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The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie: Part 18

September 30th, 2016 @ Amber

With Halloween next month, I thought now would be a great time to do a brand new installment of The Geeky Fan Girl’s Guide to Lingerie. Can you believe this is part 18?! I didn’t think this was going to turn into such a long running series, but it’s still one of my most popular features on the blog! Check out the awesomely nerdy goodies below. Be sure to stock up on some fandom stuff for Halloween, puddin’!

For all you boogey babies and Crybaby girls! Check out this Wanda Woodward pin available from Pin Up Girl Clothing.

Whovians can wear the TARDIS to sleep with this Doctor Who Tardis Slouchy Tee, perfect for sleeping in!

Make your room smell like Honeydukes with this Honeydukes Candle from Magic Carrot. The brand is run by a trio of 16 year old girls! Girl power! Hermione Granger would be proud.

Double Double toil and…bubble! Check out this handmade cauldron inspired Bath Soak from Three Sisters Apothecary. Ideal for a good Halloween bath!

The Macbath makes awesome handmade soaps, and this LOTR The One Ring soap is so much fun, great sudsy for the Shire.

It’s all just a bunch of Hocus Pocus! get your Sanderson sisters on with this cute Hocus Pocus candle trio. Stay away from black flame candles!

Your underwear game will be strong with these Wonderwoman High Waist Bottoms from Sugarpuss.

Get your inner Paleontologist on with this Dino Bones Bralette from Bad Bunny.

You’ll shiver with antici…pation with this Hanky Panky Rocky Horror Thong.

Lingerie and outerwear in one with the Leatherette Grace Teddy from Playful Promises…plus it could double as a Witch or Vampy Halloween costume, or cosplay costume!

For all my girls out there who love Halloween and do it hard, these Sweet and Spooky Knickers from Sugar Lace are so cute.

Get your WW on with this Wonder Tank from Castle Corsetry. Ideal for working out, lounging around, or for light support for the bust.

I am…your sports bra. Check out this geeky Darth Vader Sports Bra from ThinkGeek.

Avenger time. Grab up this 3-pack of Black Widow Panties from Think Geek.

Let me take a Pikachu. Pokemon Go lovers add thess Pikachu Pajamas to your Pokedex.

Cowabunga! This TMNT Cami and Bottoms are super fun and 80s. Eat pizza in these jimjams. Turtle Power!

These JEM Pajamas are truly truly truly outrageous! All of my 80s girls out there, get your Holograms on in this cute set.

These The Little Mermaid Pajamas are so much fun and cute for any Ariel or Disney fan! Prince Eric not included.

These Harley Quinn Sequin Hot Shorts are so fun for cosplay or for Hallowee, and they double as lingerie.

Get your intergalactic baddie on with this Kylo Ren Latex Lingerie Set. Add a light saber for a cool costume!

Expecto PANTStronum! How cute are these fandom Harry Potter Patronus Panties?

To all of my fellow bookworms out there, this Book Nerd tank and sleep tee is just the thing for lounging around with your fav book.

I choose you! This Pokemon Harness is awesome for layering, so cute and fun!

These Harley Quinn boy briefs look cute and comfy!


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The Underpinnings Museum Kickstarter Campaign

September 30th, 2016 @ Amber

Have you heard of the new and upcoming The Underpinnings Museum? Indie lingerie designer Karolina Laskowska has created a collective of vintage lingerie dating back through time, to capture the essence of design and detail and change throughout the history of lingerie. This new digital museum will feature full detail photos and more of pieces showcased in the museum, making it a unique and interesting experience for all lovers of historical fashion and lingerie. Thus far, most of the collection featured in the museum comes from Karolina’s personal lingerie collection, as she has been a collector for some time now. Pieces from the late 19th century to the 1950’s are currently showcased, with many designs from Europe and America. Eahc piece is professional photographed to show exquisite detail, you almost feel as if you can reach out and touch the pieces. it’s as close to a museum you can get to via the internet, making it ideal for lingerie lovers the whole world over. Besides photos there will be detailed information about each piece, mentioning fabrics used, construction methods and more. A great wealthy of knowledge and information for lingerie and fashion fans as well as perspective students of fashion and design.

Karolina, along with photographer Tigz Rice and blogger and researcher Lori Smith have come together to create the first online museum of it’s kind, with the focus on vintage and lingerie from periods long past. They are currently working on getting everything together for the museum, and need supplies and funds to be able to make this resource available to all. They’re hoping to raise funds through their brand new Kickstarter campaign, to fund travel costs, photography, and website administration fees among others.

So how can you help? Share the Kickstarter campaign online through social media, blog about it, tell your friends, and of course support the Kickstarted campaign through monetary pledges. Kickstarter rewards include everything from a mention on the museum’s website, postcards, tote bags, posters, a calendar, as well as limited edition lingerie pieces from Karolina Laskowska that were created especially for this campaign. The project is running from now until the end of October.

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Sacha Kimmes On a Bright Morning Collection

September 28th, 2016 @ Amber

One of my favorite indie designers ever, Sacha Kimmes, has done it again with this gorgeous new collection. Sexy, bright and fresh with white stretch mesh, bows and straps. Check out the brand new collection On a Bright Morning on her website. Her collections are limited edition, so if you see a piece that you like, grab it up. You won’t regret it, Sacha’s work is amazing.




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Geek Nest Fandom Candles

September 28th, 2016 @ Amber

Where are my fandom girls at? Check out Geek Nest, an awesome handmade candle brand that focuses on book and geek inspired candles. Made of soy wax, in fun inspired scents and bold colors. Geek Nest carries candles from the Harry Potter fandom (Potterheads, if you will), Doctor Who, LOTR and more. The candles are available in bushed silvertoned tins with printed sticker labels. The HP collection consists of Quidditch, Hagrid’s Hut, Butterbeer, and Expecto Patronum. So much fun! I’m addicted to all things Wizarding World, so of course I had to try these nerdy cute candles.

I got three of the HP scents to try, including Butterbeer, Hagrid’s Hut, and Expecto Patronum. Butterbeer is a bright butterscotch color, and is scented with a sweet blend of butterscotch and vanilla. It’s sugary sweet and inspired by every Witch and Wizard’s favorite drink. Hagrid’s Hut is a blend of musk and woods and is a bright blue hue. It smells slightly of smoked wood and musk of the Forbidden Forest. Expecto patronum is a soft silvery grey color with hints of woods, clove and earth. It’s slightly woodsy with a hint of spice. Lots of fun scents and themes to choose from. You can find the entire collection of Geek Nest candles on Etsy!


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Paper Street Candle Co

September 25th, 2016 @ Amber

Harry. Potter. Candles. The awesome literary candle brand Paper Street Candle Co makes the coolest book inspired candles. Mostly Harry Potter, which of course, is perfect for me. These candles are so much fun. I like the sleek an modern packaging and label style, as well as the HP inspired fandom scents like Forbidden Forest, Dumbledore and Whomping Willow. The new fall collection includes Reading Nook, Godric’s Hollow, Astronomy Tower, Chamber of Secrets and Dementors of Azkaban. These are so fun for lighting up around my reading area, so I can re-read (for the billionth time) some of my favorite books from Harry Potter and smells candles inspired by the people and places in the stories. Stephanie, the woman behind the brand, is a one woman shop, and creates each candle, handpoured using natural soy wax. Her scents are yummy, creating beautiful inspired fragrances for the entire home. A must for any Harry Potter fan or book fan in general.

How awesome are these candles? I brought out some of my Harry Potter books and memorabilia to create a backdrop for the candles (yes, those are a galleon, sickle, and knut). I tried three full sized candles, in clear glass jars and black plastic twist lids. I got Forbidden Forest, Dumbledore and Shell Cottage. Some of their scents are limited edition, so Shell Cottage isn’t available anymore, but Forbidden Forest and Dumbledore are still in the shop. Shell Cottage smells so relaxing, like recuperating after a rough escape from Malfoy manor. Forbidden Forest smells like nature, it’s woodsy and smoky, like you’re eating Rock Cakes in Hagrid’s cabin while Fang slobbers all over your lap. Dumbledore is purple and vibrant, just like the man himself, with relaxing lavender and the slightly sweet tart scent of Sherbet Lemons, Dumbledore’s favorite candy. The candles are made using natural cotton wicks. Regular size jars, and tea lights are available, as well as wax melts/tarts.

The brand new HP scents for fall are so much fun. Chamber of Secrets smells like brewing Polyjuice Potion in the girl’s bathroom and then plunging into the depths of the chamber to save Ginny. Its an intoxicating smell. Dementors of Azkaban smells earth and hints of dirt, which offers a gloomy glimpse of the Dementors sucking the soul right out of the Sirius as Harry conjures a Patronus. Astronomy Tower smells clean and is reminiscent of trying to read tea leaves or your dream diary in Trelawny’s classroom. Godric’s Hollow smells rich and a bit spicy, ideal for fall, and smells of the birthplace of Godric Gryffindor, Dumbledore and Harry Potter. Whomping Willow smells slightly musky and like nature, as if you’re trying to sneak into the Shrieking Shack. Whomping Willow is available in wax tart form, just pop off a cube of wax and place it into a electric or tea light tart warmer and allow the scent the fill the room. Even though they aren’t specifically HP scents, Reading Nook smells like old books and paper and reading your favorite book. Avocado Mint isn’t available in the shop yet but Stephanie was kind enough to send a sample. It’s available as a wax melt and smells yummy, fresh like avocado with just a hint of peppermint. Relaxing and soothing for maximum reading chillax time.

Check out the entire collection of literary inspired candles and wax melts at Paper Street Candle Co.

You can follow Paper Street Candle Co on Instagram


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Feeling Smitten Bath and Body

September 24th, 2016 @ Amber

I love cutesy bath and body products, and try to shop ethically as well as choose brands that use quality ingredients without as many harmful chemicals as big label brands. I recently tried this bath and body brand that I’ve been swooning over for awhile now, and well, I’m smitten. Feeling Smitten is a super sweet bath bakery thats made a big splash (literally) in media and publications and online. It’s no wonder with gelato sugar scrubs, salt scrub slushies, bath salt smoothies and cupcake bathbombs. They have scents like Mai Tai, Strawberry Mint, Lavender, Vanilla Cake and more. They have a variety of regular bath bombs, large in size, and available in scents like Cotton Candy and Anti-Stress, as well as Cupcake bathbombs that really do look good enough to eat! They also offer limited seasonal scents, as well as lip balm, shower truffles, foot soak bombs, bath pops and lotions. All with the cutest sugary sweet packaging and labels. Courtney, the woman behind the brand, is committed to making sure that your bath sweets are good for you and don’t include icky sulfates or chemicals that are bad for your body. Loving this cute brand! I got my first haul of goodies from Feeling Smitten and I’ve got a major sweet tooth for this brand.

Can you even with the packaging? So damn cute. I adore the labels and packaging and how everything looks so edible (but please don’t eat it). I feel like it’s a candy shop for the bathroom. So many fun bath and body products. I tried their classic bathbomb in Anti-Stress, a cupcake bathbomb in Mai Tai, Gelato Sugar Scrub in Strawberry Mint, Epsom Bath Slushie in lavender, Lavender shower truffle, and Black berry lotion. The slushie comes in an little plastic pouch, which you can cut open and use in a bath, a foot soak, or as a salt scrub. The shower truffle is so cute and looks like a little foil wrapped candy! Pop this bad boy onto your shower floor, and the heat and water helps to release oils to offer a soothing aromatherapy session during your shower. No need for a bath! The gelato sugar scrub is kind of creamy and sugary, and comes with a cute little wooden scoop stick so it’s almost like real gelato. Use to exfoliate rough skin in the shower. The Anti-Stress bathbomb can be popped into a hot bath and the aromatherapy benefits help to sooth and relax as the bathbomb bubbles and fizzes. It’s large enough to use in one bath, or break it up using a hammer and use it for two small baths. The cupcake bathbomb is too cute! It looks just like a cupcake with pipped frosting and sprinkles. Let it float along and fizz in your bathtub for an extra yummy bath treat. The lotion is creamy and is made with a coconut butter base, it’s not greasy and it soaks into your skin, leaving it moisturized and delicious smelling.

Check out the entire line of sugary sweet bath and body products at Feeling Smitten Bath Bakery!

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Smell Yeah! Candle Co

September 24th, 2016 @ Amber

I found this really awesome midwestern candle brand on Etsy called Smell Yeah! If the name isn’t cool enough, I was immediately drawn to the labels and packaging. Cute jar candles with the most fun and playful illustrations on the labels. The brand is based out of Ohio, and is run by Christy, who is a one woman shop and does all of the work herself, from making the candles, to designing and illustrating the labels! She’s so creative and artsy, and her labels are so much fun. I love knowing that she creates the candles by hand, as well as the drawn illustrations that are then printed onto label stickers. The jars are high quality glass jars with twist off lids. The inside of the lids are lined around the rim so that it secures a good fit and is easy twist on and off, creating a good seal to hold scent in when not in use. The outside of the lids are a pretty shiny black metal tin. Smell Yeah! makes larger candles, medium candles as well as candles in smaller squat jars, and wax melts for use in a tart burner. Another fun thing about the brand is that each scent name has a hashtag, so it’s very modern and cool. Like, who doesn’t want to buy a candle named #BackedJack? As for the scents, these are some of the most unique and fun fragrance combos I’ve seen in awhile. With scents like Tomato Basil Garden Party, Maple Bacon Breakfast and Fizzy Black Razz Lemonade. Each candle is handpoured, using soy wax, no fillers, natural cotton wicks, awesome fragrance oils that smell great and are not overpowering or artificial smelling.

I tried Marshmallow Mango, Green Apple Spice, Baked Jack, Blood Orange Pound Cake and Pomegranate Hard Cider. I also got a sample of Maple Bacon Breakfast as a little tea light candle. Super cool of Christy to throw in that little sample too! I had a hard time choosing which candle to light first, they all smelled really great. Baked Jack is a great fall scent, it’s pumpkin-y without smelling like sweet pumpkin pie, it has a savory spicy scent with just a hint of sweet. So damn good. Green Apple Spice is unique, because it does smell like green apples instead of the usual red apple scent we’re used to. It has a juicy tartness paired with the spices to create a spiced apple scent thats both fresh and unique. Blood Orange Pound Cake is so delicious it makes my mouth water with hints of vanilla butter poundcake and a kick of deep blood orange cirtus. Pomegranate Hard Cider is awesome, it packs a punch, one whiff and you can really smell the hint of whiskey, this smells like a delicious fruity hard cider for sure. Intoxicating. Maybe my favorite of the bunch, and it was a hard pick, is Marshmallow Mango, it smells like a fruity toasted marshmallow. My mom happened to be around when this candle was lit and she said “Mmm that candle smells just like a marshmallow, good enough to eat!”. She kept talking about it all night. So I think Smell Yeah! has a new fan. Maple Bacon Breakfast is the bomb dot com. It literally smells like a Sunday morning breakfast, it’s hearty but sweet and comforting. You have got to try these! I haven’t smelled any other candles on the market that smell like these and have such fun and fulfilling scents that actually follow through. Smell Yeah!

You can support small business and women run businesses and black businesses when you vote with your money. Check out the entire line of candles at Smell Yeah! on Etsy and buy them up, especially Baked Jack, as it’s limited edition.

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The Light of September Collection from Sacha Kimmes

September 23rd, 2016 @ Amber

One of my favorite indie designers Sacha Kimmes has just released her newest collection, The Light of September. It’s so beautiful and airy and dreamy. It reminds me of The Light Princess. Peachy soft stretch dotted tulle and mesh with black trim. There is a bralet, low rise brief, high waist brief, and a skirt. This is a perfect collection for mixing and matching to create your favorite look. I’m loving this collection and the gorgeous lookbook, as always. Sacha’s collections are limited edition, so grab up this collection while you can.

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Soap Cauldron & Three Sisters Apothecary Review

September 22nd, 2016 @ Amber

I love natural soaps and natural products that are good for the body and nature, but I’m also a sucker for a great aesthetic. So when you find a brand that ticks both of those boxes, it’s a bit exciting. I recently found this amazing family run business out of Sonoma California called Soap Cauldron, they create a line of bath and body care products called Three Sisters Apothecary. Emma, the creator of the brand, is so nice and really has so many great ideas. Turning ideas and dreams into actual products is her forte. She gets her whole family involved in the process, making this a great family run small business. Everything is made in small batch, using ethical ingredients that are natural and cruelty free. Everything is handmade, from stirring and pouring the soaps, cutting and curing the soaps, and whipping the body butter and mixing the hair oils. It’s so impressive. Not to mention their packaging, have you seen their packaging? It’s so cute and fun and playful. Emma came up with the Three Sisters Apothecary name after she and her two sisters. She dedicates her time and puts a lot of love and effort in creating the most wonderful soaps and bath and body products. the line includes bar soap, shampoo bars, body butter, body salves, salt salts, hair oil and lip balm. With beautiful scents like Rosemary Mint and Mexican Lime and Cilantro, there are so many fragrances to choose from to fit just about any mood.

The packaging is so gorgeous and original, I love how the design fits the theme and name of the collection. Packaging is eco-friendly as well as it can be recycled, and is packaged in recycled cardboard, not plastic. Their body products come in glass bottles or silver tins. Bath soak comes in a cute cardboard tube. During the Halloween season, they also have limited edition scents and packaging (coffin packaging!). I’m really liking their limited edition scent Blood Orange Cardamom. I like that the brand uses quality oils, butter, and herbs to create batches of truly luxurious and natural bath goods.

The soap bars are beautiful. See the swirls of color? Each batch is hand mixed and poured, allowed to dry and then is cute and cured for 4 weeks. So a lot of time and effort goes into these products. No ‘fast fashion’ quality about this brand, they do it all the old fashioned way, making good products that make you feel happy about using them and putting quality ingredients on your skin. The pull out style soap bar packaging reveals a cauldron cut-out, showing off the fun color of the soap. I love these little details. Some brands overlook the small things, but not Soap Cauldron. They have mastered the art of soap making not only through consistent quality products but through a want to keep their packaging interesting, fun, and on theme with the brand. The bars of soap are big and fat and create luscious lather. The scents are fragrant and rich, not faux and artificial. You can tell that natural ingredients are used in each product. There are full size bars, and smaller bars that are ideal for guest soaps or travel soaps. Their body butters and body salves come in twist lid silver toned tins, and their hair care oils are packaged in quality apothecary style glass bottles. Their solid shampoo comes in full size and smaller size, and are ideal for cleansing and nourishing hair without adding chemicals and toxins you can find in your average store bought shampoo. Emma really has a knack for coming up with the most amazing blends such as Rose Coconut, Meyer Lemon and Agave and Harvest Pumpkin and Cinnamon. Everything smells so wonderful. Dark Mint Chocolate has to be one of my favorites. Most chocolate scented products smell really fake, not so with this brand. The chocolate fragrance is rich and real, almost savory instead of waxy and overtly sweet. The fresh mint smells like it was just plucked off the sprig. I don’t know how Three Sisters Apothecary does it, but their fragrance combinations are simply…magical. Soap Cauldron indeed. I feel so much better using these products than say a super popular soap brand from a big chain. Usually their full of chemicals and aren’t as ‘natural’ as they say. But I can feel confident that Soap Cauldron means what they say through their consistent stands of quality. They are already popular locally in Sonoma California, where you can even find the products in local shops. These are not novelty soaps, these can be used all year round and the brand is always adding limited edition scents and working on new products. These feel especially fun for me during the Fall season, with the whimsical packaging and comforting feeling the products bring when you use them. Check out the entire line of Three Sister Apothecary at Soap Cauldron.

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Vibes and Co candles

September 21st, 2016 @ Amber

Music is so important in my life. Listening to it, playing music, singing and performing. It’s been a big part of my entire life since I was young. Vibes and Co Candles re-creates scents inspired by music genres such as rock, indie, and jazz. Their cute candles come in a glass jar with the logo on the front, and are made of soy wax. Choose from a variety of musical tastes, each one inspired by the “vibe” of each musical genre. I liked a lot of the scents and genres but I chose indie, classical and jazz which are some of my favorites (among opera, rock, alt and punk). Indie smells earthy and woodsy with a light citrus note almost like an acoustic guitar or music festival, Classical has notes of spice and mahogany, think of a vintage piano. Jazz is fruity and sexy like going to hear a jazz band in a little spot in the city.

These candles are cute, well made, and the scents are fun and interesting paired with the feelings of music. Put on your favorite song and light and corresponding candle to heighten the experience. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but Jazz has a vintage fruity yet smoky vibe that I really like. The candle designs are really cute, each candle has a different color logo and music genre listed. Perfect gift for the music lover! Check out the entire collection at Vibes and Co.

*Special thanks to the kind folks at Vibes and Co for sending me a few candles to try!