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Freya Fancies in Lemon Sorbert

February 21st, 2017 @ Amber

I think the Freya Fancies collection is so darn cute. It’s fairly simply, a 3 part cup silhouette with lace in and it comes in a variety of candy colors, like red and pink and yellow. The popular product from this collection seems to be the Freya Fancies Bralette, and for good reason, it’s a bralette that fits fuller busts, however I’m really more of an underwire gal. I don’t have a lot of yellow lingerie, and this cute colorway for SS17 is called lemon sorbet, so it’s just sweet and sunny and bright and fresh! The brief has a high waisted style, with a ribbon bow at the waistband. The panties fit true to size, and I usually go with a XS. The Freya Fancies Underwire Bra has a tiny little keyhole at the gore, and has a lovely small floral lace pattern with scalloped lace the the top of the cups. I went with a UK 32FF which I think is a 32H is US sizing. I found it just a tad snug in the cup and found this to be true of previous Fancies designs I’ve tried, I think next time I will size up when I try the next color of the Fancies collection. I’m not super fit-focused though, and definitely am more about the fashion and feel of lingerie. It’s comfortable, cute, would be great for Spring and it’s a great basic, despite being a bit small in the cups and giving me just a bit of overspill.

If you’re looking for a cute and fresh bright design for the warmer months, Freya Fancies is a great option! You can find this Lemon Sorbet colorway at Herroom and other Freya retailers.

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Anya Lust Lingerie Boutique Branded Luxury Candles

February 21st, 2017 @ Amber

I’m a longtime admirer of the gorgeous luxury lingerie boutique Anya Lust, an independent boutique that carries that most delicious designs and carries luxe brands like Agent Provocateur, Sonata Rapalyte, Amoralle and more. Anya Lust is a black owned and woman operated business, and the wonderful woman behind the brand is Krystle, who puts the utmost love and attention into not only choosing the best lingerie pieces, but curating a gorgeous collection of accessories and gifts. The boutique has a beautiful webdesign, paired with lovely editorial style photo shoots that feature a more diverse model range of beautiful darker skintones and body shapes. The brand recently just created a Wishlist option, for easy gifting! One of the newer items introduced to the line is NAya Lust’s very own in-house brand of luxury candles. The candles are made of 100% soy wax and offer sensual scents to fit the boudoir no matter the tone and mood. Krystle was kind enough to send me a early birthday gift in the form of her luxurious and ultra feminine Champagne candle.

The candle is an absolute treat. From the beautiful black and gold packaging in a cylindrical lift top cardboard box, to the lavender Anya Lust logo ribbon. The candle itself is made of natural soy wax, no added dyes or colorants. It comes in a beautiful semi-transparent amber glass container. The logo on the front of the candle looks so pretty and very luxurious, with a black label and white text along with gold embossed trim and gold embossed scent name along the center. So pretty! The scent is simply lovely, it has a great throw (meaning you can smell the candle even when it’s not illuminated) and when it is lit it really adds a beautiful touch to the boudoir with the soft glow of the heat and the soft seduction of the champagne scent.

I’m obsessed with this candle! I’m a big fan of candles, I have them all over my home and I tend to love luxury and handpoured candles from indie brands. I’ve tried many candles, and these are becoming a favorite. The scent is just so beautiful, the wax melts well, the candle burns clean and the design and packaging puts it on par with other high-end luxury candle brands. I’m super impressed with Anya Lust’s collection of candles and definitely will be adding more scents to my wishlist, including the sexy Black Amber and Oak scent, the soft and sweet Honey and Almond and the floral Jasmine Rose Petals. These candles are so nice for a lovely piece of decor and home fragrance and would make a lovely gift too, including bridesmaid gifts! Check out the entire collection as well as an abundance of beautiful lingerie at Anya Lust.




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Playful Promises Bettie Page Lingerie Pre-Order for SS17!

February 20th, 2017 @ Amber

The second collection from the Playful Promises Bettie Page Lingerie line is here and it’s amazing! Available right now for pre-order (the line will be in stock in April) at Playful Promises. The collection features overwire bras! Omg, my exciiiiiiitement! And even better, the new bullet bra and overwire longline in the peach/black colorway is now available up to a F cup! Need all the lingerie!

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Pins, Stickers and more from Spoonie Things, support for those with chronic illness

February 13th, 2017 @ Amber


How cute are these sassy Spoonie pins and stickers from Spoonie Things? If you’re not in the know, the term Spoonie is basically used to describe those who live with chronic illness, often “invisible” diseases, such as chronic pain. The term basically means we all have “spoons” to get through the day, the week, the month. But those who live with chronic ills have less spoonage to spare. Basically it’s hard to give any fucks, when you have none left to give. Sam, the brilliant and awesome black woman (please support black run business by supporting and buying from black artists!) behind the brand Spoonie Things. She makes kickass and cute stickrs with slogans like “Spoonie Queen” and “Nope”, and makes fun enamel and shrink plastic pins. I adore the “Straight Outta Spoons” pin, classic! The “Spoonie” heard enamel pin is so awesome and great for wearing and finding other spoonies. It’s like a Trekkie sign, but for chronic illness. Sam is a great designer based in the UK who is also a digital sociologist and data health scientist. This lady is intelligent and a total girlboss. Sam is pursuing her PhD, and she herself lives with chronic illness. Fierce women unite! Did I mention that Sam made an app for Spoonies? It’s called Spoonie Living and it’s a free app that allows you to add Spoonie digital stickers to your photos for use on Instagram or wherever else you want! The stickers are damn cute and definitely something you won’t find anywhere else. Sam reps spoonies in the best way possible. The app is available to download at the iTunes store and has fun digi stickers like “Chronic Cutie” and “I Saved a Spoon for You”. You can download the Spoonie Living app here and go to town on your Snapchat, FB and IG photos. You can also find Sam on Instagram. Spoonie Things has all sorts of cute gifts to pamper yourself or the spoonie in your life! If you have celiac or know someone with a gluten intolerance, check out the fun apps that Sam also made called Coeliac Sam and Gluten Fighters (also ideal for kids). Check out the shop and help support indie designers.


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Buy Cool Shit from Women: A Collective of Women Artists, Designers, and Creators You Should Be Paying Attention To

February 12th, 2017 @ Amber

Zuri McWhorter, a Detroit based writer, performer and artist. I was born and raised in the D, so I was super excited to see such awesome flow coming from the city. Zuri has a taste for beautiful prose, and herself-published paperback poetry book is filled with her own writing and drawings. She even designed a cool pink typewriter enamel pin that is also for sale. This lady is damn dope. You can see one of her poems above in the book along with the pin. Support this poetest with the mostest, with her book Woes of a Well Lit City for $10 and her Literary Homegirl enamel pin for $7 available at Literary Homegirl.

Dara Vandor is an incredible artist, she creates gorgeous lingerie drawings on canvas using felt tip pen. The pieces look so real, like a photograph. I also like the way she merges something like underthings, that all women wear, paired with a small unique details, like in the “Hers” image above, where you can see wetness on the gusset of the panties. Her work feels very feminist, sex-positive and brings the taboo of feminine fluids to a focal point. She is doing some awesome stuff! You can check out her Instagram, or buy an archival print at Live Fast Mag.

LauraLee Benjamin is one of my favorite new artists, I’ve been peeing her work for a few weeks now and I love it all. She uses the female body, different colors and poses, all with an interesting queer vibe. She takes images of themes that are often found in pornography, and recaptures it to reclaim the female power of these images. Her work is beautiful, fresh, and I’m obsessed. Her work is available as prints, pins, journals, and more.

Joanna Thangiah makes ‘disgusting art’. Or, some might think, and some have said. And to that, her work speaks for it self with a giant fuck you to society and it’s patriarchal bullshit! All of her work is about self love and acceptance, and her drawings feature plus size women, transmasculine folk and women of color. Everything is fucking fantastic! Buy her stuff up as prints, stickers, t-shirts and more.

Sophia Wallace has been leading the way in the art and advocacy scene for awhile and I’ve been following along the past few years. I love her in your face approach to clit advocacy, bringing attention to this part of the anatomy and making it a part of the discussion of it’s importance to sexuality and pleasure for those with a vulva. She makes all types of art including a clit stencil, jewelry, and wearable art in the form of t-shirts, sweats, and tank tops. All with body positive pro-clit slogans like “Yes Clitoris” and LGBTQ+ inclusive designs like her “Citizen” design. A feminist with a heart (and clit) of solid gold.

Amanda Joy Wells from Sublime Pottery Studio has set the bar so damn high when it comes to being a potter. She creates the most beautiful mugs and cups, all with beautiful custom glazes mixed and fired in a kiln to create usable works of art that you can actually drink out of. Her pottery has become so popular in fact, she’s always sold out of everything in her Etsy shop! She restocks every on Saturdays, but you have to be fast. The restocks sell out in a mere minute or two, because all of her fans lay awaiting to strike as soon as the items are up in the shop. She also sells seconds and “misfits” items in the shop, but those too, are hard to find. Making her pottery like a collectible work of art. The Picasso of pottery. If you’re interested in scoring a piece, following along on her Instagram for tips and for re-stock notices!

Cara Marie Piazza is a original when it comes to the current fashion industry. She creates beautiful garments all by hand dyeing fabrics to make lingerie, gowns and more with flower waste. Utilizing natural dyes to create gorgeous color creations that truly look like wearable pieces of art. She does a lot of bespoke work, for example, you can have her dye your wedding dress with the leftover flowers from your bridal party and bouquet for a whole new way to commemorate your wedding dress. Her work is truly unique and beautiful and inspired.

Babes n Horny takes sex toy art to the next level. The brand is a women run business, and the designs are artistic, brightly colored, come in a variety of sizes, and are all handpoured and made to order using the highest quality platinum silicone. Dildos, plugs, and more. Most of the dildo designs look like gorgeous pieces in an art show, like sexy sculptures. Check out the entire collection and shop knowing exactly who made your toys!

Fyza Hashim is an amazing web designer and graphic illustrator who works for the brand Trello, where designing is a way of life. Fyza is also one of my oldest girl friends, we’ve been friends since we were teenagers! She’s still very important in my life, and she even designed my blog header. If you’re looking for a graphic artist, logo, or web design, Fyza is your gal. She is a very talented artist too, and she often has her illustrations and designs turned into t-shirts, iPhone cases and more on Society6. Her designs make you think, are anti-appropriation, and anti-bullshit. She’s a badass. Check out her shop on Society6 to purchase!

Malicious Designs, is a fashion and lingerie line by Sheana Hinesley. I’ve been following her work for about 10 years, and I have a few of her wonderful pieces. She is always creating new designs. She sews everything made to order, offer made to measurement pieces, in a variety of fabric colors and finishes, which you can choose. She also has designs ready to order, but she is happy to do custom work. I’m such a huge fan of her ideas, her style and her endless talent. if you’re looking for a dress or a piece of lingerie that you cannot and will not find elsewhere, check out her shop on Etsy and Depop.

Tessa Metcalfe is a UK based jewelry designer who creates each stunning piece of jewelry, from rings to necklaces, earrings and bespoke, all in her workshop. From choosing the most beautiful stones to creating truly timeless modern designs with a vintage flair, her work is one of a kind. She has an extensive background in training and jewelry work, and it shows with her entire range of bold and sumptuous jewelry. Looking for a bespoke piece for yourself, as a gift, or looking for the perfect wedding ring? Tessa can create a wearable piece of art for whatever you may need.

Soledad Proaño is an artisan making interesting and beautiful jewelry pieces along with gorgeous fiber weavings and decor. Her work has a latin vibe to each design, and she uses the most brilliant materials such as wool, clay, leather, brass and other textiles to create statement pieces that are both stylish, cultural and highly artistic.

Dainty Rascal is a brand from Suzy Cherry, a designer who creates the most stunning and luxurious gowns, lingerie, robes and more. Her designs are so gorgeous, everything is handmade, made to measure, and simply splendid. The most luscious laces and satin and tulle, lovely embellishments and silhouettes. Her work is high on my wishlist, I hope to own many of her pieces one day. Her work inspires me, and the modern designs paired with vintage appeal really speaks to me. Her designs are exactly what I daydream about when I think of couture fashions.

Optim Impera is a haute couture lingerie atelier, that makes pieces made to measure. Everything is hand beaded, using the most beautiful beads, silk chiffon, and soft english net. Everything is made to order, and the attention to detail is truly stunning. I own one of their panties, and it’s one of the top 5 most luxurious, most sumptuous pieces of lingerie I’ve ever worn on my body. True luxury lingerie at it’s finest, made in Estonia by designer and creator Tekla Teverani.

Salad Day Pins is one of the coolest enamel pin brands out there. Enamel pins are super on trend right now, and there are a lot of indie designers creating their own pin styles. Julia Carusillo went to school for art history and she draws illustrations of important art pieces of people like Nefertiti, and has them turned into jewelry grade hard enamel pins. These are so unique, and super cool. No other pins or pin maker on the market is making designs like these, and her attention to detail, color, and the amount of art history involved in the designs is so interesting. She also makes patches, stickers and t-shirts. Venus on Willendorf on your tee, anyone?

Eliza Frye is an awesome illustrator. She creates gorgeous screen prints, original artwork in paintings and drawings, and comics. Yes, comics! Her illustrations are awesome, her prints feature beautiful drawings of women, female superheros and heroines doing cool shit. One of the coolest though, is her comic books. Stories and illustrations by Eliza all available in a hardcover book. A women making her own comic books thrills me, and it should thrill you too. Go check out all of her artwork at her official website.

The Wandering Thread is a brand by Valeria Molinari from Spain, who makes beautifully intricate one of the kind embroidery pieces of art. She creates typographical pieces merging text, activism, and beautiful colors to create stunning pieces of stitched artwork. She hand embroiders every piece, and merges the art of calligraphy with the art of embroidery. She has pieces that say things like Rise Up, Sisterhood, Keep it Queer and more. Her work is so cool and I’m so intrigued by her technique and appreciate her feminist designs.

Alexandra Rubinstein is fucking dope. She creates the most gorgeous and in your face artwork, all on canvas. You can buy her original work, or prints or her printed shirts. I really love her feminist pieces, and feel like her work is a no holds barred way to showcase the taboo that society puts on the female body. I like how a lot of her artwork features genitals, women orgasm, and men doing cunnilingus (which is not something we see often in media, though we see a lot of fellatio). The net was going crazy over her collection called A Dream Come True, which features painting of celebs eating pussy. It’s so fucking brilliant. I’m a huge fan! Check out her work and if you’re down to buy one of her pieces check out her shop. Hey girl.

Danielle Spires is an awesome photographer, who comes up with some of the coolest photo shoots. One of my favorite photo series that she does is called Girls Eating Food in my Kitchen. Often times any time we see a woman eating, it’s a salad, and it’s really dainty and slow. Movies, TV advertisements, magazines, we never see girls who eat like we really do. 3am bowls of cereal, pizza hangovers, a cupcake bonanza while watching Netflix. I feel like women eating is still a taboo, which is really fucking weird. So Danielle’s photos really struck me as so real and empowering and cool as fuck. Eat that cake girl, eat it.

Natalie Irish makes art using her lips. She uses lipstick kisses a from her lip prints to make gorgeous artwork on canvas. She sketches a design in pencil, and then uses lipstick, sometimes a few shades, to draw with her lips, kissing the canvas and shading in areas with how much pressure and how many lip prints she uses. So damn fierce! She does portraits and other cool works of art which are all limited edition, and does custom work as well. Get in touch with Nat if you’re interested in an original or buying a print! Watch a video of her making art with her lip print here. You have to see it to believe it!

Rupi Kaur is an amazing poet and writer, you’ve probably seen re-posts of her words on Instagram or Tumblr. You may know her from her awesome Period photo series, that she did in her final year of college, where she photographed herself throughout menstruation from showing a photo of blood-stained bed sheets, to blood in the toilet, or herself using a hot water bottle. She is fiercely feminist, and is now a published author with her first book Milk and Honey (it’s a New York Times Best-Seller!). This woman does it all, and I can’t wait to see what else she creates.

Jen Lewis hails from my home state of Michigan, and she creates gorgeous art using her menstrual blood. Her series, Beauty in Blood, is a photo series using a four step process where she captures her menstrual blood using a menstrual cup, and then pours the blood in a professionally lit bathroom and photographs the journey as it is poured into the clear water of the toilet bowl. She and her male partner works together to capture the photo and use a macro lense to capture every detail for a nearly microscope view. They then edit the photos digitally, and they’re ready for print. Prints are available for purchase, and yes, you can inquire about commission your own menstrual blood portrait! I love the feminist vibe of the work and the fact that it is breaking a taboo by making period blood the focus and showing the beauty in the process.

Robin Eisenberg is so damn cool. She makes the fiercest art illustrations of babes just hanging out, eating, and just being badass. Alien babes, motorcycle babes, goth babes, all babes. Her illustrations are really futuristic and colorful. She also has a hardcover book of illustrations, pins, stickers, patches and more all available in her web shop. All made from her original illustrations. Out of this world!

Tazzy Star is a Muslim artist creating beautiful prints in support of democracy and against the bullshit ban that the GOP is pushing so hard far. Resist. Resist with your voice, resist with your art, resist with your money. Vote with your money by purchasing from Muslim artists to show your support. Tazzy’s designs are fierce, woke AF and very essential for whats going on in our democratic (or lack thereof) climate. She’s taking the crazy shit that is going on in our country and making it beautiful or funny with art, while still advocating toward the safety and rights of all people in the country, especially Muslims. You can buy #MuslimVDay cards right now, which are prints that can be used as postcards of v-day cards, which cheeky as fuck slogans like “Let’s Engage in Some Heavy Vetting” and  “Are You Russian? Cause You’ve Hacked into my Heart”.


What women designers or artists do you like? Share links in the comments below!

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Anya Lust Lingerie Boutique offers Wishlist Shopping!

February 10th, 2017 @ Amber

I love the feel of luxury lingerie as it glides against your skin. Anya Lust has become one of my favorite luxury lingerie boutiques just in their first year of business. They carry luxe brands, and curate such beautiful pieces, not to mention I love their lookbook images and diverse looks as they choose inclusive models. Stunning photography, paired with sumptuous lingerie and a really enjoyable and stylistic web design, makes for a truly wonderful shopping experience. Anya Lust is a one woman run shop out of Arizona. Krystle, the woman behind the brand, creates such a beautiful shopping and browsing experience to help you shop pretty underthings for yourself or that special someone that you love. Create the perfect night, while burning a sensual candle and enjoying a glass of Rosé. A wishlist option has just been added to the website, allowing you to create a wishlist of your hearts most luscious desires and share the wishlist with a partner or your closest Lingerie BFFs. The brand is also women of color owned and operated, and is a great way to support a black business, which is important. Lift up a small business while adding decadence to your boudoir. Sign up for an account and begin creating your wishlist!

Screenshot of part of my wishlist on Anya Lust


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Stephanie Seymour’s Lingerie Brand Debut of Raven & Sparrow

February 10th, 2017 @ Amber

Wold renowned fashion model Stephanie Seymour has been in fashion for a long time, she’s considered a legend in the modeling world, and just had the official debut of her luxury lingerie brand Raven & Sparrow. The line is available at Barney’s and boasts gorgeous silks and laces in long gowns, chemises, camisoles and more. The price range is between $200 and about $950, with most pieces around the $500 range. The first season collection is filled with  a gold, soft green, and floral pattern. With lookbook photos also featuring vivid pink bad purple, which will probably be added to the collection later. I’m really liking the beautiful Kendra romper! You can shop the current collection at Barney’s.


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Emma Harris SS17 Lookbook

February 9th, 2017 @ Amber

Luxury brand Emma Harris Lingerie will be releasing their new SS17 collection at the end of February, and the collection is made of soft silks and laces in a blue mist color and champagne color with art deco vibes from the 30’s. The UK atelier brand makes everything in house and most of their bra range is between 28-36 bands and C-E cup, but sizes are available out of the range, you just need to contact the atelier to ask about larger sizes. Many designs are also available up to a FF cup, so it can work for fuller busts too. I’m so looking forward to finally trying this brand in the future, I really love the gorgeous silhouettes, luxe material and atelier experience of made to order. Check out the lookbook images below and be sure to check the collection out once it makes it’s debut on the Emma Harris online shop later this month.

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Welcome to Junior High – A community space for artists, activists and world changers

February 8th, 2017 @ Amber

Welcome to Junior High. A non-profit community space located in Los Angeles, that runs on donations and volunteer time, and a lot of love and care from it’s founder Faye Orlove. The space is a labor of love, and is filled with a super cute and fun designed space with light up signs, lots of pink, cute vintage decor and is filled with t-shirts, compacts, pins and more, all for purchase. When you buy from the shop, you’re helping to keep it going and often supporting indie artists and brands. It’s a community space for all, where a lot of not-for-profit activities happen, including art shows including a recent show that showcased artwork from women of color, open mic, music space, auctions, and events like their new Immigrants are Artists show that took place tonight. Most events are free, or for a small fee of $5-$10 (this goes to charities and also to keep the shop open). Everything is community run, almost like a co-op, where donations of time and money and word of mouth are the backbone of this great movement.

Junior High just recently debut their online shop, so even if you’re not in California, you can shop for Junior High branded goods to help support this awesome one of a kind community space, that feels like the nostalgia of junior high but so much better and minus the awkwardness. The online shop has t-shirts, an enamel pin, keychain and tote bag available so far. Buy your Valentine some goodies from Junior High this year, and help keep this fabulous workspace/shop/community center/venue open for all! The space is also available for rent for parties and private events. Faye is doing amazing things with the space, and just renewed the lease on the space for a year, so I can’t wait to see what else Junior High will accomplish in the next year. If you’re local and in the LA area, get involved and donate time, or go shopping there or attend one of their awesome events that they’re always showing. It’s all about feminism, art and self-expression, love for all and a feeling of togetherness. Welcome to Junior High.

You can find Junior High on Instagram and Twitter

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Happy 4th Blog Birthday!

February 6th, 2017 @ Amber

It’s February already, that means it’s officially been 4 years of blogging about lingerie here at Scarlet’s Letter! Time flies. It’s been so much fun sharing lookbooks, reviews, featuring new brands and showcasing independent and luxury designs. Thank you for reading, following along, and for all of the nice emails! I appreciate you sticking around, and to my new readers, I hope you’ll find something on the site that tickles your fancy. Heres to another year of blogging about fashion lingerie!