! These handmade Star Wars Nipple Pasties are kind of freaking awesome, and are made with sequins and feature a picture of the stormtrooper masks! Handmade by Daisy Cutter Burlesque on Etsy.